Prayer For My Home And Family

Prayer For My Home And Family – We love our families and wish them well, but in a world full of evil and disease, it is easy to worry. Here are 25 inspirational prayers to protect your family. We have printable images that you can use or share with your applications.

Faithful and true God, we ask you to protect our family in this wicked world where all people fail to keep their faith and do evil of their own free will. I pray for your cover to protect my family from violent people. Nothing can separate us from your love, and we thank you for being our provider and our protector. Give us strength and protect us from the evil one. Amen.

Prayer For My Home And Family

Prayer For My Home And Family

Righteous God, I pray for my family, especially my children, to protect them from the evil tricks of sex offenders. Put a fence to protect your children when they go to and from school, when they play with friends, when they are in different houses and different places, and when they are on social networks and the Internet. Amen.

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Holy God, some people can be unkind and cruel with their words, and it saddens me that these hateful words have a negative effect on my spouse and children, making them feel inferior, sad, and hurt. I pray that the hateful words will only come out without negative consequences and that my family will respond with kindness and gentleness without holding back. Amen.

God of truth, thank you for your Word to guide us to pure actions and correct teachings. Unfortunately, many self-proclaimed teachers promote theology or ethics that are inconsistent with the truth of Your Word. As our family faces immoral and false teachings based entirely on Your Word, help us to recognize what You have explained and not be moved. Amen.

Glorious and Precious God, as the priest of my family, I intercede to protect my family when they are tempted to sin. Your words teach us that we are all tempted to do evil, but not more than we can bear, and You make a way for us to bear it. I pray that you show me the way out of temptation and save me from evil. Amen.

Lord, you are our sun and shield, so we ask you to protect our family from harm. Help us to be strong and courageous, without fear or fear in any situation, and remind us that wherever we go you are with us and will never leave us or forsake us. We thank you that we are not overwhelmed when you pass with us through water and walk through fire. Amen.

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Wonderful God, we ask that you protect our family from making unwise decisions. First, as parents, we want you to be informed when making decisions that affect the well-being and safety of your family. Help our children avoid making hasty decisions that will harm them or others. We pray that discernment protect us and that understanding protect us. Help us not to abandon Wisdom, but to love it and receive its care for us. Amen.

God of wonders, be my family’s refuge from all evil. Spread your protection over our families and protect us from all kinds of diseases, including viruses, bacteria, autoimmune and genetic diseases, and more. Lord, I love you. May I enjoy you, enjoying abundant health. O Lord, you are gracious and merciful and you care for us with love. Thank you for forgiving us all our sins and healing all our diseases. Amen.

Allah, save my family from all distress and fear. Put a fence of protection around me and my family, home and property, work and school, and success in all that we find work to do. Be our protection from all harm and inconvenience. Thank you for your peace and strength even in times of chaos. Amen.

Prayer For My Home And Family

Lord, our fortress, grant us to dwell in your refuge from all kinds of dangers. We take refuge in your shadow and trust that you will save us and cover us with your feathers. Your faithfulness is our shield and our fortress. We will not fear the terrors of the night or the dangers that come upon us during the day. We ask for your protection and we will not fear sickness or calamity. Amen.

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God of Redemption, we ask that you protect our families from all dangerous diseases, such as cancer, heart diseases, or dangerous infectious diseases. I wish that no serious illness approaches our home. I ask you to command your angels to protect us in all our ways and that every evil disease be trodden under our feet. Give us long life and be with us always. Amen.

Great God, I come to you for protection against the wiles of the evil one. We know that he prowls around like a lion, looking for someone to devour. We know he is working to destroy our family and keep us away from you. Help us fight his attacks and use the spiritual weapons you have prepared for us so that he can flee from us. Amen.

Faithful God, we ask you to pray for our family and protect us from accidents and injuries. Protect us from falls, car or bike accidents, burns, sports injuries and other types of accidents that can harm us. Thank you for not allowing our steps to stumble, for being our guard day and night, and watching over our comings and goings. Amen.

Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, we come to you, asking you to protect our family’s finances in these uncertain times. It allows my spouse and I to work and provide for our family. Make us smart investors, keep and grow the investments we make. Protect us from every disaster that destroys our income or wastes our savings. Amen.

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Protecting God, be a shield for our family against all diseases such as high blood pressure, autoimmune diseases, and diabetes. Help us with wisdom to respect the bodies you gave us, because our bodies are your temples. As parents, help us be good examples so that our children exercise and get enough rest, learn to eat well, and avoid bad habits that can harm our health. Amen.

God of mercy, be a barrier to our families from any kind of disaster that may cause hurricanes or typhoons, weather disasters such as floods, fast-spreading diseases, war or riots, political disturbances, or other disasters. danger to our family. Merciful, you are our fortress. We stay under the shadow of your wings. Amen.

Lord our protector, protect our families from the influence of bad media. Protect our children from entering the wrong side of the internet and protect them from malicious attacks on social networks. Give us all discernment about the things we look at so that we don’t pollute our eyes, ears, and hearts with dirty pictures and words. Please protect us from false or inflammatory media. Amen.

Prayer For My Home And Family

God, our Giver, we pray that you protect our families from care, worry and despair. Let us not worry about tomorrow, but trust in your provision, and seek first your kingdom and your righteousness. When we begin to get nervous, remind us to sit at your feet and learn from you. Let us think of the flowers of the valley which the Lord has beautifully clothed, and let us remember that he cares for us as he cares for the flowers of the field. Amen.

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God our protector, we ask you to protect our family when we go out and come in. When we leave home and go to work, school and other activities, please protect us and protect us in the bus or car. in a car, on a bike, or while walking. Protect us from accidents and all kinds of evil. Thank you for watching our coming and going from now to eternity. Amen.

May God, our Rock, protect our family from evil influences. Please protect my children from forming partnerships with other youths who may lead them into immorality, addiction or illegal activities. Protect them from the influence of teachers who promote values ​​that are not in harmony with your Word. Protect us all from the negative influences that attack us in different ways every day. Help us stand firm for justice. Amen.

Gracious God, our family

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