At What Age Should A Woman Get Her First Mammogram

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At What Age Should A Woman Get Her First Mammogram – Artist Alexandra Grant and actor Keanu Reeves walk the red carpet on November 2, 2019 (Image credit: @people via Twitter)

When artist Alexandra Grant (46) accompanied actor Keanu Reeves on the red carpet last week with naturally gray hair, it sent the world into a frenzy. Tweets expressed agony. The articles were surprised that the actor was with a woman “his age”. (Grant is nine years younger than Reeves.) Major news outlets have championed the artist for her authenticity in “looking her age.”

At What Age Should A Woman Get Her First Mammogram

At What Age Should A Woman Get Her First Mammogram

Basically, looking your age is essential – you are that age and you look the way you do. However, this is the average consensus within society. If we observe that most people of a certain age around us look a certain way, then that is our interpretation of what a certain age should look like.

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The problem is that this “should” interpretation almost always penalizes women because it’s fueled by the $50.2 billion global anti-aging industry, which trains women to see every sign of aging as a personal flaw. The industry, of course, has its roots in human history, which values ​​women for their youthful beauty more than anything else. Outside of modern times, it is difficult to find female historical figures who were valued for anything other than physical beauty.

So it’s not surprising that despair over aging is deeply rooted in so many women. And nowhere is the fight against wrinkles and gray hair more fierce than on the red carpet. Well aware that roles and opportunities dry up after age 35 (heavily influenced by Amy Schumer’s “Last Fuckable Day”), female celebrities invest heavily in maintaining the youthful appearance that their careers were originally built on. In a world of social media where we are exposed to celebrities as much as our loved ones, this distorts our understanding of average. We no longer determine what women of any age should look like by observing the people around us; we dictate what women should look like at any age through excessive exposure to women who are forced to invest in maintaining their ever-younger appearance in order to maintain their careers and livelihoods.

This is what makes Alexandra Grant so prominent. It’s not because he ‘looks his age” Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai). That’s because Grant is unashamedly showing signs of aging — even signs of aging associated with people much older than her — in a context where most women do their best to hide them.

More importantly, when she did, a man appeared beside her, gently holding her hand, suggesting that a society rooted in devaluing women past a certain age so that they could…

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“Keanu Reeves’ girlfriend gave me the courage to be 40,” read a headline on The Cut shortly after Grant appeared—as if women can avoid turning 40 if we’re scared enough (and buy enough products and services). As if turning 40 means we’re changing in some fundamental, fatal way.

But the point is that we do. A recent analysis of the barriers women face in the workplace identified age as a bigger barrier to success than gender. Although research is divided on whether prejudice against older workers affects women more than men, outside of the office, there’s no denying that the forces of ageism affect women more—especially women who work the red carpet.

Since the age of 40, Dr. Sheetal Desai is commonly mistaken for 10 years younger by both men and women. The 47-year-old, who spends time between Mumbai and Vapi in Gujarat, credits her good genes; her 96-year-old grandmother had few wrinkles, she says, and her 78-year-old mother also looks young for her age.

At What Age Should A Woman Get Her First Mammogram

But he also owes it to his outlook on life. “I live my life. I’m happier [than ever]. I do what I want. I travel whenever I want. I follow my passions. I am a doctor, but I always wanted to be an actress, so I started my acting career three years ago, at the age of 44 – she says.

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In a patriarchal society, this kind of independence and self-actualization is unusual for women who are conditioned to devote themselves to family life at the expense of everything else. “Women are suppressed in many contexts and it shows on their faces,” says Desai. Often, when her peers tell her she looks younger than her age, it is said wistfully. “Sometimes they feel like — we wish we could do what you’re doing,” he says.

However, men’s reactions are different. Her youthful appearance helps her get dates, says Desai, who is single. “But when I tell them my real age – because I don’t want to hide anything – then they back off. They won’t go into serious relationships if you’re 40 or older because they think you’re too old. Even if the guy is only two or three years younger.’

The ability to be taken seriously seems to be a narrow window for women. Devika Tripathi (29) from Bangalore is five feet tall. She has been told all her life that she looks much younger than her age. As an 18-year-old college student, she routinely heard that she looked like a 12-year-old or was denied services like eyebrow waxing. At 25, it would still be a ticket to get into pubs. At the age of 26, she started a new job and her new colleagues did not want to believe that she was over 18 years old.

Over the years, Tripathi changed her hairstyles and gave up clothes that she thought made her look younger. Until recently, she took these comments to heart and worried that she would never be seen as a credible professional.

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“I don’t think it’s a compliment when people say that,” he says. “It’s a bit humiliating. … You want to be taken seriously.”

And this is perhaps what Alexandra Grant – in the full beauty of her gray hair and natural beauty, which extends in a context that values ​​artificial youth and punishes female aging – represents the most: not a woman who looks older, but a woman who meant it – to men , who held her hand, by the public who filmed and admired her photo, but perhaps most of all by herself.

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At What Age Should A Woman Get Her First Mammogram

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1) All About Your Body: Let’s face it: women’s bodies are complicated! There are many different structures, muscles, nerves and hormones, and many women do not know the fine details. But it is absolutely essential to know and understand how your body works! Educating yourself about your body can not only help you have a better conversation with your doctor, but it can also help you have a better sex life because you can communicate what you like (or don’t!) with your partner.

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