Top Party Colleges In The Us

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Top Party Colleges In The Us

Top Party Colleges In The Us

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Top Party Schools In Every State

College can be filled with reports, exams, and long nights in the library, but for many, it’s also about intense parties, intense school spirit, and unforgettable memories with friends.

To determine which schools excel in the fun formula, we examined 12 categories from the Princeton Review’s 2016 College Rankings, including lists like “Party School” and “Lots of Beer.” We also included schools that appeared on lists such as ‘Happiest Students’ and ‘Best Quality of Life’ because they are not the only ones. We then combined these rankings to determine the most enjoyable schools overall. You can read the full methodology here.

Based on our results, the typical “fun” school is a large public university with a strong Greek system and competitive athletics. However, some smaller schools with tight-knit communities were also included in the list.

Loyola Marymount is located in Los Angeles, so students are on the cutting edge of Los Angeles culture. Of course, access to the beach is also outstanding. The mild climate allows for hiking, sunbathing and sunbathing all year round.

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The school also has a strong track record in both Greek communities and community organizations, and students are eager to get involved in their communities.

Gonzaga students find a variety of ways to have fun both indoors and outdoors in the wet weather. Skiing and snowboarding are becoming popular winter activities not only near Mount Spokane, but also as far afield as Montana and Canada.

But nothing is more important than basketball season. Students pack up at McCarthy’s center for every home game, run around campus and camp all day to get tickets.

Top Party Colleges In The Us

Sports are a big part of life at Wabash College, with more than half of the students on one of the school’s Division III track and field teams. In return, the all-male campus exudes school spirit in both the NCAA and intramural games.

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His home football game in Auburn is filled with students yelling “War Eagle,” the school’s roar. It’s especially noisy when the annual Iron Bowl game against rival University of Alabama is played indoors at Jordan Hare Stadium.

Before every game, hundreds of students make their way to the school’s huge back door, filled with games, food, and, of course, beer.

Welcome to crocodile country. Students at the University of Florida exude the spirit of the school, and much of the social scene revolves around sports and the back door. Students who want to party off-campus head to Gainesville’s bar-filled Midtown, which is within walking distance of the University of Florida.

Partying is not the only way to have fun. The school has approximately 1,000 after-school clubs and is located near Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park.

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Although Florida’s student population exceeds her 32,000, athletics unites the campus. When not rooting for Seminoleson at a football game, FSU students can be found at his parties, bars and clubs home on and off campus.

Each spring, students from all 11 Rice schools participate in the annual “Beer Bike” competition to support their teams. The competition is a combination of an indoor bike race and a drinking competition that precedes a week of parties and events.

Rice’s prime location in the heart of Houston means students have access to the city’s rich culture through its museums, concerts, and thriving dining scene.

Providence College offers students the best of both worlds, combining the ‘big school’ feel of Division I athletics with the feel of a small school island in college town.

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Intramural sports are very popular on the PC, and the school is ranked #1 on the Princeton Review’s list of “Everyone Plays Intramural Sports.”

Ole Miss has no sports. Especially during soccer season. Students spend every fall weekend at He The Grove. The Grove is a 10-acre piece of land in the middle of campus and home to one of the biggest and most spectacular backdoors in college sports.

Students also frequent the city center, where Oxford’s central square is lined with bookshops, art galleries, boutiques and restaurants.

Tailflaps and football determine how University of Georgia students spend their fall afternoons, but flat parties and bars burn year-round.

Ohio University, Miami, Ohio State All Make List Of Top Party Schools

More than just a bunch of bars, downtown Athens has a thriving arts and music scene and plenty of quaint shops for students to explore.

At Colgate, students balance work with a variety of extracurricular activities, from student clubs to Greek life to athletics. Whether it’s attending a series of talks or rooting for the Raiders at a football game, students always have something to do.

Despite its remote location, Lehigh University is thriving with a student mindset of “work hard, play hard.” Weekdays spent in the library are offset by the multitude of events that take place each weekend, often dominated by the Greek scene.

Top Party Colleges In The Us

The school also participates in “The Rivalry,” an annual football game with nearby Lafayette College.

E Kamakani Hou

UCSB’s oceanfront location makes it an ideal school for outdoor sports such as surfing, beach volleyball and hiking. When the sun goes down, there’s no shortage of nightlife: beach drinking parties and house parties on Playa Drive, the student-dominated Isla Vista seaside delle.

Frisbee pick-up games, hiking trips, and plenty of parties make Whitman College boring like never before. The Student Programs Council sponsors fun events throughout the year, from comedy shows to movie screenings, laser tag, and casino nights.

Badger in red his sea of ​​fans as his team plays Wisconsin Badgers football against the Miami, Ohio Redhawks at Camp Randall Stadium at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on September 12, 2015 cheered. The Badgers he won 58-0. (Photo by Jeff Miller/UW-Madison) Jeff Miller/UW-Madison

Sobriety plays a big role in the weekend activities of many students at the University of Wisconsin. Beer is everywhere on campus, and students work especially hard on big nights like Halloween.

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Students also love rooting for Borsk’s soccer and basketball teams, which are regularly ranked among the best in the country. Surrounded by lakes on both sides, when the weather is nice in Madison, students relax on the waterside Memorial Union deck or explore the city’s eclectic food and arts scene.

Greek life takes place at Gettysburg College, and common weekend activities include sorority hopping and theme parties. Greeks and non-Greeks flock to The Attic, an on-campus nightclub.

In addition to partying, students love visiting historic cities, gathering for coffee, and attending performances and concerts organized by the school.

Top Party Colleges In The Us

Home to the happiest students in the country, according to The Princeton Review, Vanderbilt has a dominant Greek scene and a big back door for football matches.

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All students participate in the Spring Festival. This is a multi-day, school-wide concert at the end of the spring semester that is as much about drinking as it is about music.

A large Greek stage sets the tone for SMU’s social life, and fraternity groups often rent out venues around the city for events of 18 or more. Some students say they want to keep life in Greece low profile, but there is always plenty to do. Students often travel to Dallas for shopping, concerts, and organ dancing.

Greek life dominates Bucknell, with half men and half women belonging to sororities or fraternities. House parties are held three to four times a week, and alcoholic students often go to nearby bars.

There is always something going on on campus and students can attend movie screenings, cake decorating his contests, games his nights, or participate in intramural sports from football to beach his volleyball to squash. .

Miami, Indiana, Osu, Uc All Make ‘2023 Top Party Schools In America’ List

The atmosphere of the college town of Blacksburg also offers plenty of entertainment. In addition to several bars and restaurants, students can go bowling, watch movies, and explore hiking trails near campus.

The University of Dayton has a wealth of clubs and organizations where all students can find ways to get involved and make friends. Most students participate in intramural and club sports, from indoor soccer to sand volleyball to ultimate his frisbee.

At Claremont McKenna, students love the small school atmosphere, playing Frisbee outside and basking in the sunny California weather. The school itself also offers many opportunities for students to enjoy, including off-campus trips with renowned speakers and school-sponsored events.

Top Party Colleges In The Us

Fans cheer during a game between Nittany, Pennsylvania’s Lions and Ohio’s, Bobcats at Beaver Stadium at his college in State, Pennsylvania, on September 1, 2012. Patrick Smith/Stringer/Getty

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At Penn State, there’s always a home party and a bar-his scene thriving year-round, but when students come to school to cheer on their beloved Nittany Lions on game day, the school gets really hot.

In addition to parties and bars, PSU students also enjoy participating

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