Which Ipad Is Best For Me Quiz

Which Ipad Is Best For Me Quiz – Looking back, this story is one of those stories: “Went to school in four feet of snow, uphill, both ways.”

The post-secondary landscape in 2009 was very, very different from today. The iPhone had just launched and was not available in Canada. The iPad didn’t exist. Blackberries were all the rage.

Which Ipad Is Best For Me Quiz

Which Ipad Is Best For Me Quiz

There were no digital textbooks for the school. I vividly remember going to college two days before the semester started to buy textbooks. Normally you would opt for used textbooks, both for the highlights of the previous owner and to save money. But of course most of the professors insisted that you buy the latest edition (probably because they were involved in making the textbook).

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(Eventually, textbook publishers and authors got wiser and began putting a digital code on the back of new textbooks, which was necessary for the “full” textbook edition. Once this code was redeemed, the used textbook was largely unusable.)

And you had to take these textbooks with you everywhere. I didn’t need a fitness regiment in 2009 — I just needed to fill my backpack with my college textbooks for commuting.

In the 11 years since then, everything has changed. I haven’t walked the streets of a university in a few years, but all of my courses over the last five years have been taught digitally, with digital textbooks and the delivery of lectures and webinars online. The students now write exams on the computer. Google is an acceptable form of

Sources for research (although of course the source still has to be reliable; there was a time when I wasn’t allowed to use Google to find outside sources for research). Access to professors and presenters has moved to a digital format: Most respond to emails within 24 hours, no longer need to make an appointment to meet them in their cluttered office, and most are now reachable via video calls.

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In retrospect, the hoops we jumped through seem hysterical, but they only seem hysterical because everything is so easy these days.

In retrospect, the iPad has seen the greatest evolution and was the most important tool in my post-secondary career. From the beginning when the iPad was a myth, to the finish where the iPad can facilitate every aspect of the education cycle, the past 11 years have seen technology evolve at a breakneck pace.

With that in mind, I want to reflect and offer some tips on how I transferred my entire post-secondary school days to the iPad. This experience convinced me that the iPad is the best learning tool in the world. you. In human history. The iPad is mankind’s greatest educational achievement.

Which Ipad Is Best For Me Quiz

IPad offers the same reading, writing, and math capabilities as a MacBook Air or a Windows PC, but iPad’s secret weapon is the Apple Pencil. Handwriting is still the optimal input method for long-term learning and understanding of content.

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Modern iPads have a desktop-class browser, giving iPad access to video seminars and other modern delivery methods. Modern iPads have great apps like iBooks or Notability or PDF Expert to solve education problems.

Finally, the iPad Magic Keyboard (or Smart Keyboard if you don’t need the trackpad) is also a valuable tool for any student who carries an iPad. You can switch from iPad handwriting mode to iPad mode in an instant to type and move the cursor, reducing stutter between input methods. And iPad’s incredible battery life means you can switch modes throughout the day. When you’re in the learning zone, the last thing you need is to disconnect when transitioning from typing to handwriting.

I expect future iPads will only double that core power – future iPads will likely support external displays in new and improved ways, the Apple Pencil will likely become even more responsive and customizable, and iPadOS software will likely evolve to meet those requirements of modern tablet users comply .

In retrospect, it is clear that the iPad is a tool worth investing in and will certainly meet the needs of most students for their post-secondary careers.

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Over time, I have taken between 60 and 70 courses and written about 60 and 70 exams. During that time, I’ve noticed five specific “modules” or “stages” that I work on from start to finish:

Second, you take your insights and new technical material and process it all with the most powerful computer in the world: your brain. This step is about finding new connections in the material and improving the breadth and depth of the subject.

Third, you generally have to hand in assignments during a course that require you to present your Level 2 connections in the form of a written answer or quiz. The transition from synthesis and connection to written response is a critical step in the learning process.

Which Ipad Is Best For Me Quiz

Fourth, at the end of a course you usually have to study for a single exam. This exam typically tests all course topics and requires a wider range of general study and intensive practice of concepts and technical material.

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Fifth, it is imperative to ensure that what you have learned on the course is understood over time. It’s very easy to cram for an exam, rack your brain under the exam pressure, and forget everything you’ve learned the week after the exam. But to ensure that you have learned the skills offered in the course, make sure that you store the knowledge in some way for long-term use.

All the requirements for each of these stages can be met with an iPad, an external keyboard, an Apple Pencil and the right app selection. Some people will like certain apps more than others, and other people will have tighter or looser budgets to accommodate more app choices. While there is no definitive “best” choice for any of these stages, there are apps that outperform others and I’ll try to mark them accordingly.

With the right choice of tools, you can absorb the material efficiently, connect your thoughts, write and submit answers, learn with the most effective methods, and store what you’ve learned for the long haul.

We spend an inordinate amount of time sifting through hundreds of apps to find the very best. Our team here at The Sweet Setup has put together a short list of our must-have and most-used apps in 2022.

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Today’s educational delivery may consist of very different elements than what I experienced in my 11 years, but there were three main ways to discover and learn new material that I came across:

Lectures consist of the usual face-to-face session, where you listen to an experienced professor or moderator discuss a topic. In my experience, webinars are exactly like a lecture, only delivered remotely.

Lectures and webinars can be recorded in a variety of ways, and each person will find methods that work best for them. Whatever your preference, the iPad and the App Store have resources to help you learn.

Which Ipad Is Best For Me Quiz

I prefer to write my notes for lectures and webinars. Most people can type faster than handwriting, so you can switch back and forth between taking notes and listening as quickly as possible. After all, the best moderators comment on this

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I’ve had great success using Craft Notes, Notion, or Roam Research for this type of recording. Any note-taking app that works in Split View along with your textbooks or technical materials will do, but Craft, Notion, or Roam Research offer additional synthesis, study, and long-term retention features than note-taking apps like Drafts or Ulysses. unable to deliver.

Having your typed notes readily available alongside technical material that can supplement the professor’s or moderator’s commentary will greatly improve your initial understanding as you discover new topics and materials.

And with iPad desktop-class Safari, you can now enjoy a webinar on iPad while annotating in Split View or Slide Over.

For those students who see research as a fundamental core of learning or for formulating answers, I recommend Roam Research. Roam’s Connective Thinking capabilities are currently vastly superior to apps like Notion and Craft and will likely discover new connections later in the synthesis and exploration phase of learning. Art graduates (my first degree was an art major with a history major) will likely benefit greatly from an app like Roam Research. My accounting education (slightly more technical in nature and less dependent on connecting thinking) leaned more towards block-based apps like Notion or Craft.

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Of course, you can also take handwritten notes and record audio clips of the lecture if you wish. For that, I recommend Notability. While our favorite app for taking handwritten notes on the iPad is GoodNotes, Notability combines a great handwriting canvas with a handy audio recording feature to link audio clips to your handwritten notes. Combine this with PDF Expert or Files.app in Split View and you can capture all types of notes at once.

My textbooks have been PDF specific for five years, so I can only speak to that. if

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