Gift Ideas For Young Families

Gift Ideas For Young Families – I love getting gifts that the kids make, when you sit back and think about the time and thought that went into this project, there’s something unique and special about it, isn’t there?

Unfortunately, when you work in early childhood, it can turn into a stressful minefield as you have to navigate other people’s judgments about whether gifts are made by children or educators. I think, like most things in early learning, it comes down to common sense, a balanced approach and knowing your family and your child.

Gift Ideas For Young Families

Gift Ideas For Young Families

When planning projects that toddlers can get involved in, I try to stick to 5 simple guidelines for making Christmas and special occasion gifts to take home for their friends and family.

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However, new gift ideas for kids can be hard to come by, so I’ve gathered tons of inspiration for you to consider from members of our Facebook community and the global Empowered Educator network.

I’ve included different ideas for different age groups, so you can choose the project that best suits the age of the child you’re currently caring for. You can also easily modify many items to suit the environments of multiple age groups.

There are some very simple hands-on activities for toddlers to try (requiring a little help from adults), some simple steps (also challenging new skills) for the 3-5 age group and some more complex ones for those aged from school curriculum (very also makes great vacation or camping care for the holidays!)

There are some ideas for hand/foot/fingerprint crafts, I know this can be a contentious issue in early childhood and educators usually have strong opinions and views on this, so if this isn’t something you choose to do, you please pass!

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However, I think as long as we always respect the child’s behavior, reactions and emotions when doing crafts like this and never insist that the child has to do it, then I personally see nothing to worry about. I still encourage educators to only include them as “occasional” activities and not consistently include them in the program

In planning, the process is always more important than the final product – although it’s all about balance!

Okay, let’s run through some projects to fill your brain with new ideas to try out for Christmas gifts kids can make this year! Just click on the links below the picture collages to read more about how to make each project and what materials you’ll need.

Gift Ideas For Young Families

Ed’s Chartered Member and Educator Danielle and her kids made these adorable pinecone Christmas trees. You can make the hunt for cones part of the fun, and you can buy these little planters at Bunnings for just a few bucks (or you can ask your parents to donate some).

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Emma, ​​another educator in our Facebook group, made these easy “mistletoe” photos with her children from footprints to go with their other Christmas crafts – I can imagine that future parents and grandparents will appreciate these photos quite a few years. They also make great and affordable gift ideas.

These Santa planters are such a cute Christmas gift idea and a great gardening opportunity. I also created them with the kids on a budget!

If you still have CDs lying around (or your family has some), recycling them, decorating them for the kids and turning them into Christmas ornaments is a great idea from Empowered Ed member and educator Fiona.

Fiona also shares easy craft ideas for creating these adorable Christmas trees using craft sticks and buttons. These also look great hanging on a tree every year.

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These Christmas bells made from old plastic bottles make a fun gift (and a great upgrade gift, too). Check out how I make them.

Teacher Kim from our Facebook group made these snowmen using simple sewing techniques – this would be a great holiday activity for older children.

Salt dough is always an easy, affordable gift idea that kids have a lot of fun making. You can find my easy salt dough recipe here.

Gift Ideas For Young Families

How easy is it? – Fiona shows us how to turn a plaster Christmas tree into a gift by adding a magnetic strip to the back. You can also do this with salt dough.

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Mynature clay ornaments are a wonderful gift idea and can be easily changed to suit different age groups. I love using my white “clay” recipe, it’s so easy to make and no shopping required!

What a special gift idea! These reusable bags with children’s drawings are from Fiona from our Empowered Ed group.

Revisit and consider the 5 simple guidelines I mentioned at the beginning of this article to help ensure it’s a fun (and stress-free!) process for both you, the educator, and the child creating the gift.

Looking for more ideas and inspiration? Why not join our Authorized Educator Facebook Group and connect with over 15,000 other early childhood educators. Click the image below to join!

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Jodi Clark is a professional early childhood educator who wants and needs to be passionate about what she does! She has 30 years of practical experience in early childhood and public service in many different capacities.

Jodi, a mother of 3 in Australia, has helped thousands of educators through her popular blog posts, event ideas, online training and eBooks. Today I’m sharing my 2018 Christmas gift guide for young couples and families. I think many of my readers have young adults to shop for. While I’ll still be giving gift buying guides for young men and women, sometimes it’s fun to shop for couples or family gifts. So here I’m sharing all my thoughts—and many of the young people in my life—on great gifts for young couples.

Be sure to let me know if you have any questions or if any of these links are wrong. I really appreciate it when my readers remind me of things like this. Let me know if you have other gift ideas for young couples. I will be adding to this and all other lists in the coming days.

Gift Ideas For Young Families

Finally, this gift guide contains promotions, so keep an eye out for them. Most of them are time sensitive, and if you’re interested in these gift ideas, I don’t want you to miss out on these goodies.

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Remember, you can find all my 2018 Christmas Gift Guides via the menu tabs at the top of my website.

Here I share with you my “couple gifts” recommendations for the young couples and families in your life. Now, I’m not saying that all of these gifts are appropriate for every young couple or family. But there are plenty to choose from—30 so far—and you might just find a great gift for that young couple in your life.

*** Watch this list grow! *** Remember, you can find this list and others on Gift Guide Central.

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Are there young couples in your life? for sure. Why not stop now and pray for your loved ones? They face many unique challenges and pressures. For example, I can’t imagine trying to raise a child in today’s world. These young couples have so many choices to make that neither you nor I have to make at their age. Instead of being impatient, critical, or judgmental with the young people in our lives (which is easy and simple to do!), let’s choose to show them grace, compassion, and listening today. Let’s be their biggest supporters, not their fiercest critics. Even if they don’t do things the way we want or do, let’s root for them and reassure them that we’re in their corner. Most of all, let us pray for them.

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Gift Ideas For Young Families

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