Indemnity Insurance Company Of North America Chubb

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Indemnity Insurance Company Of North America Chubb

Indemnity Insurance Company Of North America Chubb

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Insurance Company Of North America

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Become a Designated Agent We are always looking for ways to do more for our clients. Is a meeting right for you? 1 FENCHURCH STREET, CHECB INSURANCE COMPANY, FENCHURCH STREET, LONDON EC3M 5NB, ENGLAND Telephone: +44 (0) Fax: +44 (0) Website: COMMERCIAL LIABILITY INSURANCE POLICY To: CHUB INSURANCE COMPANY. EUROPE SE’s registered office is 106 Fenchurch Street, London, EC3M 5NB, United Kingdom. A European company incorporated in England and Wales is registered under number SE13. Authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

2 Introduction Insurance Policy Please note that this is Chubb’s commercial liability insurance policy. This policy covers three sections: 1. Civil Liability; 2. Product Liability; and 3. Employers’ Liability. Please read the entire policy carefully. European insurance company Chubb S.A. (The Company) provides the insurance specified in each section of this insurance policy (Policy) subject to the following conditions: The Insured shall pay or agree to pay the premium specified in the Schedule. The information contained in the insurance application and any additional information provided to the company on behalf of the insured shall form the basis of and form an integral part of this Policy. All parts of this policy, including the appendix and any supplement, shall be read together and considered as one contract. The operative sections of this policy are set out in the appendix. If a particular section is not specified in the schedule as applicable, it has no effect and no cover is provided under it. Words appearing in bold are defined in the Notes. Signed on behalf of the company: CCI/CAS/COMLBD/07/1A-POL CCICAS071C Page 26

Section 3 1 Third party liability for bodily injury, property damage and distress Under this section, the Company will compensate the Insured for damages and related expenses that the Insured is legally required to pay for: bodily injury; property damage; or anxiety; due to an event related to the insured activity. This section shall apply only in the event of such bodily injury, property damage or concern: during the period of coverage; and within territorial limits. This section does not apply to any liability arising out of an insured product. CCI/CAS/COMLBD/07/1A-POL CCICAS071C Page 26

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4 Section 2 Liability for Bodily Injury and Property Damage Subject to this Section, the Company shall indemnify the Insured for damages and related expenses that the Insured is legally required to pay for: bodily injury; or property damage; due to an event related to the insured activity. This section shall apply in the event that such bodily injury or property damage is caused by the insured product: during the period of insurance; and within territorial limits. CCI/CAS/COMLBD/07/1A-POL CCICAS071C Page 26

5 Section 3 Compulsory Personal Injury Insurance and Employer’s Liability Rights Under this section, the Company will indemnify the insured for damages and compensation expenses that the insured is entitled to pay as a result of an employee’s personal injury. and in the course of dealing with the insured persons and by reason of an event connected with the insured business. This section will only apply if: during the period of insurance; and within territorial limits. A company must pay under this section in accordance with the Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969 and the Regulations made thereunder, or in accordance with any changes or new or similar laws in Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man or thereafter. To the extent that the Channel Islands require such legislation. The Insured Company shall bear this indemnity for any payment made by the Company which is not made under the terms of this policy. CCI/CAS/COMLBD/07/1A-POL CCICAS071C Page 26

6 Limits of Indemnity Section 1 (Public Liability) Section 2 (Product Liability) Section 3 (Employer’s Liability) Terrorism Limit If more than one section of this policy is otherwise breached, it applies to the same event or series of events. same or same origin or root cause, then the total maximum indemnity limit under all sections shall not exceed the maximum applicable indemnity limit under the policy section. This rule does not apply to Section 3 (Employer’s Liability). Compensation limits are applied separately each year for a consecutive annual period and for a period of less than 12 months counted from the beginning of the insurance period specified in the application, unless the insurance period is extended for an additional period. In this case, the additional period will be considered as part of the last preceding period for the purpose of determining the compensation limit. The company’s liability ends when the compensation limit is exhausted. Regardless of the number of claims, the company’s costs under Article 1 damages, plaintiff’s costs and any extension of Article 1 (other than an extension called Defense Costs) arise out of the same event or series of events. A root cause related to the same source or root cause shall not exceed the compensation limit specified in the Schedule. Regardless of the number of claims or occurrences, the Company’s liability for damages, claimants’ costs and expenses incurred in connection with any extension of Article 2 (other than any extension referred to as Defense Costs) shall not exceed the applicable Aggregate Indemnity Limit. listed in the appendix. Any amount paid by the Company will reduce the amount of the total compensation limit available for any other payment. The remaining amount of this compensation limit is the maximum available for any payment. Regardless of the number of counts, the Company’s liability under Section 3 for damages, plaintiff’s costs and Defense Costs shall be extended to those arising out of the same event or series of events or arising from the same or the same cause or initial cause. Not to exceed the compensation limits specified in the schedule. Payments made pursuant to any other extension of Section 3 will exceed the indemnification limit to the extent permitted by law.

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