Best Car Rental In New York

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Best Car Rental In New York

Best Car Rental In New York

Whether you’re flying somewhere — before the various coronaviruses ruined travel — had a car in store or needed a trip out of town, sometimes you might need to rent a car. If so, you know that it depends on the car rental company you choose.

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People evaluate their car rental experience based on various factors. As Michael Taylor, Senior Director of Travel and Hospitality Intelligence at JD explains. Shakti: “Power measures consumer preferences in almost every study we do at JD… In 2019, the most important factor was rental costs and fees (accounting for 28% of overall satisfaction with the rental experience), followed by car rental at 25%. The pickup process at 23%. The booking process, return process and branded shuttle bus experience make up the remaining 25% of the overall experience.

Another key component of an industry that took a big hit during the COVID-19 pandemic is simply business, with car rental giant Hertz recently filing for bankruptcy.

We’ve ranked the top 10 car rental companies in the US based on customer service satisfaction. J.D. We primarily used the most recent customer satisfaction surveys compiled as a reference. Shakti and Associates.

Different companies cater to customers with different preferences. “There are more business-oriented brands (for example, Hertz, National, Avis) and more leisure-oriented ones (Thrifty, Dollar, Budget),” says Taylor. “The main differences are in the frequency of rentals and the loyalty program membership offered by each brand. Features include corporate contracts, special car “lots” offering a “greater” selection of vehicles, dedicated check-out lanes, etc. “Attract the business lessee.”

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Overall, we’ve chosen Enterprise as a top car rental company, having received high service ratings in publications for several years. Enterprise is regularly praised for its customer service, but other companies also have their strengths – for example, Sixt has the widest selection of rental cars, while National Car Rentals offers membership to a particularly beneficial customer loyalty program. Meanwhile, Dollar usually offers the best car rental reservation rates.

In terms of price, car rental is different. Most dealers offer several models for rent, and a compact car is cheaper. However, this does not mean that people who choose a cheap rental car are more satisfied. “The cost and fees of renting a car translate into the value you get… One aspect of choosing a rental car (or rental car) is that you agree on the rental price and evaluate the experience based on how well it meets your expectations. met meets at this price,” says Taylor. “If you pay more for a luxury rental (eg BMW), you have different expectations than if you rent a Fiat 500. In both cases, if your expectations are exceeded, you’ll be a very satisfied renter. If the experience doesn’t meet your expectations, you’ll be less satisfied.”

The city you’re renting from and the time of year play a role (New York, for example, is especially expensive, and holidays can increase rental fees). Finally, you can get great car rental discounts by booking three to six months in advance – after which prices increase. Booking ahead of your trip will also set you up for higher fares.

Best Car Rental In New York

A car typically costs between $20 and $70 per day, although longer rental periods can save you money. You’ll also want to book online to get the best prices — sites like Kayak and Travelocity are good places to start looking for a rental car service.

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Having an easy-to-use app can make a huge difference in the rental experience. “We’re doing a special study on travel apps,” says Taylor. “The clear winner last year in 2021 was the Avis app. Hertz and Budget apps were rated slightly below average…Using the app increases satisfaction in the rental process. This is largely due to two things: the convenience and personalization of the experience. The app informs the landlord of what’s happening with the rental, making it a tailored experience. .

There are other factors to keep in mind before booking a car. If you need more than one driver per plan or car seat, rental companies may be able to accommodate you, but most charge an additional daily fee. If your employer has an agreement with a specific car rental company, you can also rent a car for a business trip through the workplace. Finally, most car companies offer insurance plans when you rent. Adding car insurance to a car rental can add to the price, but it’s worth it.

Don’t worry—you’ll be happy with whoever you choose. As Taylor explains, “When we look at the top eight brands we track, there’s not much difference between the top brand (which was Hertz in 2019) and the bottom brand. All major brand scores are in the 800s. Only 31 points (on a 1000 point scale) separate the top from the bottom in 2020. There really isn’t a “weak” player in this industry. The car rental experience is the most highly rated part of the entire travel experience. Car rental satisfaction ranks above hotel, airline and airport satisfaction.”

1. Where are you going and for how long? The answers to these questions will inform the car rental process and its cost.

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2. Are you visiting a place with a comprehensive public transport system? If so, you don’t need to rent a car.

3. What kind of car do you want? If you are traveling alone and not traveling a long distance, an economy car is good enough to rent. Evaluate based on your travel plans.

4. Do you need additional accommodations like a car seat or an extra driver on the plan in addition to the car rental? Do you need insurance when booking a car rental? What insurance do you need when renting a car?

Best Car Rental In New York

5. Which car rental services will get you the best price? Browse various websites, including each company’s website, to find the cheapest car rental for the vehicle you are considering. Are there any hidden fees?

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The enterprise has been operating for over 60 years and has grown to become one of the most respected and ubiquitous car rental companies. In early 2021, the company cleaned up at the TRAVI Awards, winning four gold awards and one silver in the Best Car Rental category.

It also helps that the company prides itself on giving back—the enterprise has pledged $60 million to fight hunger around the world and will plant 1 million trees in the U.S. each year for the next 50 years.

The enterprise’s USP – unique selling proposition – is that it brings customers to pick up a rental car, an additional service that helps explain the company’s presence on this list.

Loyalty Program: Enterprise Plus offers several tiers of rewards, each giving drivers bonus points toward qualifying rental dollars and free car upgrades. The number of vehicle rentals you earn annually determines your tire eligibility.

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Sample Quote: For the sample quote, we used the same criteria for each company: five-day standard SUV rental, pickup at Los Angeles International Airport and drop off at San Francisco International Airport. Enterprise costs were $617.34. All costs reflect immediate payment and include taxes and fees, but not additional insurance.

J.D. Hertz narrowly edged out Enterprise, the top company in the ranking. Power in 2019 (as opposed to Order 2018) and it’s not hard to see why customers are so happy – the number of awards the company has won for customer service over the past few years speaks to its continued performance across all key metrics. .

Loyalty Program: The Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program offers benefits to anyone who rents regularly, such as counter pickup, electronic returns, faster check-out times, and a variety of vehicle choices. Landlords earn points toward future rentals or other benefits.

Best Car Rental In New York

Avis, the car rental giant, has been in business for over 70 years. The company and its subsidiaries operate in 165 countries and have won awards on every continent (except Antarctica, natch).

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Undoubtedly, much of Avis’ success comes from the goodwill the company has built through its Best Price Pledge service, which allows a customer who finds better rates with other companies to request matching rates — and then get extra.

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