What Companies Pay Dividends Monthly

What Companies Pay Dividends Monthly – Monthly dividend stocks can provide predictable income and make budgeting easier as they pay dividends every month of the year.

While most companies pay dividends quarterly, there are 61 stocks that pay dividends monthly. And many have a high yield of more than 7%.

What Companies Pay Dividends Monthly

What Companies Pay Dividends Monthly

The table below contains a complete list of monthly dividend yields with dividend yields and Dividend Safety Scores™.

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Note that, with the exception of Phillips Edison (PECO), stocks with a 29-month Dividend Safety Score™ have little impact and/or trade over-the-counter, making them unsuitable for most investors.

Below the table you will find our analysis of all stocks that pay monthly dividends, ranked from the most popular to the most popular.

We’ve reviewed all of the stocks that pay monthly dividends, and we’ve ordered the list below from largest to your favorite for stable income and capital preservation.

The most popular company on our list of monthly stock dividends, Income Realty (O) has been in business since 1969 and is one of the best stocks to protect against declines and dividends.

Stocks That Pay Monthly Dividends

The large-cap retail REIT owns more than 12,000 properties primarily focused on retail and spread over more than 1,000 tenants operating in approximately 70 different industries.

Income Realty generates most of its rent from serviced, non-discretionary or low-cost tenants for their business, providing some insulation from e-commerce. And nearly half of its owners have financial-grade credit ratings.

Combined with a focus on prime locations and long-term lease agreements, the REIT’s occupancy rate has never fallen below 96%, even during the financial crisis and pandemic.

What Companies Pay Dividends Monthly

With an A credit rating, participation in a large-scale real estate market, and diverse income generating areas, Realty Income looks to continue its record of raising its monthly dividend since 1994.

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Main Street Capital’s roots go back to the 1990s, making it one of the oldest and largest business development firms (BDC) in the industry. The firm is also one of the best dividend stocks.

Unlike many of its peers, Main Street has an unblemished record of not cutting its monthly dividend since it made its first dividend in 2007, a stretch that includes two declines.

The company’s success starts with its diversification, which is mainly made up of high-yield loans offered to more than 150 companies.

With no more than 5% of the portfolio’s income and exposure to any one industry typically less than 10% of the portfolio’s value, Main Street is immune to stress in any company or sector.

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Management also focuses on first-secured debt securities, which are first paid in the event of default and allow Main Street to seize property if its debts are not paid. This provides some protection against major credit losses during a downturn.

The BDC also takes a systematic approach to expansion, and has lower debt than allowed by regulators. Along with a conservative portfolio, Main Street receives an investment grade credit rating of BBB.

The final layer of protection is the firm’s monthly dividend from Main Street’s holdings following successful investments.

What Companies Pay Dividends Monthly

These costs, called spillovers, contribute to the inevitable loss of credit that occurs when investing in subprime mortgage securities.

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Dividend Protection Score and can be viewed by investors who are comfortable with the cycle of the BDC industry.

Founded in 1954, Canada-based Pembina Pipeline (PBA) is a large centralized services provider with a network of oil and gas pipelines, storage facilities, and production plants located primarily in western Canada.

The energy company serves as a one-stop shop for producers to move their Canadian-produced hydrocarbons to key markets around the world. By product, Pembina’s business is centered on oil, gas and natural gas liquids.

Most of the company’s revenue is generated from fee-based activities supported by long-term contracts with limited volume protection, which protects cash flow from falling commodity prices.

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Associated with Pembina’s BBB credit rating and self-funded business model, the stock has paid reliable monthly dividends since 1997 and looks set to continue its upward trajectory.

Founded in 1971, Agree Realty (ADC) has more than 1,600 independent, single-tenant properties leased primarily to national investors with excellent credit ratings.

Some of the largest mid-cap REIT tenants include Walmart, Dollar General, Best Buy, TJX, and CVS. No tenant accounts for more than 8% of the rent, and Walmart only accounts for more than 5% of ADC’s revenue.

What Companies Pay Dividends Monthly

ADC also varies in retail industries, none of which exceed 10% of rent. The portfolio focuses on key businesses that are more resilient to e-commerce, such as tire and auto service, grocery stores, home improvement, and convenience stores.

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Doing business with a succession of key, trusted vendors has helped ADC collect nearly 90 percent of rents during the pandemic, one of the best records of any retail REIT.

Management runs the business with a conservative financial strategy, including a moderate level and strong distribution coverage. This feature earns United Realty a BBB credit rating and should help the monthly installment continue to increase its payments in the years to come.

STAG Industrial (STAG) was founded in 2003 and has more than 500 industrial facilities such as warehouses, distribution centers and lighting facilities.

The mid-cap REIT leases those tenant properties, many of them in smaller markets, to hundreds of different tenants operating in more than 40 industries.

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Almost half of STAG’s facilities handle e-commerce activity, reflecting the rise of online shopping and the resulting need for some businesses to reorganize their supply chains and expand logistics facilities.

While e-commerce is an attractive theme, STAG remains a cyclical REIT as its tenants operate in high-value markets such as auto parts, building materials, machinery and equipment.

Combined with shorter average lease terms and a focus on less likely to borrow tenants, this can create higher lease renewal risk and higher default risk during downturns compared to other types of REITs.

What Companies Pay Dividends Monthly

STAG bets its bets by spreading its portfolio to many different tenants (none more than 4% of rent) and more than 60 local markets (none more than 10% of rent).

Dividend Stocks That Offer Monthly Dividends

The company also runs its business on a modest scale, it gets a BBB STAG investment credit rating. These factors have helped the REIT increase its monthly dividend since it went public in 2011.

Looking ahead, the fragmented market of the real estate industry should help STTAG continue to integrate warehouses.

For investors who are comfortable with cyclical stock holdings, STAG may be an attractive monthly dividend to look at.

RioCan (RIOCF), one of Canada’s largest REITs, owns more than 200 shopping centers and mixed-use properties located in major populous markets such as Toronto, Ottawa, and Calgary.

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Just over half of the company’s revenue is derived from grocery stores, which provide consistent foot traffic to nearby retailers.

Overall, management estimates that about 85% of the REIT’s average rent comes from tenants with “stable rental capacity, strong contracts, and steady foot traffic.”

Examples include grocery, drug and liquor stores (20% of rents), important personal services (14%), and specialty retailers (11%).

What Companies Pay Dividends Monthly

This focus helped the company to maintain a high level of people and pay uninterrupted dividends from 1994 until the pandemic of 2020 forced a 33% cut in wages when many merchants fell on hard times and stopped paying rent.

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RioCan’s monthly dividend, which is likely to rise at a rate of one-half to match cash flow growth, should be in a strong position going forward.

The company’s cash flow is at its lowest level in nearly a decade, and RioCan receives a BBB credit rating, supporting its expansion and acquisition plans.

Overall, RioCan’s focus on shopping centers, mixed-use properties, and Canadian capital markets should cushion the REIT’s sales from e-commerce pressure and help the firm pay more reliably each month.

TransAlta Renewables (TRSWF) was created in 2012 to own a portfolio of power generation facilities by parent and sponsor TransAlta Corporation, which owns approximately 60% of the company.

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Today, TransAlta Renewables owns or has interests in approximately 50 power generation facilities focused primarily on wind and gas assets, with hydro and solar facilities accounting for a smaller portion of cash flow.

The company has moved through energy prices to pay dividends without interruption since going public in 2013. This reflects the TransAlta infrastructure deal.

With an average contract length of 11 years, the firm’s facilities generate cash flow from fixed-payment power purchase agreements (PPAs) with reliable customers such as utility and industrial companies, who purchase the power generated by TransAlta.

What Companies Pay Dividends Monthly

Although the company’s risk profile has also been reduced by its medium-sized capital, TransAlta’s business model may continue to face challenges from unplanned facility closures, adverse weather conditions, PPA renewals at low rates, and high reliance on capital markets determined to finance growth from multiple sources. the money. the flow is distributed to the shareholders.

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Investors comfortable with these risks and tax ownership of Canadian stock may be attracted to the company’s long-term trajectory as demand for clean energy rises in the coming years.

Gladstone Investment Corporation (GAIN) was founded in 2005 as an externally managed business development company (BDC) that provides equity and secured debt financing to small private businesses.

Unlike many of its peers that prioritize debt investments, equity securities make up about a third of small-cap BDC’s portfolio. This gives Gladstone Investment added upside in a management buyout transaction which is beneficial

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