Moving Companies For Military Families

Moving Companies For Military Families – Each move can cost a military family about $5,000. This is money that will never be returned to them and will never be recovered. And military families move every two to three years on average. has collected data from military families over the past four years showing that financial stress is a primary burden during a permanent change of station (PCS).

Families have to pay some of their own moving expenses, cover the costs of lost and damaged property, and make an effort to find a job for their spouse to replace the lost income. This PCS season, with the still-unknown consequences of the confusion caused by the PCS shutdown and the current financial strife caused by COVID-19, promises to be even worse.

Moving Companies For Military Families

Moving Companies For Military Families

“We had to borrow money to survive and now we’re paying it back within a year. We owe more than ever, but this transfer came from the United States from abroad and we were told it would be more expensive,” he said. says the spouse of an active duty member of the Navy living in OCONUS.

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Data was released today that reveals more about the impact of repeated moves on military families. Eighty-four percent of active-duty family members who responded to our 2019 Military Family Programming Survey reported moving in the past two years. 36 percent of the respondents stated that they had moved in the last 12 months.

Respondents reported that their unreimbursed out-of-pocket expenses during the move averaged nearly $2,000, and their average financial loss, in addition to claims for lost and damaged items during the move, was nearly $3,000. And 68% of respondents said that their possessions (furniture, memorabilia, and other items) were damaged during the move and that some of these items could not be replaced.

“The movers lost a leg of the table and the refund only tried to pay us the value of the leg, which is nonsense. It made the table unusable,” said the active duty military spouse in Washington.

The move causes difficulties for military families. Life is being uprooted. Jobs remain. Friends are left behind. Some of this is an inevitable part of military life. But the move also comes with a financial hit, creating a situation that makes it harder for military families to save and prepare for the future. It’s a problem that has solutions.

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Suggests that military families receive more information about the true costs of moving and the steps families can take to prepare for PCS. In addition, efforts must be made to improve the compensation process so that fair compensation is paid for lost and damaged goods and compensation payments are made in a timely manner with less paperwork. Finally, as the PCS process transitions to a centralized relocation effort, monitoring, transparency, and performance metrics must be incorporated that recognize what families experience during relocation.

Seeing the country and the world can be a hugely positive experience for many military families, but the financial costs associated with moving every few years can prevent military families from saving money and making sound financial decisions.

“It’s a significant setback. It usually takes us three to four months to ‘reset’ after a move due to security deposits, cleaning out the old house, moving pet waste to the new place, electrical installation, buying pantry supplies, etc.,” said the National Guard spouse. / Deputy in Minnesota Our site uses cookies to provide safer, faster and more personalized site experiences. By using our site, you accept the use of cookies. Read our privacy policy for more information.

Moving Companies For Military Families

Guards in a housing complex at Fort Benning, Ga., load household items for an Army family Feb. 24, 2020. (Markeith Horace/Army Photo)

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The Army launched a new website service, or PCS, for military families on permanent change of station orders that shows whether migrations are regularly on time or have been interrupted at some point.

Troops and their families can use the site’s public data on moving company performance, as well as the website’s new statistics showing the average number of moves in a given season, to better plan PCS moves, according to the US Transportation Command, which created the. and host the service.

“This allows customers to understand what they’re getting into based on the time of year they’re planning to move in, and they can work with their local units to adjust to what works best for them.” Col. Joel Safranek, director of the Defense Command’s personal property program, said in an interview.

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The service is part of Transportation Command’s effort to modernize its approach to handling troops and treat them as customers. The goal is to alleviate the military’s mobility headache, which has been exacerbated by the ongoing pandemic, which has led to worker shortages, safe harbors and delays.

“If you want to go out to dinner and you go to Google reviews or something, you can see reviews of that restaurant, including things like, ‘Hey, it’s Friday night at 6, it’s probably going to be busy,'” Safranek said.

“They can also click on the transportation service provider, the TSP, and they can start to see the information for each TSP,” Safranek said.

Moving Companies For Military Families

However, families who find they have been assigned moving companies with red flags may face new barriers to doing anything about it.

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The Transportation Command said Oct. 21 that troops have a process to request a specific moving company through their local transportation agency when arranging shipments of household goods, but that change may require changing the PCS move dates established in the orders issued.

Troops can also opt for a self-provided move, which means they would organize and arrange their own move and seek reimbursement through the military. But these stores are only available in the U.S., and reimbursements are limited, meaning troops may be left to pay some of their own expenses.

The Senate this month confirmed a new Transportation Command chief, Gen. Jacqueline Van Ovost, who said improving the quality of PCS operations is a priority. The command is also poised to sign a $19 billion contract with a private company to manage a global household goods delivery system, which it says will ease years of dissatisfaction among the force with the quality of its operations.

The agreement is supposed to be signed at the beginning of November, but it will not enter into force until 2023 at the earliest.

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Data on PCS numbers can help families avoid particularly busy times of the year, although most moves have always occurred during the summer months when children are out of school.

“You can clearly see that you’re doing 8,000 to 9,000 moves a week in June and July, and maybe you’re doing 4,000 to 6,000 moves in the off-season,” Safranek said.

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Moving Companies For Military Families

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