Savings Bank Life Insurance Of Massachusetts

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In our ongoing series on The Infinite Concept of Banking®, we want to provide a framework for how life insurance banking actually works. If you’re already convinced that using life insurance as your own personal bank is the way to go, then call us today for a free strategy session.

Savings Bank Life Insurance Of Massachusetts

Savings Bank Life Insurance Of Massachusetts

Now, for those of you readers who are still not convinced of the benefits of being your own banker, consider the endless ins and outs of banking in light of the following article on using life insurance as your personal bank.

Using Life Insurance As Your Own Bank [7 Actionable Steps You Plan For Today]

Disclaimer: We are not advocating that you actually start your own bank or actually become a banker.

Rather, we are committed to the concept of taking control of your money. You want to adopt a new way of thinking so that you think like a bank and use your personal finances more like a bank.

The following 7-step plan for building your own home base with life insurance will help show you how you can achieve financial freedom and independence away from banks, Wall Street, and the hamster wheel. It is common in America today.

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The good news is that a properly funded insurance policy collects cash value in about a day.

, he recommends that you spend the year in the investment stage. The good news, however, is that when a policy is properly funded, the cash value in the policy builds quickly and you can access the cash value sooner rather than later.

Many people mistakenly equate unlimited banking with life insurance, leading many to ask, “Is unlimited banking a scam?”. However, there are many different vehicles you can use to start your own personal banking system using the strategies taught in Infinite Banking Concept®.

Savings Bank Life Insurance Of Massachusetts

Although you can use different vehicles and assets when implementing an unlimited banking strategy, the best asset is life insurance. And when we say life insurance, we mean cash value life insurance with the emphasis on CASH.

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One of the primary benefits of using life insurance distributions to build your personal banking system is the IRC Section 7702 tax benefits.

Under the rule, neither the accrued policy interest nor the dividend paid is recognized as taxable income. The cash value increases with tax benefits and is accessed tax-free through policy loans.

As Tom Wellwright of Rich Dad Advisors so eloquently says, tax legislation is a set of incentives. And thanks to IRC 7720, cash value life insurance is one such incentive.

In our experience, choosing a policy from one of the best dividend paying life companies is often (but not always) the best choice for a policy designed for unlimited banking.

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Often these individual goals and objectives are achieved through whole life participation, but sometimes some form of universal life insurance may be more appropriate.

The important thing is that we determine who and what is appropriate based on your specific goals and objectives.

Generally, the main objective of unlimited banking policy is to maximize the cash value and minimize the early death benefit. This is because your higher premium goes towards your policy.

Savings Bank Life Insurance Of Massachusetts

And that’s fine with us, because our goal is to help our customers and put their needs before ours.

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Note that although a “bank policy” is not initially designed for a large death benefit (although it will increase as you go through life), a large death benefit can be purchased through one of the life insurance tabs.

A properly designed permanent surrender value life insurance policy may include any or all of the following life insurance tabs to increase the value surrendered at policy inception.

Paid co-payments can only be defined as additional insurance that is paid in full at the time of purchase.

A paid-up rider allows the policyholder to purchase more death benefits and increase the policy’s cash value.

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This is useful, for example, when the annual dividend offered by participating life insurance companies is used to purchase co-payments by the policyholder.

A life insurance supplement rider (LISR) combines affordable term life insurance with permanent life insurance. The term portion is reduced as you make your payments until only permanent life insurance remains.

The Additional Life Insurance Rider (ALIR) allows the policy owner to pay an increased premium to purchase additional contributing life insurance, thereby increasing the death benefit and cash flow of the policy.

Savings Bank Life Insurance Of Massachusetts

Not to be confused with the LISR mentioned above, a term life rider or renewable term rider offers straight term life insurance that can be converted to permanent life insurance at some point in the future, but is not automatic.

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The Term Life Rider is a great option for young adults who are just starting out, have unlimited banking needs and want a large death benefit to protect their family. Because the driver provides whole life insurance, which is often later converted to permanent coverage.

The Guaranteed Insurance Rider (GIR) does not necessarily increase your current premium to begin with. Rather, GIR is a guarantee that you can purchase additional insurance without having to answer health questions or take an exam.

This is a great option if you are considering life insurance for children as it gives them the opportunity to increase their coverage later.

Your policy is now set up to help you financially. H. You have to put money in it. Now it’s a matter of overfunding your policy just before the point, but not to the point where the life insurance policy becomes a modified endowment contract, also known as a “MEC.”

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The IRS has rules that prevent someone from investing too much money in life insurance, as such a policy can be considered a tax shelter.

The aim is not to create a policy “MEC”. However, we want to fill it with as much cash as possible to maximize cash value accumulation and growth. That’s why we need some or all of the drivers listed above to help us accelerate your cash value growth right from the start.

, allowing you to fund the policy in the first year with more money than you would normally be able to afford.

Savings Bank Life Insurance Of Massachusetts

Please note: For the right bank policy to work properly, you must withdraw money from the policy instead of withdrawing the money.

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But if you borrow from the insurance company and use your cash value as collateral, your cash value continues to grow within your policy.

Financing your purchase is the fun part of the whole banking-on-yourself strategy and why life insurance is a good investment.

You see, if you build up a good amount of cash in your policy, you can now use the cash value through a policy loan.

The company lends you money using your cash value as collateral, and you, in turn, use the money however you want.

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When you leverage your cash value and take out a policy loan, the money in your account continues to grow through compound interest.

As a result, your money works for you in your policy and your money also works for you when you use it for different purposes.

The primary asset that comes to mind when I think of cash flow is real estate. Real estate can generate cash flow and provide additional tax benefits. This is where the unlimited banking policy really makes sense.

Savings Bank Life Insurance Of Massachusetts

Unlimited banking is simply about borrowing money from yourself and getting that money back. If you use your policy loan as a down payment on an investment property, then you can use your monthly cash flow from the property to pay back your policy loan with interest.

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When you use your cash flow to repay your loan with interest, you increase the death benefit and cash flow growth.

By doing so, you will create even more opportunities for personal finance later, making this a great strategy for building real estate wealth.

A great way to increase your cash value is to use policy loans to lend money to your business. Then pay back the loan you made to your company with interest.

You then get your interest and pad your policy. And your company may be entitled to stop paying interest, making you even more money. Talk about a win-win situation!

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Why pay for everything in cash or worse fund it through a bank when you are buying big ticket items?

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