Cheapest Car Insurance Columbus Ohio

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Cheapest Car Insurance Columbus Ohio – To find the best cheap auto insurance in OH, our editorial team has collected quotes from the largest auto insurance companies in the state for each zip code. Minimum liability auto insurance quotes meet Ohio’s minimum liability coverage of $25,000 per person for bodily injury and $50,000 per accident, plus $25,000 for property damage.

Additionally, we ranked the best companies in OH based on availability of various drivers, customer service reviews, convenience and availability of coverage.

Cheapest Car Insurance Columbus Ohio

Cheapest Car Insurance Columbus Ohio

Erie has the cheapest car insurance in Ohio. The company offers minimum coverage for $23 per month, which is $18 per month cheaper than the state average.

Get Cheapest Car Insurance In Columbus Ohio In 2023

The average cost of auto insurance in Ohio is $41 per month, or $496 per year for minimum liability.

USAA also offers low-cost auto insurance quotes for Ohio drivers. At $19 per month, USAA’s minimum coverage costs $4 less per month than in Erie. However, only military personnel, veterans and their families can purchase auto insurance from USAA.

Cheap rates make minimum liability car insurance an attractive option. However, if you cause an accident, a low coverage limit could end up costing you in the long run.

Additionally, minimum coverage does not include protection against damage to your vehicle or injury to you or your passengers. We recommend that most drivers take out comprehensive car insurance so that you have enough protection to cover the costs of a major accident.

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Erie is the best cheap auto insurance company in Ohio for comprehensive coverage, with an average rate of $67 per month, Erie’s rates are 38% cheaper than the state average and $10 per month cheaper than the next cheapest insurer, ​Geiko.

Full price auto insurance includes liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage, as well as comprehensive and collision coverage. This means it covers damage caused by an accident, weather, theft or vandalism, regardless of whether it was your car’s fault.

Erie has the best low cost quotes for drivers with a speeding ticket, DUI or at fault accident in Ohio.

Cheapest Car Insurance Columbus Ohio

Drivers with an accident record usually pay higher rates because insurance companies believe that these drivers are more likely to file a claim in the future.

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Your credit score also helps determine how much you’ll pay for car insurance in most states, but it has nothing to do with your ability to drive safely.

Erie has the best auto insurance rates for drivers with speeding tickets in Ohio. The monthly rate for a full coverage policy is $73 – $55 less than the state average per month.

Speeding tickets will raise the average cost of Ohio auto insurance from $108 to $128 per month, an increase of about 18%.

Erie also offers the cheapest auto insurance quotes for drivers involved in at-fault accidents in Ohio. At $92 per month for full coverage, Erie is 42% cheaper than the state average and $53 less than the next best option, Progressive.

Cheap Car Insurance In Ohio 2023

Just one accident on your driving record can cause your car insurance rates to be much higher. In Ohio, rates are up 47% after one accident—an average increase of $51 per month.

Erie has the cheapest auto insurance rates for Ohio drivers with a DUI citation on their record. Erie’s comprehensive coverage policy costs $110 per month, 40% cheaper than the average.

On average, insurance companies in Ohio increase rates by 68% after a DUI. However, not all companies raise rates by the same amount. Erie increases car insurance rates by 64% after a DUI. On the other hand, drivers insured with Geico can expect an increase of 115%.

Cheapest Car Insurance Columbus Ohio

That’s why it’s important for Ohio drivers to shop around for the best auto insurance quotes after a DUI.

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Geico has the most affordable car insurance for drivers with bad credit in Ohio. Geico’s average price is $128 per month for a full coverage policy, which is 31% cheaper than the state average.

Drivers with bad credit have an average comprehensive insurance cost of $186 per month, which is $78 more per month than insurance for drivers with good credit scores.

Your credit score doesn’t affect your ability to drive, but it can affect your Ohio car insurance rates. Statistics show that drivers with bad credit are more likely to file an insurance claim, making them a higher risk for insurance companies.

Erie has some of the best cheap quotes for young drivers in Ohio, with a minimum liability policy of $58 per month.

Who Has The Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes In Ohio?

Erie’s minimum coverage is 58% cheaper than the state average. It also has the most affordable comprehensive coverage policy for Ohio teens at $172 per month.

While Ohio is one of the most affordable states for car insurance, young drivers pay more for car insurance than older drivers. The average minimum insurance policy for an 18-year-old is three times more expensive than a 30-year-old driver’s rate.

The best way for teen drivers to save money on car insurance is to share a policy with their parents or older relatives. Good student and driver safety course discounts help young drivers lower their rates.

Cheapest Car Insurance Columbus Ohio

We offer the most comprehensive coverage possible for teenage drivers. Teens are more likely to be involved in accidents than older drivers, making their insurance company more likely to pay for repairs to their vehicles.

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The lowest coverage policy costs less than $202 per month. However, if a teenager is involved in a serious accident and has to pay for repairs, it can be expensive in the long run.

Erie has the most affordable rates for young Ohio drivers with speeding tickets on record. Minimum coverage in Erie costs $69 per month, 55% cheaper than the Ohio average.

An 18-year-old driver in Ohio can expect their rates to rise 12% after just one speeding ticket. However, the amount by which your premium will increase varies from company to company. Allstate increases fares by 29% after a ticket—more than any other company in our study. On the other hand, Grange does not raise rates for young drivers after one speeding ticket.

There are also some of the best quotes for young drivers who cause car accidents in Erie. Erie’s minimum coverage policy costs $77 per month, which is $95 per month cheaper than the state average.

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A no-fault accident increases 18-year-old drivers’ minimum coverage offers by 26%. Geico raises rates the most after a toll crash with an increase of 45%. Even if National Motorists only get an 8% increase, the minimum coverage is about $141 more per month than Erie’s.

Erie has the best auto insurance rates for couples in Ohio. Married drivers in Erie pay $62 per month for a comprehensive insurance policy – 40% less than the state average.

Married drivers in Ohio pay an average of $103 per month for comprehensive coverage, 5% less than unmarried drivers.

Cheapest Car Insurance Columbus Ohio

Tying the knot brings several financial benefits, including lower car insurance rates. Insurance companies offer cheap quotes to married drivers because they are involved in a car accident.

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USAA is the best car insurance company in Ohio based on low rates and high customer service scores.

However, not every Ohio driver can purchase auto insurance from USAA. It only sells policies to military personnel, veterans and their families.

Drivers who don’t qualify for USAA should consider Erie – it offers reliable customer service at an affordable price.

When comparing car insurance companies, choosing a company you can trust is just as important as finding the best rate.

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A reliable customer service company can help you navigate the claims process quickly after an accident. On the other hand, poor customer service can make the process much longer and you could end up paying more out of pocket.

Rockford, a small town in western Ohio, is the cheapest town in the state to get comprehensive car insurance. Cleveland, the second largest city in Ohio, is the most expensive.

Where you live can affect your car insurance rates just as much as your driving habits, but it has less of an impact in Ohio. There is a $44 per month difference in the cost of comprehensive insurance between the most expensive and least expensive cities.

Cheapest Car Insurance Columbus Ohio

Drivers in Rockford can expect to pay about $91 per month for full coverage, while those in Cleveland can expect to pay $135 per month.

Guide To Automobile Insurance

Ohio requires drivers to purchase a minimum amount of auto insurance to legally drive in the state. The minimum insurance limits pay for damages and injuries to the other driver and are sometimes expressed as 25/50/25.

Erie has some of the cheapest auto insurance rates in Ohio. Erie’s minimum liability policy is $23 per month, and full coverage is $67 per month.

The average cost of auto insurance in Ohio is $41 per month for minimum coverage and $108 per month for full coverage.

USAA and Erie are the best car insurance companies in Ohio. They offer the best combination of cheap quotes, reliable customer service and useful coverage

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