Cloud Storage Solutions For Small Business

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Cloud Storage Solutions For Small Business – Founded in 2002, ETTE is a privately held business providing IT technical support and consulting services to businesses throughout the Washington, DC area. Over the past decade, ETTE has grown into an IT solutions provider and was named one of CRN’s 40 Most Innovative MSPs in 2010. In 2014, ETTE joined the ranks of Microsoft Silver Small Business and Accelerate Cloud partners, providing new cloud-based solutions for local businesses. In 2017, ETTE achieved CSP Tier 1 status from Microsoft.

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Cloud Storage Solutions For Small Business

Cloud Storage Solutions For Small Business

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Cloud Storage Solutions For Small Business

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Cloud Storage Solutions For Small Business

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Hot Cloud Storage

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Cloud storage is becoming a popular way for companies to store their data. It helps manage data, access … In today’s topic, we’ll talk about some of the best recommendations regarding cloud storage for small businesses. As time goes by and IT technologies advance today, all companies are moving more and more towards cloud storage. The one correct step we mentioned is because we don’t have a lot of storage to store on our device, and the data is not always available, we need to have a cloud that is always available and always in our memory. finger tips

What Is Cloud Computing?

Memory Cloud also enjoys security. Today, more and more attacks take place through the well-known “ransomware” attack and lock up company files connected to the company’s network. So, the data is locked, and if we are Cloud Storage users, we have security and backup because the data is separated from the company.

In the following text I will briefly describe some of the best solutions in as few sentences as possible.

We all have heard about the famous AWS – Amazon Web Service that provides services to small and large companies. Many small companies have thrived with the help of AWS Cloud and AWS Marketplace. Thousands of companies around the world use AWS and innovate through highly cost-effective cloud solutions.

The prices are very reasonable considering the capabilities offered by AWS. We can plan from $100 to $15,000 depending on our needs.

Disadvantages Of Cloud Computing

Each of us has a problem with storing memory on a computer or server, and constantly deleting files or switching to HDD already takes a lot of time, and we will not have all the important things in one place. With the help of Dropbox, we can quickly and easily solve the problem by transferring everything from your computer or server to your Dropbox account and keeping everything in one place when you have free space on your computer.

Prices are very reasonable, from the “Plus” package that costs only $9.99 to the “Family” package that costs $16.99 for a one-month membership.

Every Microsoft user must have heard of OneDrive. By definition, OneDrive is an online platform used to save data from a computer to the cloud and is free for all Microsoft users.

Imagine having an invisible hard drive that’s always there for you. Also, you don’t have to live anywhere. Sounds like an experiment, right? With the help of OneDrive, you will be able to give away for free.

Google Workspace Business Enterprise Essentials Monthly Subscription License

If you want a slightly larger cloud with a larger memory capacity, you’ll have to pay extra, and prices vary by package. For example, 1 TB of memory is $69.99, and 6 TB is $99.99 with an annual payment. If you want the business package, the price is reduced from $5 to $12.50 per month.

Note that if you have a Google account, you are also a user of Google Drive storage, which gives you 15 GB of storage for free. Google Drive is an ideal solution to backup our data, which can be downloaded to a computer or mobile phone at any time with the help of a created Google account. We all are in a situation when we format phone and need old data from apps to phonebook. But, if we have a registered Google account, we can enter our old Google account for the phone to start collecting the data ourselves.

If you want more space and options, you have the option to buy at a lower price. For example, the package is called “Google Workplace Essentials” and you can buy it for only $8.

Cloud Storage Solutions For Small Business

Mega is one of the most important and powerful services in the IT world when it comes to cloud storage for business because it offers so many opportunities. So if you have some sensitive data, you can share it safely on Mega cloud because it is protected by multi-layer security and you can lock the files with a password that only you and your client have. In addition, all encryption is end-to-end, so there is no third party if files are stored or shared with the mega-cloud. This option is paid extra on the service.

Data Storage Trends In 2020 And Beyond

Unlike other cloud services, Mega is one of the cheapest services and offers end-to-end encryption where others don’t have that option. Prices vary from 1.56e/TB per month.

We live in a time where everything is connected to the Internet and everything takes up more and more memory space as time goes by. After images and videos are 3 MB each. With today’s modern technology, it exceeds 80 MB for a picture or video, which means we need to store a lot of memory in a mobile phone, computer or server.

That’s why more and more companies and people in the IT world are starting to switch to cloud service, it keeps us and our data always in one place. With all these storage options, we can preserve our data without losing it.

And if the system crashes, we always store it somewhere in the cloud. All successful IT companies must have their cloud service in place to protect against nasty things like system crashes or file loss and keep them on track to achieve their desired performance. They often have a tool similar to Check Stub Maker.

Fast, Affordable Cloud Storage & Secure Data Protection

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Cloud Storage Solutions For Small Business

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