Should You Use A Travel Agent To Book A Cruise

Should You Use A Travel Agent To Book A Cruise – International trips – Booking through a tour operator. Protect your money and secure your experience in 2021!

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Should You Use A Travel Agent To Book A Cruise

Should You Use A Travel Agent To Book A Cruise

Booking through a tour operator. Protect your money and secure your experience in 2021! “Travel agents are amazing professionals who are very professional and that’s why I like to use them. [They’re] a really good way to increase your protection (when things don’t go well)).”

Why Use A Travel Agent

Popular TV presenter and journalist Eamonn Holmes is one of the countless faces who will be speaking about the travel industry as we face difficult and uncertain times. The presenter commented on the extra financial protection offered when booking through an agent or tour operator, and the confidence and satisfaction he felt when he knew the agency had done so. For him, all the preparations for the trip.

“I feel safe and satisfied knowing that the travel agency did the legwork [and] the groundwork for me.”

But what exactly are these additional financial protections? How do you KNOW you are covered when you travel with Sports Travel International?

For more information about your protection when you register with Sports Travel International, see here.

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This is something we are always interested in at Sports Travel International. After more than 30 years as “IRELAND’S SPORTS TRAVEL DAYS”, we remain as dedicated to unforgettable experiences with unparalleled customer service.

The past months have been difficult and trying times for us. We haven’t seen you live out your dreams at the Marathon Majors, conquer the biggest mountain climbs and gates on the bike, or enjoy an unforgettable VIP experience at some of the world’s most famous sporting events. We have enjoyed sharing your wonderful stories and look forward to happy return seasons with you, bigger and better than ever!

However, we believe in our own system. Timely, clear and open communication at all times; all the little things that make booking with a tour operator so worth it, even when things don’t go as planned.

Should You Use A Travel Agent To Book A Cruise

Instead of having to wait hours on the phone or send hundreds of emails trying to find the right group to handle your travel reimbursement. When you book with us, you know you have someone ‘in your corner’ who is just a click or phone call away…

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– I appreciate all the hard work you and the team have put into all these competitions and you have achieved nothing. I hope to do many things with you in the future! “Thank you for your efforts. Looking forward to 2021.” “Thank you for your kind support in the difficult circumstances immediately following the cancellation of this year’s athletics event.” “Thank you for your help and communication over the last few months. Much appreciated.” “Thanks for that. I will book with your company again in the future. “

Many events have had a large number of registrations and postponements in 2020-2021. This is due to the widespread cancellations and delays of events and the negative effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic. There are limited registrations and lots of tickets for the 2021 events. For example, the Haute Route Alps, the Haute Route sailing event and other 7-day challenges POLICY will be sold through Haute Route in the coming days. Other events, such as the Roth Challenge and the New York Marathon, tend to sell out in minutes when running at full capacity, so entry in 2021 is likely to increase given the high attrition rate.

In many cases, relying on an experienced, official travel partner or tour operator may be your only entry to the biggest and best events of 2021.

We can’t wait to get back to doing what we do best. Help you have the time of your life at the best events around the world. But we’ll leave that last word to Mr. Holmes…

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Should You Use A Travel Agent To Book A Cruise

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Do you want to set yourself a new big challenge for the new year? Most of the familiar cool stuff is also on sale for love for 2023 starting with the Marine Corps Marathon🙌. 👉 #marathon #marinecorpsmarathon While a travel agent like mine works hard to make sure you get the best value for your vacation, there are some important reasons to use a travel agent for your next booking. walk.

I get it… the internet has made it easier to book your vacation online. You really don’t need anyone to book for you. But with the Internet, the amount of information has multiplied, and now it takes hours to research and plan a vacation. Here comes the travel advice.

In 2018, the world’s largest travel industry trade union ASTA recognized the change in the role of the travel professional from agent to consultant when they changed their name to the American Association of Travel Consultants (old agents). Limited free time, limited quantity. In design and the black hole of internet information, you need someone to help you navigate all the clicks and crazy reviews and REALLY help you maximize your time. My job is to make sure you don’t waste a cent on a vacation you don’t want.

Trip Advisor will never beat thrift stores and big box stores for the lowest prices, but it can help you get the best prices. What I do for my clients is to offer them a range – starting from high end, getting everything you are looking for, budget friendly and still safe. We usually end up somewhere in between…a resort that they still enjoy, but that fits their budget. In addition to this, I also offer check discounts. And if time is money, you get it back tenfold. A travel agent can even out the price difference with the services they offer and save money and time when you get there.

Ihg Travel Agent & Consultant Discount Rate

While this may not be important during a beach vacation, if you’re visiting a resort or a busy city, you’ll want to make the most of your time. You want to see as much as you can without rushing, waiting in long lines or going around. A good travel consultant understands the crowds, the best days, and the order in which to visit the sights so you can maximize your time.

You want to find a TA that specializes in your destination or type of trip. They can help you with things that you might not find in the manuals. Either they frequent these places or they have contacts who work with them at the destination. They can recommend non-touristy restaurants that are popular with locals, out-of-town attractions, or ways to avoid the crowds.

In addition to human knowledge of where you are going, they can share tips to make traveling easier.

Should You Use A Travel Agent To Book A Cruise

Not all travel agencies offer this, so you should ask in advance what they include in their services. I like to help my travelers create a plan – it’s not as complicated as a trip, but it allows you to approach your days in a structured way, while still having plenty of opportunities to explore and enjoy unplanned moments.

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As much as we don’t like to think about it, with any change that comes with traveling there is a chance that something could go wrong. If so, you’ll have 24-hour support to make sure you’re safe and sound, and a counselor to help you get the entertainment you need.

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