Chesapeake Life Insurance Death Claim

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Chesapeake Life Insurance Death Claim

Chesapeake Life Insurance Death Claim

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Please note that this policy may change to ensure that the website functions efficiently and is accessible to all users. Final Expense Whole Life Approval Date: Draft Code: Revised::06/27/2016 Supplemental Insurance Coverage Final Expense Whole Life Insurance Policy Forms ICC11-CWLL 9/11 or ICC11-CWLG 9/11, or State Variation ©2016 SureBridge Product Training Materials | Proprietary and Confidentiality. For more plan details, see the product materials. The benefits described in this presentation are subject to all terms, conditions, definitions, limitations and exclusions of the applicable policy. Supplemental plans serve a specific purpose in the insurance market. These plans are not intended to be a substitute for accident and sickness insurance and should not be construed as such.

SureBridge has the largest portfolio of ancillary products including critical illness, cancer, accident, disability, life, dental and vision policies. We also have a broad marketing footprint. AK WA ID MT ME OR ND MN NH WI NY VT MI WY SD CA MA RI NV CT UT PA NE IL OH IN NJ CO WV DE MO VA KS MD KY HI HI DC AZ NC NM OK TN TX AR All available SC GAMS- products Subset of available products No products available LA FL ©2016 SureBridge® Product Training Materials | Proprietary and Confidentiality.

Producer Requirements Before starting a sales presentation of a life insurance policy, producers must inform the applicant that he/she is acting as a life insurance agent. The full name of the insurance company – The Chesapeake Life Insurance Company – before the sales presentation begins. The brand name – SureBridge – must not be confused with the company name, and producers must not appear as a “financial planner”, “investment advisor”, “consultant”, “financial advisor” or any other specialist involved in the business. Provide financial planning or advice related to investments, insurance, tax matters or trust and estate matters, unless such license, certification or designation is held. Application Smart App – Ask questions only for selected products Simplicity – All questions are available in the Yes/No brochure application process Product Benefits Fixed premiums, as long as premiums are paid, never escalate. Materials | Proprietary and Confidentiality.

Chesapeake Life Insurance Death Claim

New Business and Underwriting Simple application process Automatic Graded Cover – If the applicant does not qualify for a Level Death Benefit policy, the applicant will be considered for a Graded Death Benefit policy*. If approved, the graded death benefit’s face amount will be the amount purchased for the premium paid, which may be less than the level of the death insurance policy, but not less than $3,000. *For 45 to 49 year olds, if they do not qualify for the Level Benefit Plan, they will be rejected because the Graded Benefit Plan is not available. Replacement Most states require replacement information Unacceptable replacement Violates state laws Penalties License revocation Company fails to provide a state-compliant replacement notice and asks the applicant about the possibility of replacing an existing life or annuity contract, records false replacement information, or fails to answer a replacement question to prevent notification of replacement to an existing insurance company Advising the applicant to answer negatively is a violation of state law. Qualifications Becoming a field underwriter requires the agent to know in advance what plan they qualify for, read the application questions completely, check the applicant’s answers and interview the applicant face-to-face. ©2016 SureBridge® Product Training Materials | Proprietary and Confidentiality.

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Are they eligible for coverage? If they can answer “no” to these questions, they may qualify for coverage – continue with the application. Any “yes” answers will be rejected – an application should not be completed. Have you ever had: AIDS, AIDS or HIV positive? Immortal disease, liver, kidney, cancer or something else? Malignant melanoma, metastatic cancer, Hep C, lupus (SLE), Alzheimer’s? Organ transplant? Last 90 days: Deprived of liberty in a hospital or nursing home or required assistance with any ADLs? Do you now or ever take: Aricept, Reminyl, Razadyne, Cognex, Namenda or Exelon? Sales Information Policy Fee: $36 per year Application Fee: $0.00 Fee ©2016 SureBridge® Product Training Materials | Proprietary and Confidentiality.

Final cost and pricing information is under the Senior tab of the SureBridge Point of Sale tool. Use the drop down panel to the right of the plan options to access the tiered benefit plan. ©2016 SureBridge® Product Training Materials | Proprietary and Confidentiality.

Level Death Benefit Plan Graduated Death Benefit Plan Major State Variations Age 45 – 85 Level Death Benefit 50 – 85 Graduated Death Benefit Death Benefit Options Age 45 – $3,000 – $35,000 Age $30,800 – $30,00,00,000,000.00 in steps Note: Maximum coverage is determined by the accumulated amounts of current and applied for final cost recovery. Same options as Level Death Plan WA – Level or Graded Plans have a minimum benefit amount of $5,000 for any age. Rating Classes Male/Female Non-Tobacco Same Rating Classes as Level Death Plan Death Benefit Pays full declared death benefit on policy date years 1 and 2 Limited death benefit in year 1 – 30% of selected year 2 death benefit – selected year 3 and thereafter 70% of benefit – 100% of the selected death benefit. Death benefit is paid Irrespective of the policy year chosen If death occurs as a result of an accident within the first 2 years, the entire death benefit is paid in accordance with the terms of the policy. ©2016 SureBridge® Product Training Materials | Proprietary and Confidentiality.

Level Death Benefit Plan Graduated Death Benefit Plan Major State Variations Accelerated Benefit Terminal Illness Rider (Form ICC11-CTIR 9/11, or its state variation) Included in all level Death Benefit policies – owner may elect 50% of death benefit upon first diagnosis of a qualifying event. If the benefit is granted under this rider, the face value will be reduced by 50%. Accident benefit not available up to age 100 (Form ICC-CADB 9/11, or condition variation thereof) (death must occur within 180 days of injury) Optional rider requires additional premium, doubles death benefit available only in case. Level Death Plan Equivalent Triple Cash Value Policy Cash Value Guarantee Policy Loan Policy Loans available from cash value loans are subject to 7.4% interest per annum up front (as described in the policy) ©2016 SureBridge® Product Training Materials | Proprietary and Confidentiality.

How To File A Life Insurance Or Death Claim With Our Company

Level Death Benefit Plan Graduated Death Benefit Plan Major State-Specific Variations Automatic Premium Loan unless denied upon application Automatic Level Death Plan Suicide Waiver 2 years ND – 1 year contest period

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