Hertz Rental Car New York City

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The next time you need to get out, skip the subway and the bus and ride in style with a rental car in New York City.

Hertz Rental Car New York City

Hertz Rental Car New York City

New York City’s subway, train and bus systems are very convenient, although we do have a few complaints. (We’re looking at you, MTA.) However, sometimes transit options aren’t the most reliable (or pretty) way to get around. When nature calls to do the above, or if you simply need to get out of the city, the easiest option may be to rent a car. In New York City, there are many companies that offer great deals on wheels for that fall outing or summer trip you’re planning. Before you book any car rental service, take some of our recommendations for a test drive first.

Rent A New 1983 Lincoln Town Car For Just $39.99 A Day

In this day and age, we do everything from reading the news to booking flights through an app on our phone. So why rent a car for a different day or week? Enter SilverCar by Audi, one of the few serious on-demand car reservation apps that lets you reserve a set of wheels with ease and some serious style. Break the tedious lines and paperwork by using this service that operates at four car rental locations in New York (Brooklyn Downtown, McCarren Hotel & Pool, Columbus Circle and River Place on 42nd Street). This app guides you through your forever silver Audi (Audi A4 is $59/day and Audi Q5 is $79/day) every step of the way as you decide whether or not you need insurance. The most impressive part of the experience is your ride—not only do you get state-of-the-art audio drivers, but you get access to all of the car’s benefits with no fees or strings attached. A navigation system, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, AppleCarPlay, child seats and ski racks are just some of the bonuses you get. One thing is certain: after your trip is over, you will be very sad when you have to return your audio. However, just the simplicity of delivering the car and the keys to where you first pick it up will ease your mind.

The idea behind this car rental company is simple – especially if you are familiar with online dating. It’s like Tinder, but for people looking for a different kind of ride. Start by entering your location, then check out the long and impressive list of cars (hey, if that’s what you’ve got) from brands like Toyota and Lexus to the killer Volkswagen convertible. The cars listed are owned and operated by generous locals looking to make some extra cash, but it’s a pretty good deal. (Not to mention, you avoid the rental counters and all that tedious formality.) Some owners are willing to drive the car to your location at no extra cost, and some drive for as little as $29/day. A little can be borrowed.

There are a million Zipcar locations in New York, so to say you have options is an understatement. Whether you need four wheels for a weekend getaway, visiting Coney Island or picking up family members at the airport, this fast and reliable service is a winner. Even if you just need a car to run a quick errand, most start at $12/hour ($89/day). The styles vary from a sleek Mercedes Benz to a more industrial Ford Transit 150 cargo van, if you plan to travel with a large group. Apply online to get your application approved and the rest is cake

Like Zipcar, Car2go likes to keep things simple. However, a key difference is that this service offers a bit more flexibility. Drivers can leave their rental cars anywhere in the marked “Family Zone” and if you need to cancel your rental, you can do so 15 minutes before check-in for pick-up at no extra charge. If you just need a ride to work, Car2go is likely your best bet because it’s a little cheaper – you pay between 41 and 49 cents a minute.

New York City Car Rental

Don’t be fooled: you can’t rent a car from this company for a dollar. However, they care more about arming you with the best option for your wallet. Without sacrificing quality, anyone with a passion for touring can find a reliable Steed (or Stallion, if you want a luxury sports car) to get you from Point A to Point B. A few other fees apply, for example car seats and navigation systems are extra

Like Dollar Car Rental, Budget offers the cheapest prices among a variety of expensive cars while meeting your specific rental needs. The brand offers 31 styles and models ranging from luxury models and SUVs to 12 passenger vans. If you’re looking for a ride that fits a lively, nature-filled adventure, there’s a Jeep Wrangler ($272 for a two-day rental) with your name on it.

Even the staunchest of New Yorkers are looking for a break from the city, and lucky for us, those fall getaways are just a few hours away.

Hertz Rental Car New York City

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Sign up to our newsletter to enjoy the best stuff out there – it costs nothing. As it prepares to offer the electric vehicles in select rental fleets across the country, Hertz has clarified the details of what its Global EV program will look like. work

Today we learned that New York City will be the first region to get electric and plug-in hybrid rental cars, with rentals starting in Manhattan next Wednesday, December 15th. San Francisco and Washington, DC will soon follow, with additional regions to be added during 2011.

At a launch event this morning just south of Times Square in Manhattan, Hertz officials and automotive representatives huddled to stay warm in the breezy wind (and a few flakes of snow) while reporters took short test drives or rides in various plug-in car. .

Hertz also announced a partnership with Penske Automotive, which distributes the Smart Fortwo minicar and an electric version. Under the partnership, Hertz will add smart electric drives to a fleet that includes the 2011 Nissan Leaf, the 2010 Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid prototype, and sometime next year, the 2011 Coda sedan.

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The company has also ordered cars from General Motors (the 2011 Chevrolet Volt) and Mitsubishi (the 2012 electric “i” minicar), and additional models are likely to be added as they roll out in the coming years.

All rentals will be through the company’s Hertz car-sharing operation, which competes with Zipcar and other local and national services. Membership in the service requires a rental, but Hertz is offering a free one-year membership (normally $50) to drivers who sign up before Dec. 25 through the new website, HertzEV.com.

Who can lease electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles through the Connect program? Hertz named three groups – “urban drivers, university students, commuters and corporates” – who are now the most users of car-sharing services, and are more likely to use them for short trips rather than long trips.

Hertz Rental Car New York City

The company has added functionality to its NeverLost GPS navigation and tracking system specifically for the needs of plug-in vehicles. Manufacturers of electric chargers associated with Hertz, for example, can list their chargers in the system so that drivers of electric vehicles can be directed to charge them when needed.

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To connect to the Hertz system, however, charger operators must provide Hertz with real-time usage data so that, for example, the system knows what type of car is connected and how much time is left before charging.

Part of this morning’s media launch was a visit to the Icon parking garage on West 49th Street, to see its newly installed Coulomb charging station, one of those that will be part of the Hertz network.

The company has high hopes for its new rental company. “Hertz Global EV will be the first company,” he says, “to offer a range of all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles and charging stations for car sharing and rentals globally.”

Once launched in the United States, the program will be rolled out in other countries over the next 18 months. Hertz announced the first lease of the 2011 Nissan Leaf and other electric vehicles in February, and released the first details of the program in September.

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