Trustmark Universal Life With Long Term Care

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Can they keep your house without you? When a person dies, the family’s income can drop significantly. Keeping track of expenses can be a challenge. How will your children’s lives change? Young children need love and care. Teenagers have college dreams. Being happy comes at a healthy price. How will you keep their dreams alive without you? If you need long-term care, is choice important to you? You deserve peace of mind knowing you can choose from home health care, assisted living, adult day care and long-term care facility options. Long-term care costs can add up quickly.

Trustmark Universal Life With Long Term Care

Trustmark Universal Life With Long Term Care

You love your family and want the best for them. Without you or your spouse can have a devastating effect on your family’s financial security. 1 If your income disappears, how long will it take for your loved ones to experience financial hardship? Can life insurance help? 1 Financial Impact of Premature Death, Limra International, 2003.

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What about college? Most American families don’t have enough savings. 2 In reality, we spend more than we earn. If your family’s income drops due to death, will your family’s lifestyle be at risk? Would $50,000 help? 2 US Department of Commerce, 2007.

Many families are unprepared for the death of a loved one, especially a child. If the unthinkable were to happen, could you afford the funeral? Would $5,000 help? .

Will your long-term care options be limited? Long-term care services can be very expensive. Choosing long-term care options offers peace of mind. Would $2,000 a month help? …Do you need life insurance?

Life insurance is a promise to help your family secure their future. Universal life insurance is permanent life insurance that provides a death benefit for your family if something happens to you or your spouse. The death benefit can be used however you or your family sees fit. With Universal Life, your cover is fully portable, so you can take it with you if you change jobs, retire or become disabled. Let’s face it, few families are financially prepared for an early death or the need for long-term care. Yet it happens every day, often without warning. Think about it. • 70% of surviving spouses report a devastating impact on their family’s financial security. 1 • Surviving families take four to five years to recover from a premature death. 3 Universal Life 1 Financial Impact of Premature Death, Limra International, National Insurance Institute, November 22, 2004 Helping Employers Understand the Need to Close the Underinsurance Gap.

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Universal Life does more than pay a death benefit to your beneficiaries. It offers pet benefits for healthy care that you can use throughout your life. The convalescent care benefit covers the cost of home health care, assisted living, adult day care and long-term care facility care. Think about it. • More than 50% of household heads have no plan to maintain their family’s standard of living or expect that if they die tomorrow, their survivors will find it difficult to meet daily expenses. 4 Universal Life 4 Limra, “Facts About Life 2006, August 2006.

LifeEvents in Action (Example: Age 35, $8/week Premium) LifeEvents Traditional UL Face Amount $75, $51,387 Death Benefit Under 70 $75, $51,387 Living Benefit $75, $51, $207 Death, $31/83 Life Premium Compared to Traditional Universal Life Insurance You get a higher death benefit that doesn’t decrease during your working years. New York Universal Life Plan Form IUL.205 NY R7-09 Trustmark Life Insurance Company, Compare LifeEvents with Traditional UL. The example shows that LifeEvents gives you a higher death benefit than a traditional level benefit policy until the death benefit is reduced. Your living benefits under LifeEvents provide a higher benefit for the life of your policy. The Universal LifeEvents® Difference Universal LifeEvents® is permanent life insurance designed to meet your needs throughout your life. It pays a higher death benefit during your working years when costs are high and you need maximum protection. Then, at age 70, when your financial needs are lower, your death benefit decreases. 5 However, your Convalescent Care Living Allowance is never reduced. That means you’ll have the most protection in retirement when you need it. After 90 days of long-term care incarceration or services, your recovery benefit helps cover the cost of home health, assisted living, adult day care, and long-term care facility stays. 5 If you sign up at age 57 or later, your advanced death benefit will continue for 14 years before it stops.

Pays up to 4% of your death benefit monthly for: Home Health Assisted Adult Day Care Payment reduces death benefit for living in a long-term care facility. There is a 90-day cooling-off period before benefits are paid. After benefits begin, they cover a period retroactive to the first day of receiving care. The total benefits paid should not exceed the death benefit amount. To get this benefit, you must fulfill the eligibility criteria for the benefits. Receipt of accelerated death benefits may affect eligibility for public assistance programs and may be taxable. The convalescent care benefit provides only limited benefit health insurance. It does not provide basic hospital, basic medical or basic medical coverage as defined by the New York State Department of Insurance. The expected leverage ratio for this rider is 68.3 percent. This ratio is the portion of future premiums that the company expects to return as benefits when averaged over all policy holders.

Trustmark Universal Life With Long Term Care

• Accidental Death – doubles your death benefit if death is accidental; • Premium Waiver – waives your premium if you become totally disabled • Child Term – covers children from birth to 23 years; If your doctor determines that you have 12 months or less to live

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13 Built-in Life Insurance – Pays a death benefit to secure your family’s future. It does not end with age. Complete portability – take your policy with you. Even if you change jobs or retire, it’s yours to keep as long as the premium is paid. Terminal Illness Benefit – Your death benefit increases from 25% to 75% if your doctor determines that you have 12 months or less to live. Family Coverage – Available to protect your spouse, children and grandchildren even if you choose not to participate. Convenient Payroll Deduction – No bills to keep track of and checks in the mail. A direct payment option is available when you change jobs or retire.

This provides a summary of your benefits and is not a contract. Issuance of policy and payment of benefits may depend on the completeness and truthfulness of your answers in the application. See IUL.205 NY R7-09 and Riders for specific terms, conditions and exclusions and limitations applicable to Convalescent Care Rider HH/LTC.205 (I) NY. A complete computer generated policy image will be provided with your policy. The policy may lapse before the age of 100 even if the premium shown is paid as per the schedule. Death benefits are not guaranteed. Company Logo Registered: New York Trustmark Life Insurance Company of Albany, New York

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