Top Insurance Companies In Louisiana

Top Insurance Companies In Louisiana – State Farm has the cheapest tenant insurance in Louisiana. The average cost of an insurance policy is $24 per month.

When shopping for tenant insurance, you should look for a company that offers affordable rates, practical coverage, and reliable customer service. To help you find the best tenant insurance in Louisiana, we’ve compared the prices of five of the top companies in the state’s major cities.

Top Insurance Companies In Louisiana

Top Insurance Companies In Louisiana

The cheapest tenant insurance in Louisiana comes from State Farm. The cost of insurance with State Farm is $288 per year – $145 per year cheaper than the state average.

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Louisiana has the most expensive tenant insurance in the country. A typical policy costs $194 more per year than the national average.

State Farm offers the best tenant insurance in Louisiana for most people. A standard State Farm tenant’s insurance policy costs $24 a month, which is 33 percent cheaper than the state average.

Louisiana tenants can count on State Farm’s customer service to make the application process quick and easy. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), the company receives fewer complaints than its competitors. Also in the annual customer satisfaction survey of J.D. Power scored above average.

The coverage provided by State Farm is basic. Tenants can increase their insurance limits or add identity theft protection. However, the company does not offer popular options such as replacement cost coverage or water supply coverage.

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Liberty Mutual has affordable tenant insurance rates and offers great discounts to help Louisiana tenants save money.

Louisiana tenants who live near the coast should purchase a policy from Liberty Mutual. At $28 a month, Liberty Mutual insurance costs $8 less than the state average per month.

Liberty Mutual also offers tenants ways to customize their policy, such as water supply coverage, identity theft protection and replacement costs. However, tenants may purchase personal property insurance from Liberty Mutual up to $25,000. This may not be enough coverage for people who rent a larger home or have expensive items.

Top Insurance Companies In Louisiana

Additionally, tenants who live on the beach can purchase a separate flood insurance policy from Liberty Mutual. Flood insurance can protect your belongings from rising water caused by storms and heavy rains. Having both policies with the same company will make your life easier if you ever need to make a claim.

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Unfortunately, tenants may find Liberty Mutual’s customer service frustrating. According to the NAIC, he receives five times as many complaints as his peers. Most complaints involve a lengthy claim process and low payout. This means that Liberty Mutual may need more time to replace items in an emergency.

Military-related tenants can enjoy exceptional customer service and added protection at no extra cost.

USAA is a great option for servicemen, veterans and their families renting a home in Louisiana. Unfortunately, the company offers insurance only for these groups, which means that many people do not have the option to buy a policy.

One of the main benefits of purchasing an insurance policy from USAA is that standard tenant insurance includes flood protection. This means you don’t have to pay extra to protect your belongings from flooding during storms, hurricanes and floods. Other insurance benefits include free replacement costs and protection for military uniforms and equipment while on duty.

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USAA is renowned for its excellent customer service, so policyholders can rest assured that they will be looked after in the event of an emergency. The company received the highest mark in the J.D. Customer Satisfaction Survey. Power won. Plus, according to the NAIC, the company charges only half as much as other insurers of its size.

Tenants living in Shreveport pay the lowest rates in Louisiana. The most expensive prices in the state can be found in Harvey, Marrero and Metairie.

Louisiana tenants who live in coastal cities can expect to pay more for insurance than those who live further inland. Residents of Harvey, Marrero and Metairie pay an average of $44 a month for tenant insurance. Tenants in Louisiana’s largest city, New Orleans, also pay a lot for insurance – rates are 15 percent higher than the state average. By comparison, the average rate in Shreveport is just $29 a month.

Top Insurance Companies In Louisiana

Shreveport is the least expensive major city in Louisiana for tenant insurance. However, the cost of insurance is still $11 a month more expensive than the national average.

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USAA and State Farm are the top tenant insurance companies in Louisiana for customer service.

According to the NAIC, both companies receive fewer complaints than other insurers of a similar size. USAA and State Farm also received high marks in J.D.’s annual customer satisfaction survey. Gained power.

It is important to consider the company’s customer service reviews before purchasing a policy. If you have to make a complaint, great service makes a big difference. A company with excellent customer service can help reduce emergency stress and get life back on track quickly.

A tenant’s standard insurance policy should always include personal property insurance, liability coverage, guest medical payments, and loss-of-use costs. Many companies also offer additional insurance options to customize your policy, such as replacement coverage. Louisiana tenants who live on the coast should look for an insurer that also offers flood insurance.

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Tenant insurance is not legally required in Louisiana. However, the landlord or property management company may require you to take out an insurance policy as part of your lease.

Tenant insurance in New Orleans averages $41 a month. That’s 15 percent more expensive than the Louisiana state average. State Farm offers the cheapest rate for New Orleans tenants at $28 a month.

To compare tenant insurance prices in Louisiana, we’ve collected rates from addresses in 19 of the state’s most populous cities. Appraisals are based on a 25-year-old single man with no history of injury.

Top Insurance Companies In Louisiana

*Liberty Mutual rates are based on $25,000 of personal property insurance, which is the highest limit available.

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To get your phone insurance policy, call (855) 596-3655 Agents are available 24/7! To help you find the best cheap car insurance, our editorial team compared quotes from the best insurance companies in Louisiana from every zip code in the state. Prices meet Louisiana minimum requirements of $15,000 personal injury insurance per person and $30,000 accident insurance plus $25,000 property damage insurance. Full coverage pricing includes liability limits above state minimums as well as collision and comprehensive coverage.

We’ve also ranked the best insurance companies in Louisiana based on affordability for a variety of drivers, customer service, convenience, and coverage availability.

State Farm has the cheapest auto insurance rates in Louisiana. State Farm’s minimum coverage policy costs $54 a month or $648 a year, which is 26 percent less than the state average.

The average cost of car insurance in Louisiana is $73 per month or $871 per year for minimum liability.

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Military-related Louisiana drivers can find even cheaper rates than in the US: $51 a month. However, only military members, veterans and their families can purchase car insurance from USAA.

While a minimum liability insurance policy meets the legal requirements for driving in Louisiana, it probably won’t provide enough cover to cover costs in the event of a serious accident.

Minimum insurance cover does not cover comprehensive or accident insurance, which means that damage to your car will not be covered if the accident was your fault. Only one full policy will cover the damage to your car.

Top Insurance Companies In Louisiana

State Farm offers the cheapest price for full insurance in Louisiana at $143 per month. That’s 27 percent, or $55 a month, below the state average. USAA also has very affordable rates for skilled drivers.

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The average cost of full car insurance in Louisiana is $198 per month or $2,370 per year.

Geico is usually one of the cheapest insurance companies in most states, but its rates in Louisiana are expensive. The company charged $304 a month for full auto insurance, $106 a month above the state average.

If you have a less than perfect driving record, you will usually pay more for car insurance. This is because insurance companies believe you are more likely to file a claim in the future.

State Farm has the most affordable full-coverage insurance for people who have recently received a speeding ticket, at an average of $153 per month. That’s only 7 percent more expensive than State Farm’s policy for a driver with a clean record.

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State Farm offers the cheapest rates for drivers from Louisiana with a recent accident at $164 per month for a full insurance policy.

Drivers with a history of accidents in Louisiana pay 41 percent more for car insurance than drivers with a clean record.

The cheapest company for Louisiana drivers with a DUI quote is Farm Bureau, with an average rate of $195 a month for full auto insurance. That’s 46 percent cheaper than the state average of $360 a month.

Top Insurance Companies In Louisiana

A driving under the influence (DUI or DWI) conviction usually results in a large increase in the rate from the insurance company. Quotes in general

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