Part Time Jobs That Offer Benefits

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Part Time Jobs That Offer Benefits – Understand the benefits of working part-time in college. Learn about the different types of part-time jobs. Knowing how to identify ways to find part-time employment. Increase your part-time hiring opportunities. Understand specific topics for you if you are an international student. Prepare to get the most out of your part-time experience. Recognize the signs that you are working too hard. Identify other ways to gain experience.

Money! Earn income for the necessities of college life or extra just for fun. Valuable experience! Employers want to hire people with work experience, even if the experience is in a different field. Links! Develop your professional network. The connections you make now will help you find opportunities in the future. Skills! Gain the job skills employers are looking for and learn what types of jobs are right for you. AMUSING! Work can be fun and fulfilling.

Part Time Jobs That Offer Benefits

Part Time Jobs That Offer Benefits

You’ll have a very short commute and can comfortably work before class, after class, or even during class! Because your supervisors are MSU employees, they understand your commitment to the student! You will work with other MSU students. It’s a great way to meet people and make friends. Campus Jobs lets you connect with MSU staff and advise you where to go when you need help! Your work will give you the opportunity to learn a lot about MSU.

Part Time Jobs With Benefits, The Pittsfield Public School District, Pittsfield, Ma

Work Study ~ subsidized On Campus ~ part-time student employment Off Campus ~ many local employers depend on students Seasonal ~ summers and other limited time Internships ~ paid or unpaid, usually an opportunity to learn for college credit.

Based on financial need based on the FAFSA. Complete the FAFSA annually to be considered. Campus work is assigned. Your maximum number of hours will be determined by your grant. Work-study is provided and administered by MSU Student Financial. Service Office For more information, visit the Campus Hub in CSU 117 or online

Open to all students, regardless of financial need. Campus positions are limited, so be patient and search. Many are listed on and some are filled by word of mouth. Campus employment regulations generally allow up to 20 hours per week during the regular academic year Work may be available during the summer and breaks, but many positions are only for the academic year.

Available to all students or community members You need reliable transportation You and your employer will set limits on your work hours You will work with a variety of people in the Mankato community

Contract Or Part Time: Is One A Smarter Way To Income?

9 Seasonal employment Seasonal employment is work done during the summer holidays, winter holidays or at another time of the year, but is not a permanent job. It’s usually short-term and can be a great way to earn good money while you’re not in school. Broaden your horizons – You can have seasonal work experience doing something new and exciting and maybe even in a different state or country. For summer jobs, attend the summer job fair hosted by the Recreation Parks and Management Department each spring semester. For more information, visit the CDC website by clicking on the “Focus and Facts” section.

Usually during your junior, senior or sophomore year, but you can do an internship at any time. It is usually taken for college credit. Ideally, it should allow you to gain experience related to your main job. It is an important part of a learning experience

All students have a mavjobs account. Go to your usernames are your Minnesota State University, Mankato address. You have received account confirmation after registering for classes. Set a new password if needed.

Part Time Jobs That Offer Benefits

Log in and select “Jobs” on the left side of the page Search by job type. Click on the job title that interests you. Follow the order instructions CAREFULLY!!!!!

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Minnesota Job Board – Mankato Free Press – Mankato Area Employers Try This Mankato Area Job Search Network – Tell everyone you know that you are looking for a part-time job.

Every employer is different and you may need to use different skills and techniques to apply for jobs. You may need to: Fill out applications ~ on paper or online Call employers Stop and talk to employers Interview an employer

Names of previous jobs, employer name and contact information, duties and responsibilities Education information Information about school activities, community service and volunteering, recognition and awards received Contact information for references (name, phone number, address, time I met you) It may seem obvious, but make sure you have your address, address and a phone number where you can be contacted. Many new students don’t remember this when they apply

Read the instructions carefully and follow all instructions. Write or write ~ perfect spelling and grammar. Be honest with all the information you provide. Provide the employer with your resume in addition to the application. Download the internship application from the “Document Library” at

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17 More tips Follow the instructions on the list carefully. If the listing says “Do not apply in person” and you apply in person, you probably won’t get the job. In most cases, it’s okay to check your application once or twice, but it’s usually not a good idea to repeatedly call, , or visit an employer, especially one on campus. Employers need to know you’re interested, but they also have work to do and may not want to hire an intrusive employee.

18 More tips Visit potential employers in person and tell them you want to work there and apply. Dressing professionally to meet employers will help you land the job! Upgrade to what you would normally wear to class: khakis, dress pants, polo shirts, sweaters, skirts, shirts are fine. In many office, retail, sales, and business jobs, jeans, holes, sandals, or tight, short, revealing, or low-cut clothing are not appropriate for applying for or interviewing for a job.

19 More Tips Prepare to hear “No”. Some employers may not be hiring at this time. Don’t get discouraged, keep looking for opportunities. When you meet with employers in person or talk on the phone, think, “I’m mature and professional.” and act like that. Don’t be afraid to ask for a job. Make good eye contact and be ready to shake hands. Prepare for an on-site interview

Part Time Jobs That Offer Benefits

20 Briefing Always find out as much as possible about the employer, the office and/or the job. Don’t be negative about previous employers or other experiences. Be prepared to talk about your skills and why this employer should hire you. Think from the employer’s point of view. If you only ask about days off and how flexible the employer is, you might think you don’t have a good work ethic. Always ask good questions. This shows that you are interested in the job.

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21 Resumes Sometimes you will need to send a resume to a part-time employer. If you have a great resume, you’ll want to send it to the employer with your application, even if it’s not required. CDC has MANY resources to help you build your resume. Job Search Handbook Appointments and CDC QuickStop. Call or stop by for more information. Books in our Career Resource Library

22 Follow-up After sending the CV and application or finishing the interview, the next step is the follow-up. It’s okay to call and follow up on your order. Again, it will probably be a phone call. It’s a great idea to send a thank you note after the interview. This will show the employer that you want the job, have good follow-up skills, and set you apart from other applicants. See the CDC Job Search Handbook here for samples.

Campus Employment: F-1 enrolled students may work on campus at their educational institutions. Undergraduate students may ONLY work 20 hours per week, as long as the work does not interfere with their ability to continue as a full-time student. You can work full time during the holidays if you are a graduate. Undergraduate students can work up to 14 hours per week as student assistants and 20 hours per week as teaching assistants. Off-Campus Employment After you have been in F-1 status for at least 9 months, you may be eligible to work off-campus in your field of study. May be full-time during summer and winter semester breaks or part-time (limited to a total of 20 hours per week, including possible on-campus work) during the academic year. There are two types of off-campus work permits called “practical training”: curricular practical training and elective practical training. For more information, visit the International Student Office

Be a great employee ~ be on time, stay busy, ask questions and be a team player. After you’ve been on the job for a while, you can ask for additional responsibilities in an area that interests you, especially related to your main job. Use your job as an opportunity to gain skills and experience. In the beginning

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