Top 20 Courier Companies In The World

Top 20 Courier Companies In The World – Courier service is a service that helps you to deliver parcels from one place to another; Be it for your business or personal items. But choosing the best courier service in India to deliver the goods on time and at minimum costs is a challenge.

Professional courier companies in India operate in all sizes, from individual cities or towns to regional, national and international services. Here we present the top shipping companies in India with reliable services.

Top 20 Courier Companies In The World

Top 20 Courier Companies In The World

The best courier services are distinguished from regular postal services by features such as speed, security, tracking, specialized express services and fast delivery times, as an alternative to most everyday postal services. Choosing the best delivery service in India for your package in 2023 can be difficult.

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India Post is a government owned and operated postal service in India. Its main functions include mail, services up to 35 kg, banking, money order and insurance service provider.

India Post also acts as an agent of the Government of India to provide government facilities such as payment of MGNREGS wages, India Post is the largest and most extensive postal network in the world.

India Post is a loss making organization of Govt. in India. But due to commitment to public service and reach within India Post, Indian government funds its losses. India Post posted a loss of Rs 17,695.09 crore for the financial year 2020-21.

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Blue Dart is an Indian logistics company that provides delivery services. Blue Dart has been named one of the Best Remittance Services in India 2021 and “Best Organization for Women” in 2022 by the Economic Times.

Blue Dart Aviation is also a cargo airline under this forwarding company which operates in South Asian countries. Blue Dart has access to the largest and most extensive logistics and logistics network in the world, covering more than 220 countries and territories and offers superior delivery services in India.

Air Express, Freight Forwarding, Supply Chain Solutions, Private Clearance etc. Blue Dart is also one of the few delivery companies that offer full delivery services. That is why it is among the top 5 companies in India.

Top 20 Courier Companies In The World

Blue Dart is owned by DHL of the Deutsche Post DHL Group and utilizes every resource available at DHL for easy and fast delivery to India and around the world.

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In FY 2021-22, Blue Dart’s total revenue was INR 4437.49 crore and total expenses were INR 3705.25 crore, which means that Blue Dart has a profit of INR 732.24 before depreciation, interest and taxes.

DHL provides acceptable delivery service in India and provides best delivery service in India. DHL is one of the top 4 couriers in the world.

The company is a reliable delivery service as it is present in 220 countries and territories around the world and delivers more than 1.8 billion packages every year.

DHL is known for its standard domestic and international pickup, delivery and return solutions for business customers, the list of shipping services includes e-commerce logistics services.

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DTDC is one of the top 10 courier services in India. DTDC Express Limited also has a significant international footprint and serves more than 240 international destinations including USA, UK, Canada, UAE, Hong Kong, Australia, China and all Asian countries through its activities, joint ventures and business partners and is one of the Best Parcel Service in India.

Delhiveri is India’s fastest growing delivery service. Since its inception, Delhiveri has focused on the quality of services, and there is no doubt that the company has ensured excellent services.

Delhivari has tried to provide its services in remote areas of India. It has successfully delivered 1.4 billion packages across India. Now, Delhivery has extended its service to 18000 pin codes in India. They have tied up with factories, FMCG and e-commerce businesses to fulfill their orders. Delhiveri claims to have 29200 active customers till now.

Top 20 Courier Companies In The World

XpressBees is a reliable end-to-end supply chain solution. By 2021, XpressBees has successfully completed handling 3 million shipments per day. It really shows the level of professionalism in their work.

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If we talk about the e-commerce platform, almost every big and small company is connected to XpressBees. They mainly provide B2C, B2B, third-party logistics and cross-border services for customers.

In 2009, Flipkart realized the importance of fast delivery system for its needs. Considering the needs of the logistics market in India and the scope of operations involved in remittance services, Flipkart has launched its own unique service.

Ekart is the home supply chain arm of Flipkart, which not only carries Flipkart products but also its e-commerce competitors. Ekart mainly acquires B2B services.

IThink Logistics tops the list of shipping companies in India. They provide the best shipping services and e-commerce shipping services to various small, medium and large businesses. This shipping company is spread over 180+ countries around the world. After becoming a top shipping company, it started shipping at low prices using an AI-powered recommendation engine.

Deutsche Post Dhl Group

IThink Logistics provides automated NDR to get real-time delivery updates and reduce order returns. Like most of the best shipping companies in India, it is dedicated to support your shipping related issues

IThink Logistics is one of the few companies in the list of forwarding companies in India that provide full insurance for all shipments. It is one of the top companies with automated shipping label, display, pick list and GST enabled invoice generation.

IThink Logistics has the best delivery service as it has a branded tracking page that allows users to improve their brand loyalty and delivery experience. It has a recommendation engine that saves you shipping costs.

Top 20 Courier Companies In The World

Aramex is an international shipping and logistics services company, and is currently one of the top 4 companies in India, but is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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Aramex India Pvt Ltd is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra and is one of the leading exporters in India. It has offices in all major cities of India. It is also said to be the most reliable courier service in India due to its accurate domestic and international courier services.

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Ecom Express offers satisfactory courier services in India as an end-to-end logistics solutions provider focusing on speed, safety and reliability of delivery across the nation, especially for the e-commerce industry. Ecom Express provides its services all over India.

This remittance company in India has more than 600 thousand satisfied customers and 25000 insured pin codes in more than 2400 cities. It is the best delivery service in India with very affordable price and is known for its good quality service and fast turnaround time.

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The most reliable shipping companies in the e-commerce business of online shopping can be a lifesaver when it comes to the best shipping with a simple and easy policy. By 2020, 2.10 billion people will be shopping online, and every online customer wants great shipping for easy delivery options and quick and easy delivery. Shipping means shipping of goods… Yash Gupta

FedEx is an American international delivery service that is one of the top shipping companies in India. It is a global leader in the logistics services industry and has become India’s top logistics company. Frederick W. was founded in 1971 by Smith and is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee and is known for providing the best forwarding services.

FedEx is known for its good delivery service and affordable rates for its various services and tops the list of shipping companies in India. It is the best courier company in India with features like bulk shipments, high speed shipping terms, high level of customization and customer friendly flexibility.

Top 20 Courier Companies In The World

Gati is India’s leading international religious delivery service. This courier company is one of the top 10 courier companies in India. Gati was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Hyderabad, India.

World’s Biggest Courier Companies

This best journalist in India has offices in all major cities of the country with presence in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Nepal and Thailand. This distribution company in India is a leader in supply chain management and express delivery.

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Safexpress was founded by Pawan Jain in 1997 and is one of the most trusted services in India. It offers a variety of logistics services. This reliable courier service in India offers a wide range of supply chain services including express distribution, 3PL and consulting. This shipping company in India is the market leader in supply chain and logistics

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