best free boxing live streaming sites
best free boxing live streaming sites

Best 11 Free Boxing Live Streaming Sites 2023, Watch Now Here!

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Watch boxes online for free. We’ve rounded up the champions of the best free boxing streaming sites so you can place your bets and prepare ahead of the main event.

Don’t forget your boxing gloves: Depending on where you are (and what websites you visit), you may need a VPN to protect your internet activity.

We recommend NordVPN because it excels at unblocking restricted content and consistently delivers high speeds while adhering to the strictest security and privacy protocols.

Boxing is making a comeback, gathering fans from all over the world. From the time-honored heavyweight division to the up-and-coming lightweight division, it seems fighting fans can never get enough of it. However, depending on their location, they may find it difficult to watch their favorite game.

High-quality or pay-per-view games can be restricted to certain countries or exclusive to expensive streaming services.

Luckily, fans can still watch boxing for free from anywhere in the world. In this article, we list the best free boxing streaming sites and recommend the top VPN services for sports fans around the world.


How to Watch Boxing Online from Anywhere

Because of TV distribution rights, boxing matches can only be shown in certain parts of the world. In order to watch these matches from a different location, you need to have an IP address from one of the countries allowed to watch the game.

VPNs can change your IP address, making it look like you’re browsing the web from somewhere else. If you’re vacationing in Spain but want to watch a U.S.-only boxing match stream, all you need to do is fire up your VPN and head over to your streaming site of choice.

Here’s how to watch fights that aren’t available in your country:

  • Subscribe to a VPN service. We recommend NordVPN, as it’s proven to be consistent at overcoming geographical blocks.
  • Download the VPN app. You’ll get a download link as soon as you sign up.
  • Install the software. Your system’s install wizard will take care of this for you.
  • Connect to a server in the country where the fight can be watched from. The US is almost always a safe bet for boxing.
  • Access the site that distributes the bout.
  • (Optional) Pay for the PPV event. If you don’t want to access an unofficial live stream, most events will ask for a price to tune in.
  • Enjoy the fight!

Whether we like it or not, some fights just aren’t available worldwide. If you follow the steps above though, you should be able to change your IP and enjoy any boxing match around the world.

Best 11 Free Boxing Live Streaming Sites: Where to watch boxing in 2023

Like most sports, boxing matches are often locked behind paywalls. Depending on your location, there are also unofficial sites where you can stream boxing matches for free.

Note that these free streaming sites are legal and allowed in some countries, but may be considered illegal in others. Some unofficial streaming sites embed videos from servers that host sports streams.

This can be considered copyright infringement. So always check if watching a particular stream is legal and allowed in the country you are streaming from. We discourage accessing copyrighted content illegally.

11. Streameast: A sleek design for people that prioritize good UX (Temporarily down)

best free boxing live streaming sites

Streameast has the trappings of legitimacy — no pop-up ads or banners when you first land on the site and a pretty sleek design. For the first few minutes, it’s actually a pleasant user experience. But in reality, Streameast is not a legitimate site. It works in the same way every other entry on this list does.

It’s also not just focused on boxing. Streameast covers streams from numerous sports leagues, including NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL, Formula 1, and UFC. Users can also register on the site for quick access to content. However, we don’t recommend you do that.

Streameast is an unofficial site that can be considered illegal in some countries. So it might not be a good idea to share your data with it.

Watch here

10. SportSurge: A great track record, seemingly offline now

best free boxing live streaming sites

SportSurge is a great index for vetted streams that make sporting events available for free. Whenever we checked it in the past, it offered great access to sports streams, and of course, it covers boxing, as well. Not to mention, SportSurge is also very well-designed, making it extremely easy to navigate and pick streams to enjoy.

However, at the time of writing this article, SportSurge seemed down. All categories had a “No Match Found” banner plastered on the screen. That’s why, although SportSurge is a great site in general, it’s now lower on our list.

With its millions of monthly visitors, though, fight fans will keep likely checking back to see if it’s up.

Watch here

9. FirstRow Sports: Hit or miss stream availability

best free boxing live streaming sites

FirstRow Sports is not the best boxing streaming site. When we tested its links, the site had only three streams for upcoming bouts. What’s worse, most of them sent us to 404 error pages or random sites that didn’t feature any matches. So that’s why it’s treading water toward the bottom of our list.

However, plenty of other streamers swear by it, and it’s a really popular choice for watching sports online in general.

So in case there’s no link to the desired boxing match elsewhere and no other option on this list worked, FirstRow Sports is an option for sports streamers. Just don’t expect much.

Watch here


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