Best Paying Travel Nursing Companies

Best Paying Travel Nursing Companies – A popular agency for travel nurses is Axis Medical Staffing. Find out why and other successful travel nurse organizations here.

There are a large number of travel nursing agencies to choose from. With all the options, how do you choose the best one?

Best Paying Travel Nursing Companies

Best Paying Travel Nursing Companies

We combined data from Indeed and Glassdoor to identify travel nursing organizations as of April 2022.

Need A Covid 19 Nurse? That’ll Be $8,000 A Week

Best of all, the reviews on these sites come from real travel nurses who have worked with these companies.

In this post, you will see the top nursing organizations and learn more about each one. If you want to explore more about the company, just follow the links to read our full and detailed review.

Axis Medical Staffing is the best travel nurse agency based on travel nurse ratings on Indeed and Glassdoor.

However, always remember that while one agent may be right for one travel nurse, it may be a different matter for another.

Companies That Hire For Remote, Work From Home Nursing Jobs

For example, while one travel nurse may value a close relationship with their employer, another may be more concerned with salary or benefits.

Axis Medical Staffing was named the best travel nurse organization in 2022 based on our results from travel nurse polls.

Although it is a very popular company, you will want to be careful with the 60-day sign-up period to take advantage of the health care. If this is important to your decision, there are other options that offer a one-day profit.

Best Paying Travel Nursing Companies

Triage Staffing operates under the motto “real and ready.” There are many positive comments from their employees, and they emphasize open and transparent communication.

A Look At A Career In Travel Nursing

If you are looking to build long-term relationships and communicate with employers on a regular basis, this could be a great option.

Just remember that they promote a fun and easygoing culture, which may not be right for everyone.

Also, you need two years of experience if you want to work with them. However, if you don’t have experience yet, he encourages you to connect and build relationships as you gain experience.

It started as a small business in 2009, but has since grown rapidly. They have even won awards for being one of the fastest growing companies and having the best work culture.

Trustaff: High Paying Travel Nursing Jobs Nationwide

Although the company is hiring graduates, the information on their website is not enough. This can be intimidating for new travel nurses, so be sure to ask the right questions so you can decide if Fusion meets all of your needs.

Travel Nurses Inc. has been in business for over 30 years and has 24/7 medical support. They also won Best Transparency Employees in 2021 and 2022.

The agency has a robust job board, and even has a “Furnished Finder” tool that allows you to post housing options on their website.

Best Paying Travel Nursing Companies

They provide same-day medical care and make the partnership clear up front. The employer will arrange to review your contract prior to employment, and ensure that all your requirements are met.

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Although the company’s ratings on Indeed and Glassdoor are low, the agency has many positive reviews on Facebook and Google that are worth checking out.

The only thing to remember is that you will need at least one year of experience to work for TNI.

This organization gives you the best of both worlds. Although they have a personal and friendly way of working with traveling nurses, they have the resources of a large operating company. This is because they have a parent company called CHG Healthcare Services.

Just be aware that your experience may vary depending on the employer you match with. The wrong employer can leave you with limited experience.

Rural Hospitals Losing Hundreds Of Staff To High Paid Traveling Nurse Jobs

This means that the jobs are in very dangerous and dangerous places. It also means that you must be ready to start working within 48 hours.

If you have a problem and want to find different jobs that are short-term, this could be the right option for you.

Atlas MedStaff has been around for over three decades. They are interested in working closely with travel nurses and tailoring their contracts to their needs.

Best Paying Travel Nursing Companies

For example, each offer has an “Atlas Adventure,” which is a special experience that can include anything from skiing to seeing your favorite sports team.

Travel Nurses Raced To Help During Covid. Now They’re Facing Abrupt Cuts

Make sure you establish and maintain a good relationship with your employer. As with the best travel nursing agencies, this one can make or break you.

If salary is important, this may be a good company to work for. Nurses tend to receive higher compensation and other benefits, such as:

Also, the organization doesn’t just find places for traveling nurses. They also fill nursing positions on a daily and permanent basis.

If you are looking for an organization that focuses solely on travel nursing, you may want to look elsewhere. However, if you want to build a long-term relationship with the company and get away from travel nursing, this may be worth it.

Which States Still Need Travel Nurses The Most

Travel Nurse America has been around since 1999. It has often been featured in the top ten lists of travel nurse organizations, and is considered one of the most recognized in the country.

One of the best things about TNAA is its goodies. They send out a Job Benefits Summary before each session starts.

If you want to increase your overtime hours, you can also take advantage of “TNAA Boost Pay.” This is a special price you get if you do extra work.

Best Paying Travel Nursing Companies

The agency also has other benefits, including paying a deposit if one of your shifts is cancelled.

The Best Tools For Finding Travel Nurse Housing

Although the company prides itself on having a strong career team, it does not post salary rates on other websites while promoting job openings. This can be frustrating when you’re looking for sites that match what you’re paying for.

However, just remember that their size may mean that you may not be able to build the same relationships as you can with a smaller organization.

In fact, before a nurse accepts a contract, a consultant from the organization talks to them about what is most important to them.

While contract flexibility and customization can be great for travel nurses who know what they want, all the options can be overwhelming if you don’t know.

The Big Business Behind Travel Nursing

If you are new to travel nursing, it would be a good idea to go with an organization that offers standard contracts that have been tried and tested by many nurses before you.

Fastaff Travel Nursing specializes in “Rapid Response” healthcare. This means that staff need nurses during times of crisis, such as natural disasters or staff shortages.

This organization offers the highest salary for travel nurses. However, this is mainly because the task is more difficult due to their “Quick Response” skills.

Best Paying Travel Nursing Companies

However, remember that you must be ready to start working within 48 hours of receiving the position.

The Top Travel Nursing Agency

These difficult tasks are also suitable for experienced nurses. Their culture is professional and small due to the urgency of their many locations.

Nomad has one of the best and easiest marketplaces for nursing jobs. Also, their salaries can be very high.

However, some traveling nurses who worked with the company said there was a lack of communication. This can be a big challenge, especially if you are new to nursing.

Nomad Travel Nursing is part of the larger Nomad Health platform, so it can be easy to get lost in the chaos of such a large company.

Hydreight Nurse Salary Per Hour Know Salary In One Hour

It is worth noting that there are many 5 and 1 star ratings, so it may depend on the employer you will work with.

Aureus Medical has been in business for over 35 years, and promotes a personalized approach to the nursing journey.

Each nurse has a dedicated volunteer. However, if the importer is not available, there is always someone available to provide support 24/7.

Best Paying Travel Nursing Companies

One thing to remember, however, is that this organization is very large. So, even if you have dedicated members, you may be dealing with different staff.

Highest Paying Nursing Jobs In 2022

Unfortunately, this means that information sometimes slips through the cracks, meaning you can find yourself back if your information is not provided by their staff.

One thing that makes this organization popular is their good communication and support staff. They have a helpline with people ready to help you.

However, the length of service may vary when working with Trustaff. Most jobs last 13 weeks, but they can be shorter or longer.

Maxim Healthcare Staffing has been around for over three decades. In addition to traveling nurses, they also provide home health and sanitation services. The company has more than 65,000 medical professionals in the United States.

Travel Nurses Find It Hard To Match The Salaries They Got On The Road

Like the other travel nursing organizations on this list, many travel nursing jobs are in high-risk and high-risk areas.

Although this will bring you a higher salary,

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