Top 10 Worst Insurance Companies

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The insurance industry in the United States takes in more than $1 trillion in insurance annually. With $300 million in assets, the casualty/property industry has enjoyed an average profit of over $30 billion per year. Although the bottom is the first, they make money by paying less. The name of the game is denial, delay and defense. They will do anything to avoid paying the claim.

Top 10 Worst Insurance Companies

Top 10 Worst Insurance Companies

One company, however, stands above all others. Allstate’s efforts to put profits over shareholders earned it its place as the worst insurance company in America according to the American Trial Lawyers Association. Major insurers that clearly promote the business philosophy of “You’re in good hands” use a combination of low-ball offers and hard-ball management. When plaintiffs file a claim, they are usually awarded a small amount for their injuries, which is generated by Allstate using an evaluation software called Colossus. Those who accept a lower settlement may be left with less money than they need to cover medical bills and lost wages.

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Former Allstate adjusters said they were rewarded for keeping loan payments down, even if it meant defrauding customers. Complaints against Allstate exceed nearly all of its major competitors, according to data compiled by the National Association of Insurance Agents (NAIC).

In a recent story that aired on WSB-TV 2 Atlanta, Allstate was called out for refusing to pay damages, delaying payment or remedial measures. In another case, Tesha McGee was involved in an accident where the T-boned driver was insured by Allstate. He suffered permanent damage to his arm in the accident and needs shock therapy to relieve his pain. After rejecting a settlement offer and dragging out the process for more than two years, judges finally ordered Allstate to pay McGee. This is just one story out of thousands.

If you have been injured you should speak to an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Contact us online or call our Bedford, Texas office directly at 817.440.3888 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. We help personal injury clients in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington and all areas of Texas.

At Parker Law Firm, our experienced personal injury attorneys believe that people matter. We are committed to our clients, not the volume of cases, and we believe in the power of the civil justice system. Over the years spent both representing accident victims and participating in the practice of civil law, our founder, Brad Parker, has developed a deep understanding of the law and gained a wealth of experience that helps him find solutions for his clients. The American Association of Journalists (“AAJ”) named the 10 worst insurance companies in America. In doing so, the AAJ report cited content from the book Test Guide From Good Hands to Boxing Gloves.

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And major media reviews stemmed from the book’s publication as the basis for naming Allstate the #1 worst insurer in America. This includes an 18-month investigation by CNN into Allstate’s claims-handling practices.

A 29 page report on the 10 worst insurance companies in America with a section on each of the 10 worst insurance companies. Allstate Division writes in footnote 11 “There is no better review of [Allstate’s] McKinsey documents than the book by David Berardinelli, Michael Freeman, and Aaron DeShaw. Most of the AAJ considers the issue of Allstate’s corporate policy “Delay, Delay, Defend” cites the book as an authoritative source on Allstate’s policies and practices as well and Allstate’s actions affected the entire insurance industry. The AAJ report includes articles by

Author’s test papers are not limited to #1 Allstate. Trial Guides author Rick Friedman and his firm Friedman Rubin played a major role in disproving UnumProvident’s bad faith claims for disability claims. Unum was named #2 on the list of the 10 Worst Insurance Companies in America for its policies and practice of denying or withholding payment on disability claims. Friedman Rubin’s lawsuit against Unum exposed the company’s negligence and resulted in large negative insurance judgments against the company, including a $60 million judgment in Merrick v. Paul Revere Life Ins. Co. Rick’s work in bad insurance cases against Unum and other insurers led him to write Laws of the Road.

Top 10 Worst Insurance Companies

It was written by Aaron DeShaw and exposed the iniquity of Farmers Insurance when it was published in January 2004. The book, which has been widely talked about since its publication (often without credit) has led to awareness about Farmers Insurance. 10 Best Insurance Companies. This book describes the entire world of debt default and sets up the Colossus debt settlement program. The contents of the book became the basis of the state standard in Sikes v. Farmers Group Inc., was sued by Whitten Burrage, (whose DeShaw is an attorney at law) which caused Farmers to stop using the Colossus program. DeShaw is currently an expert in a Colossus class action case against Allstate and more than 500 other insurers that use Colossus for class action claims.

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Top 10 Worst Insurance Companies

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