A Prayer For Me And My Family

A Prayer For Me And My Family – I have found that specific and strategic prayer for the family can have a greater impact.

Until one day I thought maybe my repeated prayers were not “doing” anything. My mind is thinking that I am just redundant and maybe God is tired of hearing the same prayers for my family.

A Prayer For Me And My Family

A Prayer For Me And My Family

As I have continued to pray strategically for my family over the years, I cannot count the number of specific prayers that have been answered.

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When we pray strategically, using His Word as our foundation, our prayers are filled with His power and aligned with His will.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. Mark 12:30 JAV

Most of all, I pray that my children will do this one thing… love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength.

We teach the Bible to our children, we spend time as a family reading and praying, but at some point we need to have our own relationship with God.

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As my children grew older, I realized how difficult it was to leave this relationship. If they don’t read the Bible and spend time with God, I want to make them do it. But when they grow up, they should have the “want” to do it themselves.

Father, thank you for each of my children. Lord, you know their hearts. You know their strengths, weaknesses and every little thing about them. Oh God, I pray that you are willing to draw near to you. Show me who you are. Let them see that they need you, Lord. Take their hearts and fill them with Your Spirit. Lord, I pray that those people will seek You above all else. That when he wakes up in the morning and sleeps at night, You are in his mind and heart. Wherever you go and whatever you do, they see you. In the name of Jesus, amen.

Prayer for unity It is good and pleasant that God’s people live in harmony! It was like precious oil poured on the head, flowing down the beard, flowing down Aaron’s beard, down the collar of his robe. It is as if the dew of Hermon fell on Mount Zion. Because there the Lord gave a blessing, which is life forever. Psalm 133 NIV

A Prayer For Me And My Family

At the beginning of the new year, I felt God plant the word of unity in my heart… especially for my family. This passage from the Psalms comes to mind.

Bless & Protect Also My Family Today

At that time, the people of the world spoke the same language. A certain group had gathered and decided to build a city in Babylon. But they built it for the lust of the flesh. But even in the middle of the flesh, God has spoken about them and their efforts:

People are united and everyone speaks the same language. After that, there’s nothing you can’t do! Genesis 11:6 JAV

This is what I want for my family. I want us to be united, speak the same language and have the same values. Because if we do, nothing is impossible for us! We fulfill all that God has given us.

Father, thank you for blessing our family. Help us to be one. Help us speak the same language and share the same vision for us. Lord, guide me and guide me on the right path. I pray that no weapon is formed against my prosperous family. No plot, plan or scheme of the enemy will divide us or create discord in our home. Help us to stand united… put each other before ourselves and love You above all else. In the name of Jesus, amen.

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Think about your ministry, business, or even your church. God has a plan for every organization, right?

He carefully selects each person for each family and creates the personality, gifts, and abilities each person needs to complete the family.

Father, thank you for creating our family with purpose. We know you have plans for each of us and for our entire family. Lord, I pray that you will reveal this goal to each of us and help us every day. Help us to appreciate our personalities, our gifts, and even our own weaknesses. Oh Lord, please give us all lessons and guidance, so that we can glorify you. In the name of Jesus, amen.

A Prayer For Me And My Family

We are very grateful that you have brought us together with another family to live with. Lord, please help us to always remember how lucky we are. We pray for blessings through this relationship. So that no weapon of the enemy can create division among us. Lord, please give me more links like this. Connect us with like-minded people

Design A Family Prayer Card

A family that sharpens us and takes us to a new level in faith in You. In the name of Jesus, amen.

A few summers ago, my family and some friends hosted a retreat with the wonderful organization Family-iD. Founder Greg Gunn guides us through an exercise to discover what our core values ​​are as a family.

Each family member was given a list of values ​​and we had to pick the top 30. When we are done, we meet as a family and go around with each of us all the same.

My husband and I understand the importance of investing in others, and it gives me great joy to know that my children feel the same way.

Prayer For Peace In The Family [with Scriptures]

Father, thank you for the opportunity to serve others. I pray that you will continue to instill these values ​​in us and our children. Help me to see others as you see them. Lord, I pray that you give me all the needs of the people around me. Help me to become a different person and align myself with your Spirit so that I can help the sick. Lord, give me the grace to serve in times of need. May it give us the strength to carry on when we are tired of the situation. In the name of Jesus, amen.

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Supporting and caring for our family is a big part of our lives. Whether your family consists of children, spouse, or extended family, you should pray for those close to you.

A Prayer For Me And My Family

Praying for your family means offering prayers for them to God and thanking them for the answers to your prayers.

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In the difficult times we are facing now, you may have to worry about your family. You may worry about your finances and paying your bills on time. Perhaps there is a health problem that you need the strength to face and overcome. Your worries may include a general fear for your family’s safety.

No matter how specific or general your concern, saying a prayer for your family includes intercession for the people who mean the most to you. Bringing your fear or anxiety to God can bring peace of mind and help you through difficult times. You can choose to pray silently or out loud. Sometimes speaking your worries out loud is a good way to express your feelings.

Below are 21 prayers for family that can give you strength and comfort when you are trying to overcome difficulties or just in your daily life. You can say this prayer individually or together as a family.

Our family is struggling with fear and confusion. We need your strength and power in our lives. We need to feel comfortable and at peace. Wrap your arms around me and fill me with love. I pray for my wife and children. I pray for each family member. You understand each individual’s fears and needs. May all the strength we need carry us through and comfort us as we continue our journey in life.

Walks With My Father — Prayer: “father God, I Thank You For Every

I call you, Father, in these difficult times. When people are sick and struggling to make ends meet, it’s easy to lose hope. Give us strength and power to keep going no matter what happens around us. Help us keep our eyes on you, not our problems. Comfort and strengthen us to get through this.

The people I love are struggling to come together as a family. We all seem to be torn in many directions. I am asking you to bring us back to where we should be. Give it to us

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