Prulife Return Of Premium Term

Prulife Return Of Premium Term – 1 savings account for minors PRUlife Save and protect your children’s future with the insurance plan Life and savings insurance

2 PRUlife savings for minors A strong financial foundation gives your child an advantage! PRUlife Junior Saver helps you finance your children’s higher education and offers them comprehensive protection with life cover. How it works PRUlife Juvenile Saver is a whole life insurance plan that contains two elements: PRUlife Juvenile Savings and PRUlife Juvenile Saver Protection. PRUlife Savings Junior Saver helps you save in the Prudential With-Profits fund, while both elements will protect your loved ones from the financial consequences of a disaster. The plan is designed specifically to help fund your child’s education when the time comes. You take your child’s plan with you as an insured. The first step in creating a new plan is to consider the desired level of life protection available to your child. Various premium terms and currencies are available to suit your financial needs.

Prulife Return Of Premium Term

Prulife Return Of Premium Term

3 benefits $ Long-term savings Bigger savings under PRUlife Junior Saver can come from three sources: guaranteed cash value; bonus with non-guaranteed return; and a special non-guaranteed bonus. The guaranteed cash value increases over time over the years of your policy. The guaranteed cash value will only be paid upon cancellation or termination of the policy. The plan offers you the opportunity to earn potential returns with two non-guaranteed bonuses: a return bonus and a special bonus. If you participate in our profit-sharing fund through PRUlife Savings Juvenile Savings, you can receive your share of the profits distributed within our profit-sharing fund (currently at least 90% of the profit distributed) in the form of bonuses when the profit sharing is done for you. You can use the cash value from the plan to support your child’s higher education. You can repay the cash value of the surrender bonus and associated special bonus, although this will reduce the long-term value of the policy. When your child turns 19 (next birthday), you have the option to transfer the policy to them as a gift. More detailed information about bonuses and cash withdrawals can be found in the More about PRUlife Junior Saver section below. For information about your Profit Sharing Plan and how the Profit Sharing Fund works, please also see our Profit Sharing Plan brochure available at. Life Protection Regardless of the premium term you choose, PRUlife juvenile saver offers lifetime protection with a death supplement. In addition, your child will be able to apply for their life insurance policy within 6 months of the policy anniversary, as soon as they turn 22 (next birthday) without having to provide us with any medical information (subject to the conditions specified in the documents shelf). The new policy can provide them with life cover up to three times the sum assured of their PRUlife minor saver or up to USD 500,000/HKD 4,000,000/RMB 3,000,000 (depending on the plan currency), whichever is lower. Please see the More about PRUlife Junior Savings section for details of the death benefit. Rewarding success with an achievement award. Your child will receive HKD 2,000 for each examination grade of 5* or above in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE), when they achieve at least three subject grades at 5* level and pass at least six subjects in that HKDSE. session. Your child can only claim this prize once. If an HKDSE course consists of more than one component, the achievement award will be determined based on the overall subject level grade of the relevant course, regardless of what points are achieved at the component level. We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions. Unemployment compensation If you are aged between 19 and 65 (next birthday) and are involuntarily unemployed for more than 30 consecutive days during the premium payment period, you can temporarily suspend premium payments for a maximum of 365 days to ease your burden. . Your policy must be in force for at least 180 days to receive this benefit. You can only claim this benefit once. Optional health insurance and other benefits Prudential offers a number of optional benefits that can be added to the PRUlife Junior Saver. These include critical illness, accident, health insurance and other benefits that may be important to your child. Insurance is required before some optional benefits are issued, while some age restrictions may apply. Optional benefits are available for HKD and USD policies only.

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4 More about PRUlife Junior Saver Premium terms and currency options PRUlife Junior offers a range of premium terms and currency options. Premium Term Issue Age* Currency Option 5 years 1-18 HKD/RMB/USD 10 years 1-18 HKD/RMB/USD 15 years 1-18 HKD/USD * Age is defined as the age following the next birthday brochure Bonuses Possible PRUlife small saver returns are provided by two types of non-guaranteed bonuses: return bonus and special bonus. These can be treated as an annual bonus or as a one-time bonus. The Surrender Bonus and Special Bonus are usually announced annually at the specified bonus rates, beginning with the third policy anniversary. The rates of these bonuses may change from time to time, may vary by currency and are not guaranteed. The reported benefits have a nominal value that will be paid out in the event of the death of the life insured. The cashback bonus can accumulate within the policy, allowing your savings to grow over time. Once claimed, the face value of the cashback bonus is guaranteed. A special bonus is an additional one-time bonus; the stated bonus may rise and fall and is not cumulative within the policy. Simply put, the special bonus does not represent a permanent addition to the value of the policy. Bonuses also have a non-guaranteed cash value. Bonus cash values ​​are not guaranteed and are determined by a cash value discount factor that may vary. In the event of cancellation or suspension of the policy (except due to the death of the insured), the non-guaranteed cash value of the bonuses, not the nominal value, is paid out. You can withdraw from the policy on demand the cash value of the accumulated cashback bonus and the corresponding special bonus, although this will reduce the long-term value of the policy. We have sole discretion in determining bonus rates and cash values. We reserve the right to determine the frequency of disclosure. Surrender Value On policy cancellation, we will pay the surrender value of your policy as follows: guaranteed cash value; plus the non-guaranteed cash value of the return bonus (if any) and the non-guaranteed cash value of the special bonus (if any); minus any credit and interest. Death benefit Upon the death of the insured, we will pay a death benefit as follows: sum insured; plus face value of return bonus (if any) and face value of special bonus (if any). The death benefit will be reduced by 50% in the unfortunate event that the life insured dies before the age of 2 (next birthday); if they are between 2 and 3 (next birthday) we will discount it by 25%. We further warrant that the amount of the death benefit under the plan will not be less than the total amount of premium paid, less any benefit paid by us and any PRUlife minor protection security fee refunded to you by basic plan; any cash value of the Return Bonus and its corresponding Special Bonus accumulated during the Policy Term. In addition, any applicable loans and interest will be deducted from the death benefit amounts. The cost of PRUlife Smaller Savers Protection Insurance (where the Sum Insured is subject to our review and adjustment) will be deducted from your share of the fund’s profits each calendar month during the term of the policy. Note: The death benefit will be reduced if the reduced PRUlife cover under the policy does not apply. See policy documents for more details. Increase in cash value You can decide to withdraw the guaranteed and non-guaranteed cash value from the policy by reducing the sum insured. Due to reduction in sum assured, subsequent cash value assured, bonuses (if any) and total premium paid in case of death will also be reduced. Therefore, an increase in cash value will reduce the death benefit paid and the surrender value.

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6 Notes This product is guaranteed by Prudential Hong Kong Limited. This data is for reference. They are not a contract between Prudential Hong Kong Limited and anyone else. For more details on the plan, please ask us for a sample policy document. We reserve the absolute right to accept or reject any application based on the information provided by the insured and/or life insured.

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