Which Is Best Car Insurance Policy

Which Is Best Car Insurance Policy – Buying car insurance can be a very difficult task. Although it is useful to have an idea of ​​the cost of car insurance for someone like you or the company that offers the cheapest price, your personal circumstances and preferences will play a bigger role in the decision. – decide which plan is best for you. But what are the most important things you should look for when considering your options? We’ve put together a list of what we think are the most important things you should know before deciding on a plan.

One of the first options you will be asked when you start shopping for auto insurance coverage is whether you want to purchase a plan that provides comprehensive coverage; Third Party Cover, Fire and Theft (TPFT); or third party coverage only (TPO). Each type of plan provides different levels of coverage and is priced accordingly. The comprehensive plan is the most expensive and has the widest coverage, followed by the TPFT plan which is around 14% cheaper, followed by the TPO plan which insures you against third party liability and around 30% easier. because of the comprehensive plan. Depending on your situation, this option can be very simple.

Which Is Best Car Insurance Policy

Which Is Best Car Insurance Policy

To finance your new car with a car loan, a comprehensive plan is often required. This type of policy not only covers the damage caused to the other party in the accident, but your damage as well. If your vehicle is damaged or involved in an accident that is known to be your fault, only comprehensive insurance will cover the cost of repair or replacement. Comprehensive policies also offer a wide variety of optional features and benefits that you can add to your plan to customize it to suit your preferences.

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However, if you have an older vehicle (more than 8-10 years old), it may be a good idea to purchase TPO or TPFT coverage. This is because although the value of your car may drop significantly due to its age, your car’s value will not change much to reflect this. If you buy a comprehensive plan for such an old car, you could be paying hundreds of dollars a year in premiums to protect a car that isn’t worth much to begin with.

The “excess,” also called the deductible, refers to the amount you must pay on a claim before your insurer steps in to pay the remaining amount to repair or replace your vehicle. There are many choices you have to make when there are more things.

It can be a little confusing how many extras you should have in your plan. This is the extra you pay for every claim you make, and is usually shown next to the premium quote when you request a quote. But figuring out how much extra information you should have can be a little confusing. In addition, most drivers in Singapore have more than S$600 to S$800.

While some insurance companies will decide on their own the standard excess that comes with their policy, others will let you choose from a wide range from S$200 to S$2,500. Why do you do that? You can lower your premium by increasing the maximum amount you have to pay for each claim, or you can increase your premium if you want to reduce the maximum amount you have to pay. If you want more flexibility in adjusting the excess and premium to suit your needs, we recommend that you make sure you compare car insurance quotes from companies that offer a high level of coverage. .

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If you are a young driver in your 20s or have not had a driver’s license for more than 2 years, you may want to look for a plan with a young and/or inexperienced driver policy. Many insurers charge additional premiums that come into play if the driver is considered young and/or inexperienced due to the increased risk of insuring such drivers. These excesses must be paid on top of the normal excess for each claim, and are quite high, being around S$2,000 to S$3,000.

It is important to note that different insurance companies have different age limits that they consider to be “youthful”, some apply it to drivers under 27 and some apply to drivers under the 23 year old. Companies are also free. Different interpretations of what qualifies you as “no experience”, some companies apply more if you have less than 1 year of driving experience and others apply if you have less than 2 years of experience. Note that some policies will apply this surcharge not only to young and inexperienced drivers but also to older drivers.

If you expect to share your car with another driver who is not named in your policy, you should keep in mind that some insurance plans require more than the unnamed driver in addition to the normal excess in the event of an accident. This excess can range from S$500 to S$5,000, with higher excesses usually applied to accidents where the driver is both unknown and young/experienced.

Which Is Best Car Insurance Policy

If you’re buying auto insurance for the first time, you may find the list of benefits and features detailed in each insurance policy a bit confusing. It can be difficult to distinguish between the features you really need and the features that are convenient, but not necessary. This is especially the case when companies offer multiple plans. We’ve outlined the key aspects of a quality master plan that you’ll want to consider to streamline the process.

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The following features and benefits form the basis of the most comprehensive car insurance plans in Singapore. Most insurance companies include these features in your premium and won’t ask you to pay extra for them, although there are exceptions that you should look out for. We recommend that you make sure you are happy with the level of coverage provided in these categories before worrying about additional features.

Generally, the insurance company will pay the cost of your car at the time of the accident to repair your car. But you should keep in mind that some companies do not provide coverage for damage or loss caused by uncontrollable natural disasters such as floods, and they often hide this very important information in the fine print. policy documents. Although this is not a problem in most cases, Singapore is tropical, and is notorious for flooding during the rainy season. We recommend that you read the plan documents carefully to make sure that your policy covers this feature free of charge to avoid unpleasant surprises or if you want to get a more expensive plan to get this protection. .

Although most comprehensive plans include accident and health benefits, companies vary in the level of coverage offered as well as the number of people covered by the policy. Most plans usually include coverage for car accident benefits of about S$20,000 to S$50,000 and medical expenses of about S$200 to S$1,000 for official use only. However, some policies may provide more comprehensive coverage not only for the policy holder but also for other passengers in the vehicle. This is usually on the order of S$10,000 per passenger for accident benefits, which cover the policy holder’s medical expenses.

Keep in mind that there are some insurance companies that may not include personal accident benefits or medical expense coverage in their quote, but offer it as an extra feature that you may pay for. More. We advise you to carefully check the fine print of the policy you are considering if the plan includes accident benefits and medical expenses and if it extends to other people traveling with your car. disaster

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Apart from the standard features of comprehensive car insurance plans in Singapore, there are many additional features and benefits available that can make your life easier if you are involved in a car accident. Depending on the insurer, you may be able to access these additional features and benefits by upgrading to a premium plan or adding them to your individual policy. Below, we’ve explained some of the more common features you might want to consider adding to your plan if you think it’s worth the cost.

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