Top Ten Trucking Companies In The Us

Top Ten Trucking Companies In The Us – Whether transporting large or small loads, trucking companies are a necessary part of the world in many ways. You can order a small package online or send tons of raw materials to a processing plant, but either way you need the help of a truck.

The shipping industry is a huge part of the economy and is unfortunately overlooked or even undervalued as a job in many other industries.

Top Ten Trucking Companies In The Us

Top Ten Trucking Companies In The Us

To determine the top 15 largest trucking companies, we used revenue data, including fuel surcharges, calculated by Logistics Management. All revenue figures are from Logistics Management’s 2019 Top Shipping Companies list.

For Small Trucking Companies, High Price Of Diesel May Be Unsustainable

The data provided includes 2017 revenue in millions, 2018 revenue in millions, and the annual percentage change in revenue from 2017 to 2018, indicating whether revenue has increased or decreased. We used the most recent earnings data for our lists, while accounting for year-over-year percentage changes.

In our top 15 list, we decided to include full truckload and less than truckload services in the same list using the same metrics.

Although technically these are two separate categories of companies with different markets, we have found that comparing them in the same list is the most accurate and understandable format.

So, a more accurate title for this list might be “Top 15 Largest Trucking Companies Operating in North America and Less, Based on Recent Earnings Data,” but our preferred title is that we think it will give a better answer.

Visualized: The World’s Largest Container Shipping Companies

Almost every industry in existence relies on shipping in some form. Heavy industries such as mining, construction and infrastructure work cannot exist without trucks that deliver and transport materials.

It’s not just large-scale construction and infrastructure that would collapse without trucks, but every area that helps us function in our daily lives. Trucks are essential for running electricity, transporting medical and hospital supplies, maintaining food stores, and more.

Trucks are responsible for moving 70 percent of all freight across the US.

According to the latest census data, 3.5 million Americans make a living as truck drivers. Add in other workers, including mechanics, trucking company executives and managers, and dispatchers, and the number rises to 7 million people working in the trucking industry.

What Are The Top Trucking Companies For Veterans?

Freight forwarding services and freight forwarding companies are mainly divided into two categories based on what is being transported.

When you transport enough goods or materials to fill an entire truck, it is called full truckload or just truckload. When the things that need to be transported do not fill the entire truck, it is called less than a truckload.

Due to recent shopping trends, shipping less than shipping is more in demand than ever. As online shopping habits increase, so does the demand for less freight than freight to transport the goods from one end of the country to another. Freight forwarders help bridge the gap in increasingly common online transactions.

However, while there is a high demand for less shipping services than shipping, the shipping industry is one of the many industries affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Business closures and layoffs in the trucking industry have resulted in more than 88,000 people losing their jobs.

Trucking Industry In The United States

While the pandemic-induced recession has hurt businesses of all kinds, the trucking industry remains an important part of the American economy, which continues to grow steadily.

However, some companies are the main contributors to growth. In this article, we will talk about the 15 largest shipping companies in North America. Below is a short list of the top 15 companies.

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Top Ten Trucking Companies In The Us

What you think might be the best trucking company to work for may not be the same carrier that another driver wants to work for.

Cool Trucking Company Names (2023)

I concentrated on satisfied drivers who stayed with the company for a long time and learned how to separate the good drivers from the rest.

I carefully followed the history of many carriers in case I needed a new driving job.

You may be interested to note that some of the carriers I recommended 20 years ago do not make my current recommendation list.

However, for one reason or another, they do not make the “bad list of drivers”. (This is usually because the drivers are not organized.)

Unique Services Offered By Trucking Companies!

Some of these carriers have large fleets of trucks, but they manage to maintain a very well-run “family atmosphere” that I really like.

H.O. Wolding, Inc. -Wolding is a privately owned dry bulk carrier based in Amherst, Wisconsin. A notable quality of Wolding is the extremely low driver turnover, which speaks volumes for their driving performance.

A well run carrier that treats its drivers well. I have personally spoken with many of their drivers over the years and each driver speaks volumes about their experience with the company.

Top Ten Trucking Companies In The Us

Nussbaum Transportation – Nussbaum is located in Hudson, Illinois. They are a mid-sized carrier, a dry trucking company that is smartly managed and known for being loved by drivers. ** (

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Pride Transport Inc is a relatively small reefer outfit based in Salt Lake City, Utah. They work with high-end equipment. Pride is privately owned. They have an excellent reputation for treating their drivers “like family”.

Walmart – Walmart is a quality trucking company with job security and very low driver turnover, both qualities sought after by drivers. The reason for the tight job security is because Walmart is a private seller, not a common seller.

They operate their own fleet of trucks and transport their own cargo, which is not a typical scenario for trucking companies, but provides good security for the business.

I really like Walmart because it is a private park, job security is very good. Although they are thousands of trucks, they do not fall under the typical mega carrier classification.

Great Trucking Company Names

TMC Transportation – TMC is a flatbed carrier based in Des Moines, Iowa. They have great equipment and are a definite attraction for drivers.

Sammons Trucking – Sammons has been around for a while. They specialize in flatbed trucking and are based in Missoula, Montana. They hire owner operators as well as company drivers.

Jim Palmer Trucking – J Palmer is a privately held, family-owned trucking company based in Missoula, Montana. They are a temperature controlled freight carrier with good equipment from the US. it. West Coast to the Midwest. They offer a paid CDL training program.

Top Ten Trucking Companies In The Us

Western Distribution Transportation Corp – This mid-sized, privately held company operates some of​​​​​​the best company equipment seen on the road. However, they are not listed as the highest paying carrier. They are a specialty car transporter service from Denver, Colorado.

Best Trucking Companies In Texas

TMC is a good starting company for a new driver. The fare is decent and yes, they have Peterbilts if that’s your thing.

Schneider – Financially sound company (which is very important), no team driver training, 3 weeks of very structured training, less time than most with a trainer on the road.

Shaffer tracking – they have 6-8 weeks of training on the route with a trainer. 1 week – 8 hour team driving situation.

FedEx Ground – This is not as well known, but definitely worth checking out. FedEx Ground Contractors hires and trains new CDL drivers. Most of the work is team work, but there are also many solo runs as well as day runs. We have determined the salary range for the drivers – from 85,000 to 98,000 dollars per year. This is from Columbus, Ohio.

Gp Transco Named A ‘best Trucking Company To Work For In 2022’ By Smart Trucking

They operate modern model equipment that always provides good service. They are well positioned to be one of the best shipping companies with paid training.

Maverick is truly a mega operator. However, I personally rate them above the rest for being a well-run carrier.

TMC – If you have a flatbed carrier on your boat, this carrier offers a good training program with a decent salary paid for a 3-week training period.

Top Ten Trucking Companies In The Us

We like that their initial training period is 3 weeks and after completing this part the student joins a further 5 week period with a qualified trainer.

Biggest Trucking Companies

YRC Freight -YRC is not a newcomer to freight forwarding. They are a unified carrier and have been around for a long time.

They have four in several locations: Kansas City, Maybrook, New York, Nashville, Tennessee, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Salt