Best Classic Car Insurance Companies

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Best Classic Car Insurance Companies

Best Classic Car Insurance Companies

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You can change or cancel your subscription or trial online at any time. Just go to Settings and Accounts and select “Cancel” on the right. The best classic car insurance companies are Hagerty, State Farm, Safeco, Heacock Classic and American Collectors. The best classic car insurance policies provide affordable and high-quality coverage for vintage or high-end cars that are not for everyday use, but for enjoyment.

Best Classic Car Insurance Companies

Hagerty is one of the biggest names in classic car insurance. Its policies have no mileage limits, although customers must use their vehicles only for pleasure and not for regular trips or errands. Hagerty also offers in-house parts specialists and covers a wide variety of vehicles, including boats, antique tractors and historic military vehicles.

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The company is a popular choice for drivers who want to join the classic car culture. For example, fans can join the Hagerty Drivers Club for discounts, magazine subscriptions, and access to events like car shows and workshops.

State Farm is one of the few popular insurance companies that includes its own classic car policies. To qualify, vehicles must be kept in a closed structure, in good condition or in the process of being restored, and driven a maximum of 2,500 miles each year (and only for shows, parades or other events).

State Farm’s classic auto insurance covers up to $500 for spare parts, and the company offers 24/7 access to representatives. In addition, because State Farm sells several types of insurance, classic car policyholders can save with multi-coverage and multi-coverage discounts.

Safeco classic car insurance is available for antique, used, replica, restored, modified and modern classic cars. Safeco’s classic car mileage policy covers up to 10,000 miles each year. Alternatively, drivers looking to save can purchase a limited-use plan that covers up to 5,000 miles per year. Safeco also offers multi-car discounts for drivers insuring classic and modern cars.

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Best for Race Car Heacock Classic Insurance Rating, 4.5 out of 5 64 Reviews (64) More Info

Heacock Classic has a broad definition of classic cars as it includes hot rods, muscle cars, exotic cars, sports cars, tribute cars, replica cars, modern collector cars and antique cars. Unlike most classic car insurers, Heacock Classic also writes policies for race cars.

Policies cover enjoyment up to 6,000 miles per year. Drivers can usually choose a full coverage plan with a $0 deductible.

Best Classic Car Insurance Companies

Specialty insurer American Collectors provides peace of mind to classic car owners with a variety of roadside assistance plans and additional benefits. For example, the company’s “TLC” plans offer roadside assistance, theft premiums, personal belongings compensation, and more.

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In addition, American Collectors customers automatically enjoy up to $500 in spare parts coverage. There is also an “inflation protector” which can increase the agreed value of the car by up to 6% after covered losses.

As with any other type of car insurance policy, comparing quotes from different companies is the best way to find classic car insurance. As a general rule, get classic car quotes from at least three different insurers before buying a policy.

When comparing quotes, you should also calculate the discounts you’re eligible for to get an accurate idea of ​​what you’ll actually be paying.

In addition to low rates, you should look for a classic car insurer that offers valuable benefits. For example, many classic car insurers offer inflation protection, a benefit that increases your car coverage as money becomes more valuable over time.

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When shopping for classic car insurance, you should prioritize coverage that meets your specific needs. For example, the best insurer for an old racing car may not be the best for a car you regularly drive on weekends.

Editors compare specialty classic car insurance companies against major insurers based on factors such as coverage options, specialty vehicles, spare parts coverage, discounts and related benefits. In order to provide useful information for different types of readers, the editors analyzed the needs of most classic car owners and identified the best companies for different situations.

Classic car insurance is cheaper than regular car insurance because a classic car spends less time on the road than a car used for commuting or errands. A classic car insurance policy costs between $400 and $1,000 per year.

Best Classic Car Insurance Companies

As with any auto insurance policy, the premium for classic car insurance varies for each driver based on individual risk factors such as location, driving history, age of the driver and the value of the vehicle. Classic car insurance usually applies to antique cars as well as high-end vintage cars. Requirements and prices vary by company.

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Almost all classic car insurance providers prohibit the regular use of the vehicle, which reduces the risk of the insurer and reduces costs. Classic cars are usually restricted to parades, car shows and enjoyment up to the mileage limit stated in the policy. As a result, you will need to provide proof that you own a regular car for daily use when purchasing classic car insurance.

Another major difference is that most classic car insurers will pay the “agreed value” of the vehicle if it is totaled. This value is determined when the policy is purchased and is a fact that classic cars retain their value over time. On the other hand, standard auto insurance policies usually pay the actual cash value of the vehicle in the event of a total loss, minus depreciation.

You can reduce the cost of your classic car insurance policy by comparing quotes and taking advantage of discounts. Many discounts are similar to those for regular car insurance, such as discounts for having an anti-theft device or taking a defensive driving course. Some companies also offer discounts for membership in certain car clubs or for switching from another insurer.

Classic car insurance provides financial protection for the car owner and generally includes coverage similar to liability, comprehensive and collision, but tailored to the needs of a classic car. While conventional car insurance allows you to choose your policy limits, classic car insurance sets your policy limits based on the “book value” of your car, which is an agreed value between you and your insurer based on the year, manufacture and is a model. your car .

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Classic car insurance can usually be used to cover exotic, hot and premium cars. Vehicle registration requirements for classic cars vary greatly depending on the state you live in, so check your state’s laws before you start shopping for classic car insurance.

A car must be at least 10 to 20 years old to qualify for classic insurance, although exact requirements vary by insurer. In some cases, insurers offer classic car insurance on newer cars if they have accumulated value.

It must be at least 20 years old and must be unique due to its unique design (classic car replicas can also be eligible)

Best Classic Car Insurance Companies

It should be noted that age is the only factor that qualifies a car for the classic range. For example, State Farm offers classic car insurance on cars up to 10 years old, but the car must have historical interest, which usually means that it is owned for the main purposes of exhibition and historical events. at the car club. Additionally, it is very common for insurers to place strict mileage limits on a classic car, meaning it cannot be used for daily driving.

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Yes, Sovkhoz has classic car insurance for cars from 10 to 25 years old that have been restored or preserved.

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