Health Advocates For Older Adults

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Health Advocates For Older Adults – SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Honor Technology, Inc., the world’s largest senior services network and technology platform, today at the American Geriatrics Society Conference announced Honor Expert, an online and mobile service offering solution to meet demand. from older adults and their families.

Honor Expert — which currently has 14 partners nationwide including Amazon Business, Best Buy, SelectRX, and Freshly — enables adults and their families to easily call a dedicated toll-free number or start an online chat to ask questions about key aging-related topics. , such as health and wellness, care planning, and home management. From there, users are directed to educational resources, tools, and partner-provided products and services that address the aging issues they face.

Health Advocates For Older Adults

Health Advocates For Older Adults

In addition to the online site, Honor Expert provides human interaction by enabling users to call helplines and connect directly with professional social workers, eliminating the friction and frustration that families often face when researching problems and finding solutions. This platform is transforming care for seniors around the world by creating better access to answers and effective solutions for every elderly need.

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“Now more than ever, seniors and their loved ones are seeking guidance on how to deal with aging-related issues. We’re answering the call, literally, and partnering with some of the best in the business to overcome barriers to parenting and provide solutions that work. real and real,” he said. Seth Sternberg, CEO and co-founder of Honor. “Through health problems and solutions as we age is a key issue for our customers around the world, and through our Honor Expert service, we enable seniors and their loved ones to quickly and easily identify aging-related challenges and find solutions before they become problems.” seriously…more.”

Seventy-five percent of those aged 65 and over reported being Internet users, according to the Pew Research Center, which found the gap between the oldest and youngest groups in Internet use was 56 percent in 2000 and narrowed to 24 percent in 2021. As people adults increasingly use online tools in their daily lives, Honor’s platform enables seniors and their families to find resources and solutions to the many problems facing the aging generation. Instead of seeking support from multiple sources, Dignity Specialists provide a one-stop shop for seniors and their families to receive direct support from social workers, pathologists, and aging advocates and connect with services on a national scale.

“Honor’s commitment to empowering seniors and their families as they age makes them a natural partner,” said Ray Spoljaric, CEO and co-founder of Aloe Care Health. “By working together, Aloe Care and Honor will be able to help more older people maintain their independence, and bring peace of mind to their families that comes with better communication, personalized technology solutions, and helpful knowledge available at short notice. “

“We are excited about the future working with an organization of this size that is very focused on aged care and using technology to pave the way for reaching older adults and families in need,” said Ray Fabik, President of Care Transitions. Collaboration between our organizations in our desire to serve the community of seniors and their families can be implemented to make an even bigger impact.

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This new release follows Honor’s acquisition of Home Instead and its recent funding of $370 million, which has allowed the company to develop and add more innovative technologies and fulfill its mission to expand global care capabilities. To learn more about the Honor Expert and access resources and tools or speak with an expert, please visit or call 1-888-574-5005 Monday through Friday between 7am-8pm. CST.

Honor Technology, Inc. and Home Instead, Inc. they changed the way we care for the elderly and their families. Founded in 2014, Honor is the first company to bring technology solutions, practical support, and a large group of caregivers to home care organizations across the United States. Since 1994, Home Instead has been the world’s leading provider of home care services for adults, operating in the United States and 12 other countries. The combined company will support the work of more than 100,000 professional caregivers and meet the growing needs of millions of older adults and their families around the world. For more information, visit and APA Services advocate for the use of psychology to promote better health and independence for the elderly through developing appropriate services and supports, a competent workforce, and increasing government funding for aging. research to address the challenges and opportunities that an aging society brings.

The unique position of the psychologist gives us the advantage of using psychological knowledge to benefit not only some people in society, but also those who are often neglected. -Jameca Woody Cooper, PhD, Licensed Psychologist, New Psychological Services

Health Advocates For Older Adults

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Learn more about the legislative process and federal policy and how best to raise your concerns with members of Congress.

APA’s 54 divisions give you multiple ways to connect with experts in your field and become influencers in your area of ​​interest.

APA works to advance health equity by supporting policies that reduce or eliminate disparities in health outcomes, including those that address the underlying social determinants that affect the health and well-being of economically and socially disadvantaged people.

APA Services and the APA Committee on Aging highlight the importance of reaching out to people who are not identified as caregivers and meeting the needs of the LGBTQI+ community.

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The Aging on Alcohol and Health Network presents a wide range of data on how aging and alcohol interact, including risk factors and health effects, impaired driving, and best practices for alcohol abuse screening.

APA rejects ageism in all its forms and is committed to supporting efforts to eliminate it from our society.

APA’s Family Caregiver Brief is an easy-to-use online resource to help psychologists and other health and social service professionals support family caregivers through individual and organizational practice, research, teaching, and community service.

Health Advocates For Older Adults

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