10 Worst Auto Insurance Companies

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10 Worst Auto Insurance Companies – Wondering which car insurance companies dominate the UK market? We have the answer. Although there are over a hundred companies selling car insurance in the UK, the 10 largest car insurers account for 85% of the UK car insurance market. If you’re considering buying from one of the top ten, check out our list to see who made the cut and read what makes each one special.

Among the most expensive car insurance companies in the UK market, many have household names, mascots and jingle sounds you’ll recognize from their TV ads. However, each company offers different prices, features and experiences for customers. Here’s what you need to know about these companies before you decide which one is right for you.

10 Worst Auto Insurance Companies

10 Worst Auto Insurance Companies

Consider this if you want to get car insurance from the UK’s largest car insurer and notice lower customer ratings.

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Admiral Group is the largest car insurer in the UK with 14% of the motor vehicle insurance market, writing policies through Admiral, Bell, Diamond, voi.co.uk and Gladiator. Technically, Admiral is the trading name of EUI Limited.

In 2021, Admiral has grown their auto business at a good pace, as demonstrated by the 5% premium increase recorded for 2020, making them the leading auto insurer in the world. top in the UK. Admiral had the second best growth last year, behind NFU, which increased total bookings by 6%. Admiral covers 4.97 million vehicles by the end of 2021.

Also in 2021, Admiral has launched a number of new automotive-related products: rental and rental freight, providing the right kind of insurance for customers who work as delivery drivers or couriers. news, with Admiral Essential, a low-cost, low-end policy (meaning fewer features) is sold through the comparison channel. Additionally, Admiral has launched the Admiral virtual assistant (AVA) for car insurance, to help customers resolve questions or make changes.

Quick Draw: Admiral can be a great car insurance company for anyone looking to set up a car insurance policy online quickly and often at the best price. Their brands can be found on most price comparison sites, such as our partner QuoteZone, and one of their brands may be among the lowest.

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The Direct Line Corporation sells Direct Line car insurance to consumers but is also active in the PCW sector, with their Churchill, Darwin and Privilege car insurance brands. In fact, while about two-thirds of their sales are direct-to-consumer through the Direct Line brand, about a third of sales are made through the PCW channel. The team has stepped up price comparison sites with the launch of the Darwin brand in 2019; By 2021 they have sold 135,000 Darwin policies and the brand is ranked in the top 10 on Trustpilot.

Recently, Direct Line has focused on digitizing their claims process to speed up the customer experience. They also invested £2m in a new car technology center to boost repair capabilities (they have the largest network of garages owned by an insurance company in the UK). And they have launched a new electric vehicle product for the Straight Line brand in 2021.

Writing premiums are down 1.7% in 2021, and the number of auto insurance policies is down 2.2% to 4.0 million.

10 Worst Auto Insurance Companies

Direct Line is also partnering with Volkswagen, offering annual policies with ‘5-day driving’ coverage to customers buying new cars and cars from Volkswagen, SEAT, Audi and dealerships. ŠKODA through the UK Insurance Group (part of Direct Line. Group).

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Although Line Line pays for home insurance, auto insurance is their main business, accounting for about 50% of their writing premiums.

Quick draw: Line of Defense has been known as an insurance company that isn’t on comparison sites, but if you want to save more money their Churchill, Darwin brands offer or Privilege rates lower by comparing prices. website.

Consider this if you have a good driving record and want a company with a good reputation for customer service.

Although Aviva’s direct auto insurance business is small, it is trying to focus on multi-insurance policies and grow through the price comparison website (PCW) marketplace. Depending on where you live, you might see their Quotemehappy.com logo for some of the lowest prices on PCW. They also sell through their General Help brand, making Aviva the third largest insurer in the UK car insurance market. (And in 2020, the Aviva brand was launched on UK price comparison sites.)

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Aviva was named Insurer of the Year at the British Insurance Awards 2020 (but this honor goes to Covea in 2021).

Aviva has expanded its own motorcycle insurance coverage in 2021 to offer new coverage for electric vehicles, including roadside incident coverage, electric motorcycles, and coverage for EV accessories. And it’s not just big in motor insurance—Aviva is also a full-service financial services provider. In addition to general insurance, Aviva is also a leading provider of savings and retirement products.

Quick note: Depending on where you live, Quotemehappy can be one of the cheapest covers you can find. However, if you have had an accident in the last 5 years, you may get a lower fee from Aviva than elsewhere.

10 Worst Auto Insurance Companies

Hastings Direct is a leading motor vehicle insurer with more than 3.1 million term motor vehicle policies in force. Buy directly, via price comparison website (PCW). Although figures for this year are not available, in 2018 73% of Hastings premiums credited to new car insurance customers were purchased through the PCW marketplace. And PCW is the only way to buy their cheapest product, Hastings Essential car insurance. They also offer two higher levels of coverage (Direct and Premium), which can be purchased through comparison sites or on their website. In addition, they have YouDrive (black box package) and Multi-Car cover (discount for households with 2 to 4 cars) and other brands (insurePink and People’s Choice).

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Hastings Direct continues to invest in digital capabilities, which means customers can shop online and manage their accounts more easily through the customer portal and app (reviewed). high price 4.6 stars in the Apple Store App).

We also like that Hastings Direct boasts simple and affordable coverage. This can be seen in their policy documents, which are easier to understand than some competitors.

Note that Hastings Essential car insurance, despite having the cheapest plans, has some extras — for example, doesn’t include a windshield cover that can’t be excluded, but can be illegally added. and broken for an additional fee (approximately £20 and £35 respectively). Those on a limited budget who want more options should check out their Direct and Premium policies, which aren’t the cheapest, but have fewer extras and good coverage. than.

On December 8, 2021, Hastings will complete the sale to Sampo, which also owns motor vehicle insurers in other countries in Europe (e.g. Finland, Sweden, Norway). , Denmark and the Baltic States). Note that the customer pool has shifted to low-risk customers, so high-risk drivers may find Hastings less interested in their business than in previous years.

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Quick Draw: If you’re looking for affordable, good quality car insurance, then Hastings Direct is definitely a company to consider. Not only that, they also have excellent customer ratings on Trustpilot and Fairer Finance.

We think AXA is the 5th largest car insurer in the UK. As a large international company that recorded more than €96.8 billion in premiums last year across the company, AXA sells policies under their own label and they also offer policies for other brands such as mypolicy.co.uk and By Miles (pay per mile cover). So if you bought car insurance from a brand that doesn’t write their own policy, you may find that AXA has you covered.

Fast withdrawals: The company offers its clients standard coverage and rates you would expect from a major international insurer.

10 Worst Auto Insurance Companies

Consider this if you don’t want the lowest price but want a company with customer reviews and a feature set.

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Liverpool Victoria is another well known car insurance company that sells LV=. LV= policy is available through comparison sites or through brokers. The recent growth of the LV= brand is due to high renewal rates of existing customers and new purchases following the launch of their multi-vehicle service. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for businesses, which explains the customer review ratings on Trustpilot. LV is behind Volvo, Dacia, Hyundai, Jaguar, Kia, Land Rover, Masda, MG, Mitsubishi, Renault and Suzuki brand auto insurance through Clear Car Insurance (LV= Broker), written by the Road Insurance Company. highway (part of Liverpool). Victoria Corporation).

Note: At the end of 2019 Allianz completed the purchase of LV General Insurance Group (LV GIG). LV= Motorcycle insurance policies are still covered by Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company Limited, but ultimately the company is now owned by Allianz.

Quick note: LV = midway on pricing, but we think LV is a

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