I Need Health Insurance For My Family

I Need Health Insurance For My Family – Health care is expensive around the world. The challenge of inadequate government funding for health care in Nigeria is even more profound. It is against this backdrop that 85% of Nigerians pay out of pocket for healthcare.

Only 5% of the population has health insurance and our editorial team sought to find out how Nigerians can access quality health care through affordable health insurance.

I Need Health Insurance For My Family

I Need Health Insurance For My Family

In this interview with Mr Banji Omojola, Head of Corporate Business at Redcare HMO, one of Nigeria’s leading health insurance companies, we seek answers to questions the average man on the street usually asks about how health insurance works and how it works. Without breaking the bank.

Anyone Using Stride For Health Insurance, I Never Had Health Coverage In My Life But This Time I Have Family.so Is This Thing Really Helpful For Me And My Wife. My Daughter

Q: Good day Mr. Panji, what is health insurance for common people and how does it work?

A. Good day Moderator. There are many definitions, but in simple words, health insurance is like hiring a bodyguard to protect your property. With health insurance, you pay an insurance provider called an HMO to ensure that you can get medical care whenever you need it without worrying about where the money is coming from to ‘protect’ your most important asset – your health.

Health insurance means that everyone can get the health services they need, whenever and wherever they need, without financial hardship. It covers comprehensive health services ranging from health promotion to prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care.

Health insurance is an insurance plan that joins a number of healthy people to take care of a few who require hospitalization each insurance year.

What Happens To My Health Insurance If I Get Laid Off?

A. Health insurance is very important because it guarantees the income of the subscriber (i.e., the insured person known as the enrollee). The health insurance plan takes care of the hospital expenses he/she has paid out of pocket or his/her income. So, it’s a revenue saver! For example, you can pay as little as N3, 000 a month for a health insurance plan that provides health services that cost you up to N1.2m a year.

Other than cost-savings, the other mentality that comes with health insurance is unimaginable. You don’t have to worry about unexpected medical bills or you don’t want to go to the hospital because your medical bills are paid in whole or in part by your insurance. So, you shouldn’t start asking people for help, especially when they too have their own financial challenges.

Q: I heard that health insurance is only for government employees and those working in big companies like banks, oil companies, isn’t that right?

I Need Health Insurance For My Family

A. not that. Health insurance is available to everyone. The President of Nigeria, His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari, recently signed the National Health Insurance Agency into law, making health insurance compulsory for all Nigerians, including vulnerable Nigerians.

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Q: I hope God protects me and my family. I believe that pain is not my part and I have divine insurance. Why should I get health insurance? A lack of faith in God?

Wisdom is the first thing; So take wisdom and understand all that you see. Lift her, she will command you, and she will honor you when you embrace her.

Preparation for the Hereafter is the nature of wisdom. As we plan to easily care for our loved ones in the event of an emergency, we are filled with wisdom as I requested in my quote above.

Q: Some of my Muslim friends believe that health insurance is halal or haram, what do you say?

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A. Islamic health insurance is available in the market. Because Allah Almighty wants us to progress even in our health. The Prophet (PBUH) also said; “

” (Sahib Muslim), so it is an honor to help a Muslim become physically strong and receive care without the burden of paying out of pocket.

Q: I have high blood pressure and diabetes for the past 13 years, am I still eligible for health insurance?

I Need Health Insurance For My Family

A. Yes you are eligible. All you need to do is contact an HMO like Redcare and they will ask you to fill in these conditions on a medical release form, and the rest is history.

Can You Have Two Health Insurance Plans?

Q: Well, now that I’ve got it, what benefits do I get from health insurance? What exactly does that entail?

A. As a health insurance customer you get various benefits. The plan you join determines your benefit level. Depending on your insurance plan, Medicare will pay your hospital bills for health services you receive such as doctor’s consultation, hospitalization, diagnostic tests, surgery, emergency discharge, immunizations, prenatal care, telemedicine, and more. Further!

Generally, the benefits range from primary, secondary and tertiary care available for customer satisfaction.

Q: How do I know what type of health insurance is best for me and my family?

Pdf) Universal Coverage Challenges: Determinants Of Enrolment In Family Based Social Health Insurance

A. This is a great question! All you need to do is contact a customer-centric and highly professional HMO like Redcare HMO. They will correctly recommend the right plan for you and your family.

Q: I am an entrepreneur with 5 employees. Why is health insurance important for them?

A. Any employer who treats his employees well will find that his employees treat his customers well. In addition, the productivity of such workers is usually good and there are business benefits in return. So let’s ask more employers to adopt health insurance benefits for their employees.

I Need Health Insurance For My Family

Q: What do I need to do to get health insurance eg. Do I need to undergo a medical examination first?

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A. In addition to premiums, you must provide the HMO with a lot of information, including your medical history, and you must declare current media conditions to show good faith. That’s what you need.

Q: Can my 73-year-old mother enroll in health insurance or is she considered too old?

A. Yes Redcare HMO can do so. We have a senior plan for that segment of customers. Although many HMOs do not offer such plans.

Q: I live in Europe but visit Nigeria once or twice a year. Is it really worth getting health insurance in Nigeria?

Disclose Medical Conditions Before Opting For A Health Policy

A. Health insurance with universal coverage is available for your subscription. Although there are some exceptions, this plan covers you wherever you are. Contact Redcare HMO for advice on the right plan for you

A. Your local plan is geographically limited, requiring additional travel insurance/layers in your local plan to travel to another country

A. Yes eye care and dental care are covered by health insurance plans. There is currently no cure for Covid-19. However, HMOs like Redcare offer our students a Covid-19 test as part of their subsidy.

I Need Health Insurance For My Family

Q: If I get health insurance today, how long do I have to wait to start enjoying benefits?

Health Insurance Plans For Individuals And Families

A. Yes, you can cancel your plan at any time and unused premiums will be refunded to you if you do not use the main benefits of the plan.

A. IVF is Artificial Reproductive Technology (ART). Basic health insurance plans do not cover IVF. However, some private customers require a maximum of two rounds with prescription drugs in their plan and are willing to pay a premium.

Answer Redcare offers this benefit as a reward for a healthy lifestyle.

Q: When can I apply for my health insurance? Do I feel better when I have malaria?

Health Insurance Plans For Individuals & Families, Employers, Medicare

A. Health insurance does not pay for excluded benefits, illnesses or services. It is clear that this leads to medically necessary conditions.

A. These are cosmetic surgeries that are not medically necessary, but for enhancement purposes. Health insurance does not cover these.

Q: Now that I understand health insurance better, and have questions, how can I get the answers I need?

I Need Health Insurance For My Family

A. We are here for you 24/7. You can call us or send us a WhatsApp chat through our marketing partner MyMedicalBank +234 (0) 802 759 0165 or email us at [email protected].

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Q: I want to start. How do I enroll my family or company in a suitable health insurance plan?

A. Our onboarding process is very simple and straightforward. Each of Redcare HMO’s individual health plans (for individuals and families):

To get a quote for our Corporate Health Plans (Corporate Associations and their

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