Top 10 Worst Cities In America

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Top 10 Worst Cities In America – The prevalence of gun violence and violent crime in the United States remains a hot issue in American society.

Of course, the United States has a very high rate of violent crime compared to other developed countries in Europe and Asia, especially in some regions, but what is the main reason for these numbers? Could it be the country’s gun laws and the ease of obtaining firearms, or is there another explanation?

Top 10 Worst Cities In America

Top 10 Worst Cities In America

The strictness of gun laws appears to play a role in violent crime rates, as states with higher rates than the top 100 cities (Table 1) such as Florida, Michigan, Georgia , and Alabama all have relatively lax gun laws. . However, there are exceptions: New Jersey, five cities in the top 100, and three in Illinois (including #98 Chicago) have very strict gun laws.

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While mass shootings are increasingly common in American life, the prevalence of violent crime and gun homicides in America’s most dangerous cities is not well explained by gun laws, gun ownership rates, or an attack (even if it has an effect), but rather through income inequality.with.

Where poverty rates are high and access to a decent wage is low, we find high rates of homicide and the prevalence of other forms of violence.

The American communities most affected by violent crime are also the poorest and have the highest unemployment rates in the country.

Let’s look at the two communities at the top of the list: Anniston, AL (#1) and Bessemer, AL (#2) (see Table 1 below). Both are small towns in Alabama that flourished economically in the past decades, but have since fallen on hard times following the deindustrialization phenomenon of the late 20th century.

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Bessemer was once a manufacturing and mining center and was home to a large Pullman Standard railroad factory, but as industries waned and/or moved, unemployment and violent crime rose along with this.

Today, Anniston and Bessemer have unemployment rates above the national average, and the service industry jobs that are replacing manufacturing jobs in these communities often don’t come close to paying a decent wage. . The same pattern can be seen in all 100 areas: the loss of economic franchise leads to an increase in violent crime.

Next, we wanted to look at the most dangerous large cities in the United States, so we excluded all communities with populations under 100,000. In addition to looking at violent crime in cities, we also consider “the police.” adequacy” score, which is the total number of crimes divided by the number of police officers serving the city.

Top 10 Worst Cities In America

Using these calculations yielded surprising results, with the usual suspects such as Detroit, Chicago or Baltimore appearing on the list. Instead, mid-sized cities in the Pacific Northwest and California dominate the rankings.

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Rounding out the top ten are four Washington cities, as well as the region’s Billings, Montana (No. 3) and Portland, Oregon (No. 9). These findings tell a different story than we usually hear about America’s crime problem, but the problem is complex and multifaceted.

California cities across the state occupy 28 positions on the list. This suggests that the overburdened police forces in these cities are dealing with more crime than they can handle.

Most of the communities in Table 1 are relatively small, with most having populations between 10,000 and 30,000. In small towns, it only takes a few violent crimes to increase the crime rate.

However, many of these communities are adjacent to larger cities, including #4 McKeesport, PA (population: 19,731) and Florida City, Florida, both of which are part of the Pittsburgh metropolitan area, outside of the Miami border.

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Many of these small communities have violent crime rates similar to, and in many cases bordering on, the most dangerous neighborhoods in the large cities that border them. The difference is that larger cities have more affluent, low-crime neighborhoods that lower overall crime rates, while their smaller satellite cities do not.

When we look at the cities with the highest rates of violent crime (Table 3), we do not see prosperous megacities, but small communities that exceed the population threshold.

In fact, these small towns may have the greatest risk of violence. Baton Rouge, LA (#16), the capital of Louisiana, has a population of 227,715.

Top 10 Worst Cities In America

= 10,000. The crime rate in 2017 is reduced by the crime rate in 2016. If positive, it means that the crime rate has increased; some cities see higher crime rates than others; The ranking shows which cities have the highest crime rates.

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Despite the high rate of violence in these cities, overall, there is evidence that violence is declining and will continue to decline.

Despite the urban increases shown in Table 4, violent crimes nationwide as a whole fell by 0.9%. Most American communities saw a net decrease in homicide and violent crime.

While a worldwide downward trend in violent crime offers some hope for American cities plagued by violence and murder, many have deep-seated problems that have plagued their neighborhoods for decades, and it is not clear where the solution is.

Furthermore, even among the “worst” trends for large cities, most cities have negative crime trends (decrease in violent crime over time). “Surprise” cities of this size are in the minority of the 100 cities with the highest rates of violence. This may be an artifact of our data system. Outside that city, the events in the big city got more attention. Events in small towns are not widely reported in the media.

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= 100, 000. The crime rate in 2017 is reduced by the crime rate in 2016. If positive, it means that the crime rate has increased; some cities see higher crime rates than others; The ranking shows which cities have the highest crime rates.

Table 5 is an interesting way to look at cities with violent crime issues from a different perspective, averaging violent crime rates in cities with violent crime increases. of crime last year. This allows us to look at cities with serious crime problems and account for their potential for further crime growth in the future.

In this list, we find Memphis, Tennessee (No. 1), Baltimore, Maryland (No. 3) and St. Louis, Missouri (No. 6), mid-sized cities that suffer from a long history of gun homicides and more. violent crimes.

Top 10 Worst Cities In America

However, there were a few surprises, including Baton Rouge, Louisiana (#10), Anchorage, Alaska (#4) and Minneapolis, Minnesota (#8). These cities are not the first to be mentioned in the discussion of American cities with serious crime problems, but with a significant increase in violent crimes in the past year, they have risen in the ranking. and may receive national attention in the coming years.

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In large cities with an average violent crime rate of more than 100,000 Population, we created a ranking based on the change in the crime rate in 2016-2017. We then ranked them based on the 2017 Violence Index. We averaged the two rankings. The final ranking, which combines the worst violent crimes, includes the worst increase in the overall crime rate in the last column. Some cities are tied because they have the same average in both areas.

City, metropolitan, county, university, state, tribal, and other law enforcement agencies provide crime data to the FBI using their Unified Crime Reporting System. The data will be available for public viewing, downloading and analysis.

This is a two-part study. In the first part, we analyzed data reported by urban agencies, primarily urban police departments. In the second part of the study, we will analyze the data provided by the university and campus police department of universities and colleges across the country.

We used the FBI’s Uniform Crime Data Tool to compile the 2017 data. Overall, data from 8,793 law enforcement agencies representing a population of 193 million in the United States provide interesting insights into the relationship between police force size and crime rates. crime See Table 1 for a summary of coverage.

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Violent crime consists of four crimes: murder and murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault. Violent crimes are defined in the UCR program as crimes involving violence or the threat of violence. Property crime includes crimes such as robbery, burglary, theft, car theft and arson. The goal of theft crimes is to obtain money or property, but there is no threat of violence or violence to the victims. “

Aggregate ratings have more weight on Violent crime than Property crime. We give twice as much weight to violent crime as to property crime. Then we changed

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