State Farm Renters Insurance Claims Phone Number

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Moving into an apartment is an exciting and often stressful time, but don’t forget that you need renters insurance. Just because you don’t own a home doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for insurance. Many reputable insurance companies offer renters insurance, including State Farm.

State Farm Renters Insurance Claims Phone Number

State Farm Renters Insurance Claims Phone Number

Many people do not know that without renters insurance, your personal belongings are not covered if you live in a rental unit. While your landlord will have insurance to cover the structure of the building you live in, your personal items (your furniture, electronics, collectibles, etc.) can be lost and cost you thousands in fire, theft or any other coverage event. your master Renters insurance can also help with additional living expenses after a covered event. Don’t you want peace of mind that you are covered if something happens to your personal belongings in your apartment or rental property? State Farm renters insurance can help you with affordable renters insurance rates.

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Average renters insurance coverage is typically affordable for most people with an average cost of less than $200 per year for basic liability coverage. Yes, you read that right, annual premiums are less than $200. If you add extra insurance riders, that price will increase, but most get what they need with about $8000-$10,000 in personal property coverage. Also remember that you should always choose your coverage limits based on your needs, not the price for renters insurance; this insurance company can always help you get discounts when you get your renters insurance quote, which helps keep costs down.

Commenting on her experience with State Farm renters insurance, one user said, “My mom and I moved into an apartment complex in (Redacted Location), CA in September 2014 that requires “Insurance Renter’s”. We have $5,000 insurance coverage selected, and we have to pay only $11.83 a month. It is affordable and convenient that meets our satisfaction. We are happy with State Farm Insurance Company, they have good services, and they care about you and I give them ‘Thumbs up!!!’

This is a common experience among first-time and experienced renters who choose condo insurance with this insurer.

Many consumers trust State Farm for different lines of insurance because they offer a wide range of insurance services. State Farm wrote the most direct premiums of any personal lines insurer in 2017. Additionally, State Farm was No. 2 on our list of the best renters insurance companies of 2019 with an average renters insurance score of 4.39 out of 5. Whether you need auto , homeowners home, life insurance or optional coverage for other types of insurance, State Farm agents can offer quotes and bundle their services with renters policies for a discount.

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There are a number of losses State Farm renters insurance covers, which means they can help you with medical payment coverage, replacement cost coverage, property damage and many other events if you suffer a loss ; as long as you have the right insurance limits for the coverage you need and make your monthly premium payment on time. If you experience theft, vandalism, fire or water damage, you are usually covered by a typical policy. State Farm renters insurance covers your personal belongings when they are in your rental property or if they are with you while you are traveling and covers various types of losses. Visit the State Farm website to see the full list of covered losses, as well as to check for additional renters insurance coverage options. Be sure to check what renters insurance does not cover as well.

While State Farm renters insurance is generally affordable, the cost depends on a few factors. The coverage option you choose and how much coverage you purchase, as well as your deductible, are all included in the cost of your State Farm renters insurance policy. Based on what you choose, many reviewers report solid insurance. This company has also proven to be an affordable option even if you choose additional coverage options in your policy; the discounts they offer help bring the cost of their services below the national average in most states, making them one of the cheapest renters insurance providers.

As of July 2019, State Farm renters insurance has a score of 4.22. (For the most recent score and rating, visit our renters insurance ratings).

State Farm Renters Insurance Claims Phone Number

If you have a State Farm renters insurance claim, you want peace of mind that State Farm will handle your claim efficiently and appropriately. State Farm renters insurance has a user claims rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Additionally, less than 1 percent of applicable insurance policy reviews discussed a claim dispute, indicating that customers were generally satisfied with how State Farm handled their tenant claims.

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Some users have written reviews about State Farm rental insurance policy for college students. Many college students and parents do not know that the college is not responsible if something is stolen or damaged in their residence hall. Renters insurance can cover belongings for students living on or off campus. Parents’ homeowner’s insurance policies generally cover issues in dormitory apartments. You can get quotes online and talk to an insurance agent about your condo insurance and affordable coverage. A few reviews discussed the convenience of a State Farm renters insurance policy for college students:

“Our daughter is at university and we bought renters insurance for her. It’s moved quite a few times, but all it takes is a phone call to set things up for coverage at the new address.”

“State Farm made it very simple to apply online to get coverage for my daughter’s apartment when she was in college. This was especially helpful because she was in another state and the insurance agents near us were not very helpful. The agent was also very helpful when she changed colleges and moved to a new city. Her shell followed her to her new apartment.”

State Farm offers discounts to its policyholders to reduce the cost of insurance premiums. If you already have a State Farm auto insurance policy, you can add State Farm rental insurance for a few dollars more per month. Combining State Farm renters insurance with auto insurance coverage or other policies can earn you the multi-line discount on both policies. One reviewer appreciated these savings, saying:

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“State Farm gives us peace of mind with their low cost renters insurance. I also like how they give us a discount to combine with the car insurance.”

There are also other renters insurance discounts that State Farm offers. You may be eligible for the home alert protection discount if you have home monitoring systems and alarms, such as fire/smoke alarms or burglar alarms. With a qualified agent or by answering a few questions online, you can build this discount into your insurance quote. This company has definitely carved a niche for itself with affordable rates for standard coverage and beyond.

Some landlords require their tenants to purchase a renters insurance policy. Even if this is not the case, you should consider getting this type of insurance to protect you from unexpected losses.

State Farm Renters Insurance Claims Phone Number

In an apartment, you cannot always prepare for the losses that may happen to you. users have found State Farm renters insurance useful when they need to use it. One reviewer said:

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“Now a few years ago a pan of vegetable oil caught fire on the kitchen stove in the apartment I had. It melted the light above the stove, and there was significant damage to the wall and ceiling. I’m also injured, but that’s another story. State Farm made the request pretty painless. I sent pictures and everything was worked out with the landlord. I am grateful for the whole process as I was dealing with my own medical claim at the same time.”

This company’s renters insurance policies are typically excellent coverage for a reasonable price. After all, it can give you peace of mind to know that your valuables will be safely covered and you will be relieved of a huge financial burden in case something were to happen. Learn more about State Farm renters insurance by reading other reviews, and if you’ve had experience yourself, write a review to help others gain insight.

For a complete list of the renters insurance companies or insurers that customers say are the best in your state, visit our renters insurance rankings page.

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