Top Ten Travel Nursing Companies

Top Ten Travel Nursing Companies – Here are the best travel care companies for 2021! This year, we collected 91,240 reviews from 6 of the most reputable review sources to rate over 350 companies. The result is a veritable list of 20 amazing travel agencies to care for.

Every company on our list scores higher than the average for companies on GlassDoor’s Best Places to Work list. That’s why you should consider all of these 20. If you do, we’re sure you’ll find plenty of great matches.

Top Ten Travel Nursing Companies

Top Ten Travel Nursing Companies

This is the fifth year that our company has made such a conclusion. We do this because we know that finding the right agency to work with as a travel nurse can be very difficult and important.

Travel Nursing Jobs

Note: This article was written in 2021. Although it is still very useful, we recommend that you check out our new article below.

One of the reasons it’s hard to find the best travel care companies is because there are so many. Meanwhile, most travel nurses work for top 50 companies. The top five companies account for more than 35% of travel nurses.

All this means that most tourist care companies employ relatively few tourists. Therefore, it can be difficult for them to receive a large number of reviews.

There are plenty of review resources out there to review all of this. Therefore, the review is scattered. Therefore, no rating source has a large number of ratings for each agency.

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While compiling the results, we spend hours researching reviews of travel agencies for care. We often come across vague and ambiguous information on this topic. We like to share this information with you so you know what to look out for.

In the last year we have found many websites that work with “control seeds”. Naturally, when a site implements a new review feature, it won’t have any reviews. For starters, they say that adding a bunch of fake grades is “grade multiplication.”

The idea is that visitors are more likely to leave a review if the site already has reviews. Unfortunately, you can’t trust fake reviews!

Top Ten Travel Nursing Companies

This year we discovered that several “content farm” sites have published articles on the “best travel care companies”. These are websites that publish a large number of articles on a wide variety of topics with the sole purpose of generating traffic by ranking higher in Google search results.

Best Travel Nursing Agencies Of 2022

These sites often hire cheap writers from abroad who have no knowledge of the topics they want to write about on the site. Why is this a problem?

Well, we found one article that listed companies that haven’t been around for more than 3 years. We found another article that listed several companies with really terrible reviews. We also found several articles that copied other people’s work. In fact, we have successfully filed two DMCA takedown requests against sites that have copied our work.

The saddest thing about it is that Google fell for it. As a result, these articles often rank higher in Google search results.

That’s why we aggregate the ratings for each company that we can find on 6 reputable rating sites. Enter the result in the table. We’ve done this every year since 2017. Here are the review resources used this year:

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The table calculates the cumulative average score for each company. Then we compare this year’s score with the previous year’s score. We offer bonuses for raising scores and penalties for lowering scores.

This is how we recognize great companies that had a great year. We recommend that you check the list of previous years. Almost every company on these lists still has great results.

Our scoring system is much more complex than explained here. We like to be as transparent as possible. Therefore, we provide a very detailed scoring example at the end of the article.

Top Ten Travel Nursing Companies

This year we collected all the points between 23/05 and 29/05/2021. Every year we like to share some interesting statistics and tidbits that we discover while crunching the numbers. Some of this year’s:

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This year we collected a total of 3,122 reviews of Highway Hypodermics. The overall average score for all HH companies was 17.70. This is 17.54 more than the previous year.

This equates to an average score of 88.5 out of 100! This shows that health professionals provide excellent service to travel nurses.

In 2021, we received 11,173 points in the Travel and Nursing Center. This is 806 reviews more than last year.

The overall mean score for the TNC assessment was 86.04 out of 100 points. This is an increase of 0.65 points. This again shows that travel care companies have performed extremely well in 2021.

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This year, we counted a total of 6,616 comments on Facebook. This is 723 less than the year before. This is not a typo. Even last year, the number of reviews on Facebook decreased.

This year we had to manually tally the results for several agencies. This is because Facebook showed ratings next to some businesses’ numbers, while others showed no ratings.

We also saw some companies with negative reviews. How is this possible? We’re pretty sure Facebook’s poor rating tracking has affected our rankings this year. We decided to go ahead and count the ratings.

Top Ten Travel Nursing Companies

Facebook is a mess. If the travel nurse industry wasn’t very active on Facebook, they wouldn’t be using them.

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We wrote 20,250 reviews on Indeed this year. That means the staff added 2,292 new reviews to the medical staffing agency this year.

The overall average rating for all companies on Indeed this year was 3.75 out of 5. That equates to 75 out of 100 points. This is unchanged from last year.

This year, 20,756 comments were posted on GlassDoor. This is an increase of 4,704 reviews compared to the previous year.

The overall average score for travel care companies this year is 3.81. This is 3.66 more than the previous year. In addition, it is significantly higher than the company’s average rating of 3.3 on GlassDoor.

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We wrote 6,926 reviews on Google this year. This is an increase of 2,239 reviews compared to the previous year.

The overall average rating for travel care companies on Google this year was 4.46. This is 4.42 more than the previous year. That equates to 89.2 on a 100-point scale.

As every year, we have included 20 companies in our list of the best travel agencies for care 2021. Many people think this list is too long. We think it’s too small and here’s why.

Top Ten Travel Nursing Companies

First, every company on this list has great reviews. As I mentioned above, they are all rated high enough to be included in GlassDoor’s annual list of best companies.

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Second, travel health professionals should work with more companies to increase their exposure to the job market. Because different companies work with different hospitals. Not every job can be obtained from just one company.

We advise you to consider all the companies on our list. If you do, we’re sure you’ll find 3-5 that cover all the important bases.

We know it sounds like a lot of work. However, BluePipes can help simplify the process. 19 of the 20 companies on this list have active company pages on BluePipes. This means you can join them and communicate with them through our messaging system. Nine listed companies post jobs on our website.

Advantis Medical continues to shine like a superstar. Since their inception in 2018, they have been featured in our list of the best travel agencies to care for.

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Judging by the reviews, travel professionals love Advantis Medical for all the reasons. Advantis reviews have several recurring themes. They respond quickly to passengers’ questions. They provide thoughtful information. They work tirelessly on assignments wherever passengers want. They offer very competitive wages and benefits.

As a result, Advantis has a score of 97.72592593 or 100 points, the highest of any company on our list. That’s up from last year’s impressive average rating of 1.2.

Don’t be fooled by their relative freshness. Advantis was founded by a highly experienced team of HR professionals. Their parent company Advantis Global is one of the leading agencies in the IT industry. They have world class management and do a great job hiring a great team.

Top Ten Travel Nursing Companies

Advantis Medical assigns nurses and allied health professionals nationwide. They also provide some help with permanent installation. Be sure to contact them to discuss your next career path.

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TotalMed had a particularly strong year for ratings. For 4 of the six rating sources we measure, their scores have increased year over year. Their average cumulative score increased from 86.18 to 88.82. These hikes earn over 10 extra points according to our scoring system, making them number 2 on our list. TotalMed was able to do this during the pandemic

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