How To Sponsor Spouse To Canada

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How To Sponsor Spouse To Canada – Under the Immigration Action Plan 2022-2024, Canada prioritizes support for partners. Canada aims to welcome approximately 80,000 new immigrants each year through the Spouse, Spouse and Child category. Most of these immigrants will come as Canadian spouses or permanent residents.

Whether you are a temporary resident, permanent resident or citizen, we can help you bring your spouse to Canada.

How To Sponsor Spouse To Canada

How To Sponsor Spouse To Canada

If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, here is an explanation of how you can sponsor your spouse, common-law partner or spouse to immigrate to Canada.

Canadian Spousal Sponsorship Process

The first step is to make sure that both you and your partner meet the eligibility criteria. You will need to establish that the two of you have been together and are in a continuing de facto relationship and not in a relationship in order to obtain permanent residency in Canada.

Canadian citizens can support a spouse or common-law partner even if they are outside of Canada. Canadian citizens can apply for sponsorship from abroad as long as they demonstrate to IRCC that they will remain in Canada after the application is approved. Permanent residents can only support their spouse while living in Canada, even if their spouse lives abroad.

Inadmissibility – You must also pass a health, safety and criminal background check to ensure you are inadmissible to Canada.

Once you’ve established that you and your partner are eligible for support, you can then find an application pack on the government’s website. Then you need to pay the required fees on the IRCC website which include processing fee, permanent residence fee and biometrics fee. You can be exempted from taking biometrics if you have done it in the last 10 years. You must submit two applications at the same time: the sponsorship application and the permanent residence application.

Family Sponsorship: How To Sponsor Someone To Canada

Once your application is approved, you and your spouse must still meet some of the conditions for spousal support. Your Canadian spouse is financially responsible for three years. If you apply for financial assistance from the government at that time, your partner may be required to repay the government.

Our Immigration Consultants (RCIC) are fully licensed and qualified under the (ICCRC), the main regulatory body for the immigration industry in Canada. Our organization has acquired the knowledge and experience to help you successfully complete your immigration case and make it as cost-free as possible.

How can I bring my spouse, common-law partner or dependent children if I am a temporary resident of Canada and am studying or working temporarily in Canada?

How To Sponsor Spouse To Canada

Depending on the situation, you can apply for an open work permit for your partner. Dependent children can apply for a student/visitor visa. The Department of Immigration handles the process inside and outside of Canada. Which program works for you and your partner will depend on whether or not the foreign country requires a Canadian visa. If there is no way to obtain a visa, then the client and the foreign country can use it outside of the Canadian system. Sometimes people want to apply for a visa to visit their spouse or potential spouse to come to Canada so that they can get used to Canadian life and the Canadian spouse’s lifestyle. Unfortunately, Canadian embassies often refuse such visas, considering that such visits are not for temporary purposes, but for permanent resettlement.

How To Sponsor Your Spouse From The Uae

If a person does not need a visa to travel to Canada, entry is easy and a domestic Canadian application can be made. Often a foreign national may already be in Canada with an IEC (international experience class), work permit or study permit and meet a future Canadian spouse. In this case, an application can be made in Canada.

It is important to note that if the domestic application is made in Canada, it is not recommended to spend a lot of time outside of Canada. Canadian applications require that an individual reside in Canada at the time of processing. So if one has to be outside of Canada a lot, then Canada’s domestic program is not recommended at all.

Canada’s foreign policy allows freedom of movement in and out of Canada if you have a multiple-entry visa or are from a visa-exempt country. However, with an application outside of Canada, there is no option for a work permit and it may be necessary to remain in Canada as a visitor during processing. Thomas is a Canadian citizen who travels extensively in the United States. While in the United States two years ago, he met Janet. They met a few times. When Thomas returned home, he continued his long-distance relationship with Janet. In the end they fell in love.

As a result, Thomas asked Janet to propose, and she agreed. They registered their marriage in Las Vegas six months ago. However, Janet now lives in the US and has to stay for a few months to complete her business. Regardless, Thomas chooses to start a support system. She hopes to support her partner while he is out of Canada. Eventually, they hope to live together in Canada.

How To Sponsor Your Spouse For Canadian Immigration

The support system allows families to be reunited in Canada. Of course, spousal support is not available to everyone. Here we look at different aspects of support while your partner lives outside of Canada. In this article:

If you intend to sponsor your spouse from outside Canada, you must (employees see R130 and R131):

You must meet all of these requirements or you cannot support your spouse or common-law partner who lives outside of Canada. Of course, continue reading the rest of this article for more information on some of these requirements.

How To Sponsor Spouse To Canada

If you intend to support your spouse, who is outside Canada, you must live in Canada. In other words, even if your spouse is outside of Canada, you must live in Canada while sponsoring. Of course, you can go visit your partner. However, keep it short to avoid interrupting your stay.

Canada’s New Spousal Sponsorship Forms/process

If you are a Canadian citizen, you can live outside of Canada while supporting your spouse. However, you must satisfy the immigration officer that you will return to Canada when your spouse becomes a permanent resident (artists see R130(2)). For example, you will need to show that you hope to find a job in Canada. Unfortunately, this option is not available to permanent residents.

When you sponsor your spouse in Canada, you agree to a three-year commitment. The process begins when your partner becomes a permanent resident. During these three years, they cannot use public assistance. Well, if they do, you’ll have to pay the government. Unfortunately, divorce does not stop you from taking on responsibilities.

If your partner has a child, then you should extend the offer to the child. The time period in which a promise is made to children is confusing and depends on the age of the child at the time of arrival (for experts see R132(1)(b)(ii) and (iii)).

If you have certain criminal convictions, you may not be able to support your spouse outside of Canada. Generally, criminal convictions that can affect you include domestic violence, sexual assault and serious violence against others. However, in certain cases, IRCC can come to your rescue. For example, getting a record suspension in Canada can help. If the case was outside of Canada and five years have passed since you served your sentence, it could have saved you. Please contact a professional to make sure the exemption applies to you.

If you file for bankruptcy, you cannot support your spouse outside of Canada. However, if you have been kicked out of the bank, you can continue. A discharger is a person who is free to pay any debts they had when they filed for bankruptcy. Of course, some exceptions apply. The Canadian government has some guidelines to address this issue. Regardless, I recommend discussing this matter with a bankruptcy professional to ensure you are exempt.

You cannot support your spouse outside of Canada if you are receiving public assistance. Section 2 of the Rules of Intervention defines humanitarian aid as follows:

Social assistance – means any assistance in the form of money, goods or services provided to a person or on his behalf by the province under the social assistance program, including the social assistance program established by the province to provide for basic needs, including food; accommodation, clothing, fuel, utilities, household goods, personal needs and health care not covered by public health care, including dental care and eye care.

How To Sponsor Spouse To Canada

Imagine having someone support you in Canada as your spouse or common-law partner. After a successful application, you become a permanent resident of Canada. Now imagine your relationship ending. In this case, if you meet someone from outside Canada, you cannot support them in Canada for five years from the date you arrived. Yes, this restriction only applies to those people immigrating to Canada as a sponsored spouse or common-law partner.

Worker Spouse Open Work Permit Canada

If you have already sponsored a spouse or common-law partner in Canada, you cannot sponsor another spouse or common-law partner while the current period is in effect.

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