Life Insurance Policy For 58 Year Old

Life Insurance Policy For 58 Year Old – A proper financial plan should include an adequate amount of life insurance. Protect your loved ones by making sure your life insurance can replace the income your family needs to maintain their standard of living.

The Nationwide Financial Life Insurance/Income Replacement Study was conducted online by Harris Interactive, March 15 through March 21, 2013. Respondents included 1,163 adults ages 24-66 of are currently married and/or have dependents, and have a family income. is $24,000 or more.

Life Insurance Policy For 58 Year Old

Life Insurance Policy For 58 Year Old

Estimated prices are for a 20-year premium program from Nationwide in the best class. The prices can vary according to distribution channels, age, risk, etc. Prices may vary. Coverage limits may vary.

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Life insurance is provided by National Life Insurance Company or National Life Insurance and Annuity Company, Columbus, Ohio.

Nationwide, Nationwide Financial, National Framemark, Nationwide YourLife and On Your Side are service brands of National Mutual.

Consumers should work with a financial advisor or insurance agent to identify the right life insurance solution for their needs. As your personal circumstances change (marriage, birth of a child, or career change), so will your life insurance needs. Care should be taken to ensure this product is suitable for your term life insurance needs. You should consider all applicable costs before making a purchase. Life insurance has premiums and costs that include premiums that vary according to the policyholder’s characteristics such as gender, health and age. All guarantees are based on the issuer’s ability to pay claims.⚠️ Warning: We have been notified of calls from impersonators of staff or representatives of Great Eastern on issues related to CareShield Life. Please do not answer such calls or disclose personal information.

Disability – due to accidents or medical conditions – is real and can happen to anyone regardless of age or lifestyle. In addition to disrupting life, disability involves high medical expenses and treatment that may take a long time while you recover.

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GREAT CareShield increases your CareShield Life premiums by S$600 in 2020, which increases over time. Your additional insurance starts immediately with additional monthly payments

GREAT CareShield is a MediSave approved add-on plan to your CareShield Life or ElderShield plan that aims to provide additional long-term cover in the event of disability. It provides benefits and benefits ranging from being unable to perform just one activity of daily living (ADL).

# Please note that the maximum monthly Life Assured benefits accumulated in your LifeSecure and/or ElderShield Comprehensive plans, if any, including your GREAT CareShield, shall not exceed the S$5,000.

Life Insurance Policy For 58 Year Old

No, your expenses are high throughout your annuity period and do not increase as you age. However, rates are not guaranteed and may be adjusted based on future planning experience.

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Yes. To be eligible to purchase GREAT CareShield, you must be insured with one of the following plans:

You do not need to go for a doctor if your monthly benefit is S$3,000 or less. For a monthly benefit of between S$3,100 and S$5,000, you need to undergo a medical examination #.

# If you own other Great Eastern long-term care products such as LifeSecure and ElderShield Comprehensive and the monthly benefit amount for GREAT CareShield and LifeSecure and/or ElderShield Comprehensive exceeds S$3,000, it is required you take a medical exam.

7. I previously opted out of ElderShield 400/ElderShield 300. Can I purchase GREAT CareShield as a standalone plan?

Ex 14.3, 3

No. GREAT CareShield can only be purchased if you have CareShield Life or ElderShield 400 / ElderShield 300.

If you intend to use MediSave funds to pay your GREAT CareShield bill, you should be aware that the additional cashback limit is S$600 per person. cardholders per calendar year are covered by all ElderShield and CareShield Life supplement plans.

Premiums for GREAT CareShield will be paid annually. Depending on your age of entry (last birthday), the special conditions can be chosen as follows:

Life Insurance Policy For 58 Year Old

GREAT CareShield fees can be paid using MediSave funds and/or credit card, debit card, GIRO#, cash# or cheque/bank order#.

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For using MediSave funds, there is an additional withdrawal limit (AWL) of S$600 per digital cardholder per calendar year . AWL is shared by ElderShield and CareShield Life extension plans.

# Not available in online shopping. Please contact your financial representative for these payment options. The GIRO payment method is for price updates only.

11. If I don’t have enough money in my MediSave, can I use a family member’s MediSave?

Yes, you can use the MediSave funds of any of your following family members to pay for GREAT CareShield premiums #:

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# You can use your MediSave money if you buy GREAT CareShield through online shopping. If you want to use the MediSave funds of your spouse, parents, children or grandchildren, please contact your financial representative. You must be a Singapore citizen or resident.

*APS is intended for families who need assistance with MediShield Life and/or CareShield Life premium, even if they have already received special assistance and use the funds of the MediSave pays these bills.

12. My premium is more than the MediSave $600 additional advertising limit (AWL). How can I pay the balance after AWL?

Life Insurance Policy For 58 Year Old

If your fee exceeds $600 and you have selected MediSave as one of your financing options, you will be prompted and offered other options to pay the balance:

Max Life Insurance

14. I am currently using S$600 from my MediSave account for my ElderShield supplement plan. Can I use an extra $600 from my MediSave account to fund my GREAT CareShield purchase?

No, the MediSave withdrawal limit of S$600 per calendar year is common to all supplementary plans for CareShield Life and ElderShield.

Note: If you buy GREAT CareShield (before you renew your ElderShield Supplement Plan) using your MediSave funds, you may not be able to pay your premium properly. ElderShield Supplemental Plan renewal from your MediSave account.

15. I have medical conditions that are not highlighted in the health declaration. How can I disclose my medical condition?

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16. I can change my special payment terms (for example from “pay at age 67” to “pay at age 95”) if Has my application started yet?

No, you will not be able to change your payment terms once your insurance policy has started.

(a) Intentional behavior of the insured person that may endanger his life, such as self-injury, suicide or attempted suicide, while he is sane or insane ;

Life Insurance Policy For 58 Year Old

(a) any illness, disease, disability, infirmity or defect (“Condition”) suffered by the Insured prior to the date violated #; or

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(b) Any condition that has had signs or symptoms within 12 months prior to the cut-off date #, which:

(i) The insured requested or received medical advice or treatment, prescription of drugs, counselling, diagnostic or diagnostic tests, surgery, hospitalization to; or

(ii) An experienced person may seek medical advice or treatment, a prescription for drugs, advice, diagnostic or diagnostic tests, surgery, hospitalization,

Unless such a situation has been reported to the company and there is no change made by the company, even if there was a claim submitted in the past regarding this situation.

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# “Date of Termination” refers to (1) the date of commencement, (2) the date of return of the policy or, (3 ) the date of change of benefits under this policy, if applicable.

If I suffer from a disability (i.e. unable to perform 1 activity each day) and progress to a disability (i.e. unable to perform 2 activities of daily living), my family members must arrange my medical care. review?

Depending on the severity of the disability, Great Eastern will review the available medical information and recommend that you or your family members schedule an examination. periodic evaluations, if necessary.

Life Insurance Policy For 58 Year Old

If the disability worsens from not being able to perform 1 daily activity (ADL) to not being able to perform 2 ADL, you will start receiving 100% of the monthly allowance (instead of 50 % of monthly allowance under 1 ADL), nursing benefit. and dependent care benefits (if applicable conditions are met).

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Yes. However, once you reach the age of 61 (last birthday) on the date of marriage in the policy, and your GREAT CareShield is guaranteed for a period of at least 10 years, the policy will not expire due to non-payment. the renewal of payments. Instead, your policy will be converted to a single payment policy with a reduced monthly benefit and you will not need to pay additional premiums.

You may cancel the policy by sending us written notice of cancellation. This Policy will terminate on the date of cancellation as specified in your cancellation notice or the date the cancellation notice is received. , whichever follows (“Cancellation Date”).

If the cancellation date takes effect within 60 days of receiving the reservation form notifying you in advance of the start date (the “free look period”), we will refund you the fees you paid, less medical fees and other expenses, such as wages. for medical tests and medical reports, we did. if the

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